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Celebrating the Beauty of the Body

Celebrating the Beauty of the Body

You can beat the hot July weather by celebrating National Nude Day on July 14th. For nudist groups around the world, a day dedicated to going “au naturel” is like a dream come true.  Nudists colonies catch a lot of flack for their practice of embracing nudity and arguing for the right to do so, despite the primary message of their philosophy touting the beauty of the human body. Too many people spend their entire lives being ashamed of their bodies, laboring over imperfections, and struggling to achieve a socially-desirable image. For the nudists, these motivations ignore the fundamental tenets of loving yourself and the gift of human life. Nudism isn’t for everyone, but the philosophy behind the movement is something to applaud.

Discovering Your Body

Society, whether here or abroad, often sets the expectations for appearance and size. These social expectations can be unrealistic, especially when it comes to body weight. While the statistics are showing an increasing number of individuals in the U.S. diagnosed as overweight and obese, the number of fad diets on the market and splashed across social media show how obsessed the culture has become with the right look. To be fair, it is important for people who struggle with obesity to get their weight under control because of the health complications. This can be done through a safe, effective process like the HCG diet and supported through Ultra Burn injections for longer-lasting success. Even if your weight is where it needs to be, as indicated by your BMI and your healthcare provider’s assessment, it can still be tempting to shy away from embracing your body. This is where the nudist gets it right. Small or large, dark or light, hairy or bald, scars, or baby-fine skin, the body is beautiful and should be accepted. Interested in loving your body more? Here’s a list of 10 ways to treat your body well and show love to yourself.

  1. Honor, respect, and fuel your body. It is the vehicle that will help you accomplish your dreams.
  2. Make a list of all the things your body supports each day. It could be your workout, a great sex life, the ability to care for children, and the strength to get through the workday. Regardless of how it looks, praise your body what it allows you to do.
  3. Pay attention to what the body can do, and put a new emphasis on treating it better than just an ornament.
  4. Walk with confidence, holding your head high. Project the pride and confidence you are developing in yourself as a person of worth, regardless of how society may look at you.
  5. Make a list of people you respect and admire. They could be personal friends or global leaders. Think about their appearance and whether or not it was important to their personal successes or accomplishments. Determine how things would have been different if they let their looks get in the way of their mission.
  6. Refuse to let your shape or weight keep your from participating in activities that bring your joy. Even if you aren’t physically able to take part in a game or activity, become a spectator or volunteer for the event.
  7. Dress to impress yourself. Wear comfortable clothes that reflect your personality, with colors and patterns that are either vibrant or muted. Unless you are a nudist, find clothes that feel good on your skin and accent parts that you are the most comfortable with.
  8. Spend some time counting the blessings in your life and not the blemishes on your body.
  9. Thank your body every day for resting and rejuvenating itself to help you get through your day.
  10. Learn about all the amazing things your body does on its own. Your stomach lining replaces itself in just five days, while your skin replaces itself every month.

Appreciating the Nudist Perspective

It can be easy to make assumptions about nudists and what they stand for, but most of the rumors that fly around are way off base. Since many people shy away from nudist colonies or “clothing optional” beaches, its hard for those who love baring it all to get a chance to speak up. A summary of the real nature of their perspective is summed up in the words of Edgar Allen Poe, who wrote “there is no exquisite beauty...without some strangeness in proportion.” Celebrating the unique aspects of each body is the goal of baring it all. Rather than consuming resources and precious time trying to use jewelry, clothing, and gadgets to cover what you may consider to be blemishes or imperfections, the nudists accept that each body is beautiful. In fact, in a perspective that everyone should adopt, the beauty of people can be found in their imperfections. It’s what makes each person unique and a valuable part of the human family.

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