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Avoid These Diets That Can Make You Fat

Avoid These Diets That Can Make You Fat

Diets That Can Make You Fat

Not every diet is a good option for weight loss, as there are several diets that can make you fat, because of their blatant mistakes when it comes to advising you on proper nutrition and dietary recommendations. The HCG diet is one of the best diets for weight loss because it has been developed over the course of decades and it works for the vast majority of people who give it a serious attempt, but other fad diets and diets that are not based on scientific evidence should be mostly avoided. There are many diets that focus on low calories without offering a supplement to help your body metabolize fat like HCG, while other diets restrict fat intake while allowing for high carbohydrate intake. Many diets are created by people who have no knowledge of nutrition or how fat metabolism works, and that's one of the main reason why many of them don't work.

Low fat high carb diets never work

If you are thinking about trying a low fat high carbohydrate diet, you should definitely reconsider it. Although there aren't that many of these diets in modern times because of how thoroughly they have been debunked, you might occasionally find a few of them when researching diets. The problem with most low fat high carbohydrate diets is that most of them allow dieters to eat whatever carbohydrates that they want, primarily "€œbad"€ carbohydrates from grains and sugar. These carbohydrates are easily converted to fat, even when your calories are restricted, and they do not provide adequate nutrition and leave you feeling starved throughout the day. The end result is that you will often overeat them or you will end up slowing down your metabolism because your body is constantly starved of energy, and you will very rarely lose weight.

Avoid diets that allow artificial sweeteners

Another major problem with many diets is that they allow artificial sweeteners and other harmful additives that can throw your body's metabolism out of whack and cause all kinds of issues. Artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame are actually terrible for your body and can cause many negative reactions including the release of insulin (even though you haven't technically consumed any calories), insulin resistance, ghrelin resistance and other hormonal and metabolic problems. Studies have shown that sucralose ingestion can cause a rise in blood glucose levels and cause a rise in insulin secretion. Other studies have found that consuming artificial sweeteners can cause a release in dopamine, which triggers a reward response and cause you constantly crave them or to crave sweet foods more than you should.

Stay away from diets that allow you to eat grains

Many diets try to sell you on the idea that grains are totally harmless, but this couldn't be further from the truth. As the HCG diet teaches, grains, starches and sugars are three of the primary causes of weight gain and obesity in the modern diet, and avoiding all three of them are essential if you are trying to lose weight and reset your body's metabolism to normal. More and more research points to the reality that grains should be almost completely avoided if you are trying to stay healthy, and that they cause a wide range of health problems including gut and body inflammation, insulin resistance, allergic reactions in many people, and harmful digestive effects as the result of anti-nutrients in them. Refined grains are stripped of the germ and bran making them very easily digestible, and as a result they spike your blood sugar in almost the same way that pure glucose does, which causes your body to store the energy as fat and throws your insulin and hormones out of balance.

Diets that allow you to eat "€œdiet foods"€ should be avoided

So called "€œdiet foods"€ that are available in pre-packaged portions are often terrible for you, because they are very often just smaller portions of the same junk food and processed food that you would normally want to avoid in your diet. Packaged diet foods are often high in sugar, unhealthy fat, starch and grains, and end up being just as bad for you as any other junk food. They often only trigger you to eat more of them and are usually high in simple carbohydrates. For example, granola is often touted as a diet food or a healthy food, but it very high in sugar and often contains added unhealthy fat and other additives that will make you gain weight.

Diets that allow you free reign with your salads are bad

Like any meal, salads can be prepared in a healthy way or a very unhealthy way, and there is no rule that says that every salad is going to be good for you. If a diet allows you to eat salads but gives you free reign to add simple carbs in the form of croutons, breadsticks, or extra calories with high fat cheese, then a salad can quickly become a very unhealthy meal. Another mistake people make with salads is using the wrong kind of dressings; many store-bought dressings are made with unhealthy vegetable oil or processed unnatural oils like soybean, corn, cottonseed and other oils, and the consumption of these oils have been linked to obesity, chronic health problems and other health issues.

Avoid diets that let you drink

Drinking when you are dieting is almost always a bad idea, and it can actually make it a lot more difficult for you to lose weight. Beer and wine contain a lot of calories and can be very fattening even if you have just a few drinks per night, and alcohol can also throw off your metabolism and cause it to slow down. You are better off avoiding drinking during the period that you are trying to diet; you'll most likely lose weight more quickly, and if a diet is suggesting that you should drink or allowing you to drink you should pretty much ignore its recommendations. The HCG diet allows you to drink outside of Phase 2, but during the fat loss phase drinking is not allowed, and that's one reason why the diet is so effective compared to other diets that allow you to drink throughout.

The HCG diet is  one low fat diet  that truly works

The HCG diet is unique because it is one of the few low fat diets that are structured properly. You avoid almost all fat intake during phase 2 of the HCG diet, while continuing to eat small amounts of protein and carbohydrates from healthy foods. Your meals are spaced out throughout the day so that you aren't starving, and there are adequate carbohydrates only from healthy sources like fruits and vegetables. The protein allowance on the diet also keeps you full while getting your body into a ketogenic fat burning state, and the additional hormone injections makes the diet safer and more effective, helping your body to break down abnormal fat and metabolize it for energy. The diet has proven to be effective for hundreds of thousands of people, and if you are looking for a low fat diet that will truly work for you, give it a shot today and order it online or on the phone at Nu Image Medical.

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