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Are Detox Diets Safe?

Are Detox Diets Safe?
You may have heard of detox diets or may be interested in them, but many of them are not safe and can cause a wide range of symptoms and health problems. There are probably hundreds of different detox diets available online, but you have to be extremely careful when trying any of them. Many types of detox diets need medical supervision prior to starting them, and other types of diets are not safe under any circumstance. In this article we will go over some of the more popular detox diets and explain why some of them are not safe to attempt and why you should always consult with a medical professional before starting any type of diet.

What is a detox diet anyway?

A detox diet is typically a diet that involves some sort of "€œdetoxification"€ protocol. This type of diet protocol normally involves only drinking or eating a certain food for a period of time, usually one to three or four days. Longer detox diets are not unheard of, but these diets are definitely potentially dangerous and can lead to a wide range of different health problems. This is because many detox diets have severe calorie restriction, and without medical supervision there is no way to guarantee that they are safe for every dieter. Detox diets often have several different variations that have been created by people without a medical background, although there are a few of them that have been developed by medical doctors.

Some examples of detox diets include the master cleanse diet, green smoothie diet, juice detox diets, cabbage soup diet, garcinia cleanse, and many others. The garcinia cleanse uses a supplement made from garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit that some believe has weight loss benefits. The supplement possibly boosts serotonin levels and reduces hunger levels, and the diet often involves consuming low calories. This can create dangerous symptoms for some people, and the extreme calorie restriction has resulted in several people getting sick or having other side effects from this diet in particular. There are several different garcinia diets available and like the rest of the diets mentioned, they are usually not created by a medical provider. The above mentioned detox diets are just a few of the many available online, and you have to be extremely careful when considering any of these diets for weight loss.

Why are detox diets popular?

Detox diets have become popular for several reasons. Celebrities often use them which makes them appealing, or they may endorse some of them. They are also heavily advertised online and the diet companies sometimes spend millions of dollars to popularize them. Celebrities have had a major role in popularizing them, and diets like the master cleanse diet have large followings. Although some dieters have success with this diet and other detox diets, medical providers often warn against them. In particular, the master cleanse diet can have symptoms like GI tract stress, fatigue, low blood sugar, and many other issues.

Detox diets are also based on the idea that the body accumulates "€œtoxins"€ over time, and this accumulation causes symptoms, weight gain and other health problems. Although this may be partially true, detox diets are not necessarily the safest or best way of dealing with these toxins. Simply eating a healthy diet that is rich in vegetables and fruit can do much to reduce the health impact of a poor diet and toxins in the environment. Fruits and vegetables have natural compounds and antioxidants that can help the body "€œcleanse"€ toxins, but strict detox diets are not necessarily a safe way to do this. Most detox diets also involve a period of fasting or consumption of liquids only, and this can be dangerous for some people and can cause all kinds of digestive and other health issues.

Detox diets are only safe under medical supervision

There are some detox diets that can be effective for weight loss, and even the HCG diet has a detox body cleanse protocol available before starting the diet. A detox cleanse can be quite effective prior to starting the HCG diet because it can reduce the metabolic and physiological impact of toxins in the digestive tract and prepare the body for the HCG diet. The colon cleanse sold at Nu Image Medical has been approved by medical doctors for the purpose of weight loss and it does not have any extensive protocol or requirements associated with it. However, other variations of the HCG diet and other diets have detailed detox protocols that are unnecessary and very often unsafe.

Detox diets cannot be continued for a long period of time

Detox diets are usually unsafe to continue for more than a few days, even though there are some diets that are a week long or even longer than this. The longer that you go without eating solid food or reducing your nutrition to a very basic level, the greater the chance that you can develop health problems like dehydration, fatigue, weakness, constipation, flu like symptoms, and other problems. Detox diets often result in ketosis, or a metabolic state where the body primarily burns fat as a source of energy, and if you aren't getting enough water in your diet this can potentially be dangerous.

You should never try a detox diet on your own

In general you need to avoid attempting any sort of detox diet on your own without medical approval. These diets are not safe for everyone and some people may experience significant or dangerous side effects. People have been hospitalized as a result of trying an extreme diet on several occasions, and there can be significant side effects that can make the diet extremely difficult or affect your work or the quality of your life. Don't try any diet that hasn't been medically proven or isn't guaranteed to be safe.

The HCG diet is one of the safest and most natural diets available, and it allows you to eat up to 550 calories of high quality protein, vegetables and fruit while injecting the HCG hormone which helps you metabolize abnormal fat. It's one of the best alternatives to most detox diets, and the HCG diet at Nu Image Medical is medically supervised and clinically proven. To get more details about the diet or to ask any questions, click here to speak to a medical professional at Nu Image Medical today.

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