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Are Water Pills Safe for Weight Loss?

Are Water Pills Safe for Weight Loss?

Are  water pills safe for weight loss? The answer is that they should never be used for that purpose alone, and that the are only safe when prescribed by a medical doctor.

Some people are prescribed water pills, medically known as diuretics, for the purpose of lowering blood pressure or for another reason, however they are not safe for weight loss. Water pills are used to treat a wide range of different conditions such as lung problems, heart problems and high blood pressure.

These conditions and other conditions can cause a fluid back up in the body, and diuretics are used to reduce that fluid backup. Diuretics help the body rid itself of the excess water by telling the kidneys to empty it rather than holding onto it. When using water pills, you will use the bathroom more often, which reduces the water in your body.

Water pills should only be prescribed by a medical doctor

When water pills are prescribed by a medical doctor for a condition, they can be lifesaving because they prevent a dangerous accumulation of fluid. When they are not prescribed by a medical doctor and obtained some other way, they are not safe for use at all. There are some people who take water pills to reduce their weight, but the weight loss is far from real and can come with serious health consequences.

A prescription for water pills is completely different than taking them for weight loss; taking them without any medical supervision can have many risks, and can be quite dangerous for a person, while taking them under medical supervision due to a condition is important for treating a particular illness.

Using water pills leads to dehydration

Although two thirds of the human body is water, using water pills to lose weight is far from a good idea, and it can even lead to dehydration and other serious side effects. Although some people use water pills as a short term weight loss solution, losing weight by reducing the water in your body will lead to dehydration.

Also, the effect is always temporary; as soon as you lose the water weight you'll gain it back within a few days. There are several health benefits of losing fat naturally, but losing too much water can cause serious side effects such as heart palpitations, fatigue or dizziness, and it can even be fatal in severe cases.

The only safe way to lose weight is to do it through dieting and exercising; not by trying to lower your water weight. Your body has delicate balance of electrolytes and water that is crucial to its functioning, and when you use water pills to lose weight you upset that balance and can make yourself very ill.

Regardless of what you may have heard about water pills, they are not safe for any type of weight loss purpose, and although many people are aware of this, there are still a few that push this dangerous fad. The weight loss that you obtain from dieting and exercise is permanent, but any weight loss that you get from water pills will not last, and simply put there is no shortcut for losing weight other than the hard work of diet and exercise.

Non-FDA approved water pills are highly dangerous

Another important thing to consider is the fact that non-FDA approved water pills are highly dangerous and may contain very toxic ingredients. There is no government oversight on these products, meaning that the producers can put anything that they want in them, even compounds that would never be allowable due to safety risks to humans.

For example, water pills can contain ingredients like caffeine, theobromine, juniper seeds, horse tail, equistine, dandelion extracts and other ingredients that are touted as "€œnatural"€, but many of these ingredients can have significant and dangerous side effects. Horse tail can cause seizures, equistine can cause brain damage, and juniper seeds can cause kidney damage.

You may not even be lucky enough to know exactly what they are putting in the product that you're buying when you purchase a non-FDA approved water pill, because they are not obligated to actually tell you what's in it on the label. So you're taking an extra risk with these products, and there have been several cases where people have been hospitalized as the result of using water pills or otherwise trying to dehydrate themselves to lose weight temporarily.

Although the FDA tries to regulate the sale of these illegal and dangerous products, there are simply too many of them available on the market, and as a result you have to exercise your own caution and avoid any product that claims to be able to help you lose weight through water loss.

If you think you need water pills, talk to your doctor

If for some reason you believe that you need water pills for weight loss, due to a condition or symptoms that you have, you should speak to a medical doctor to get advice and treatment. Never try to treat your own symptoms or weight gain using water pills or any other type of supplement or pill without medical supervision.

Of course diuretics are not the only dangerous weight loss products out there, and you should be careful with any product that you purchase to ensure that it is produced by a company with a medical license and with FDA approval.

If you have a condition that can be treated by water pills, your medical doctor will prescribe them. Otherwise, you should completely avoid any diuretics that you can purchase without a prescription.

If you believe that you are gaining weight as a result of water retention, you can make changes to your diet such as eating more foods that are high in potassium and limiting your sodium intake.

By eating healthy food and exercising you'll lose fat naturally rather than just water weight, and the fat loss will last as long as you continue to eat healthy food.

There's just no shortcut or easy way out when it comes to weight loss, and although new weight loss products are always being released, at the end of the day the only safe way to lose weight is by following a medically supervised diet like the HCG diet or by natural methods like exercising.

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