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Are HCG Diet Variations Safe?

Are HCG Diet Variations Safe?
If you do a quick search on the HCG diet you'll find dozens of different online providers, and many of them claim to offer their own HCG diet variations that are safe and effective. There are new HCG diet plans created by people without any background in medicine or understanding of the HCG diet, and there are some variations also created by local clinics that offer an online diet or a protocol for the diet. The only safe versions of the HCG diet are those created by licensed medical providers and those that are based on the original HCG diet protocol, which is the most tested and proven protocol out of any of the others currently available.

The HCG diet has been tested over the course of over 60 years, but the original Simeons protocol is still widely considered to be the safest and most clinically proven protocol. That's why the diet at Nu Image Medical is based on it, and why you should generally avoid any other variations of the HCG diet that have been released in the past decade. There have been several newer companies that have popped up because of the renewed interest in the diet, but few of them have created diet plans that were not reviewed by anyone with a medical license, any nutritionists, or other experts with an understanding of the diet. As a result, these diets are potentially dangerous and don't have any proof that they will actually work for weight loss.

Many online providers cannot legally sell you the HCG hormone

You can purchase the HCG hormone from Nu Image Medical, as we have a licensed pharmacy that produces the hormone in its pure form. But you can't find the hormone at many online medical providers because they either don't have the license to sell you the hormone. In other cases they may obtain the hormone from an overseas pharmacy, essentially bypassing FDA and U.S. regulations, making their diets even less safe and their hormone products potentially dangerous. You never want to use any online HCG diet provider that isn't able to provide you with the hormone as it's a red flag that they are not a legitimate company and can't safely sell the diet to you.

The hormone products offered by some of the online companies that you might find very rarely contain real HCG in them. If they obtain their hormones from an overseas pharmacy, there are a host of different potential problems that can arise with their products. For example, the potency of the hormone may be lower than what they tell you, their hormones may have additives or toxic ingredients, the hormones may contain other hormones that can cause side effects and other toxic effects. It's possible in some cases that they don't ship you anything close to the HCG hormone at all. It's not worth the risk to your health to use their hormone products because of the fact that you'll have no idea what's in them, and it can make what would otherwise be a safe diet actually dangerous.

Be careful about the provider that you use for the HCG diet

It's very important to verify that the company you use for the HCG diet has the ability to sell the hormone and has the licensed medical staff to answer your questions and help you through the diet. Nothing would be worse than to purchase the diet only to find out that you can't talk to anyone with a medical license or that you aren't getting a safe or medically accurate diet protocol. You'll be wasting your money even if their diet is priced lower than the options available at Nu Image Medical and other legitimate diet companies.

You should do your research on the company and see how long they have been in business, review customer testimonials, and take other steps to try to verify whether or not they are a legitimate option. If they have no office in the United States and if they aren't able to offer hormone products that are produced at a licensed U.S. pharmacy, and if they don't have any medical professionals involved with their business, the chances are that they are not a legitimate option for the diet. Nu Image Medical is one of the few online providers of the HCG diet that has everything mentioned previously: a licensed pharmacy, medical providers on staff, and pure pharmaceutical grade HCG.

Stick to the original Simeons protocol

The original Simeons protocol is the most tested protocol and it has worked for hundreds of thousands of dieters on the HCG diet. There's no real reason to adjust the protocol, and that's why Nu Image Medical has continued to use this protocol in spite of newer protocols being released by some HCG diet providers. You'll get the best results on the diet when using this protocol and it will be much more likely to work for you in a shorter period of time. You don't want to make very many adjustments to the original protocol, and the diet at Nu Image Medical is very closely based on the original Simeons protocol with a few small adjustments.

The diet at Nu Image Medical is proven and safe and you get a medical consultation

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Nu Image Medical as your HCG diet provider is the fact that our HCG diet is proven, safe, and the fact that we include a medical consultation with all of our diet orders means that you can speak with a medical provider directly and have your specific questions answered. We're one of the leading HCG diet providers in the world and you won't have to worry about the safety of our diet protocol or hormone products, as we use a real pharmacy to produce our HCG hormone and our protocol is one of the most clinically proven and safest HCG diets available, based on the original Simeons diet.

You don't want to take any risks to your health with one of the HCG diet variations, so be careful with the provider that you choose for your diet, and if you have any questions at all about the HCG diet, contact Nu Image Medical today for a consultation.

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