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9 Tips to Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions

9 Tips to Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions
Trying to stick  to your New Year's resolutions is easier said than done, but you can do a lot to avoid slipping up on them as time goes on. It definitely helps to set realistic expectations, especially with weight loss and dieting, as it's easy to slip up. This article will focus more on how you can stick to your weight loss New Year's resolutions and give you some ideas on how you might want to plan them out if you haven't already. In general, you don't want to make resolutions that are too difficult to follow, and if you start with some smaller goals weight loss that are easy to maintain on a regular basis you won't overwhelm yourself and burn out in a few months.

Tip# 1 - Don't try an extreme diet on your own

You can't safely lose a ton of weight in a short period of time without a medically supervised diet like the HCG diet. It's perfectly okay to want to lose weight quickly in 2016, but you'll need to go about it in a careful way and you should never try your own rapid weight loss diet without consulting a medical provider beforehand. You can lose up to 12 to 15 pounds in three weeks on the HCG diet, but you'll want to follow the diet up with your own weight loss efforts to maintain your weight once you get there.

Tip #2 - Don't try to do too many resolutions at once

It can be difficult to focus on losing weight while also trying to exercise more and work on your other resolutions, so don't try to do too many at one time and overwhelm yourself. You might be more likely to quit and burn out if you try too many at once, especially with dieting and weight loss which require more of a consistent effort. Focus on trying to accomplish a few of your resolutions at a time and make the changes necessary to implement them into your lifestyle. You might start to eliminate some of the foods that have been causing you weight gain problems, as one example, and you don't have eliminate them all at once but more gradually.

Tip #3 - Track your progress

It can motivate you to really track your weight loss progress or your progress with your other resolutions. Do your best to track how you are doing by monitoring your weight changes, and it can also help you catch yourself when you're starting to gain weight as well. You don't have to weigh yourself every day unless you're on an actual diet, but weighing yourself every few days is usually a good idea. It also helps to take photographs of yourself every few weeks so that you can really see how your body is changing. In any case it's helpful to monitor your weight loss progress and it will likely give you the motivation and the energy to continue making positive changes.

Tip #4 - Don't start an exercise program without learning how to safely work out

There are plenty of great exercise programs that can work in conjunction with any diet programs that you are considering both for weight loss and to improve your muscle mass and your body, but you have to be careful that you aren't jumping right into a program that you haven't really learned how to do safely. There are some exercise programs that require complicated weightlifting, and you might not have the experience or the proper understanding of form to be able to do those exercises safely. Be sure to get personal training or some type of instruction as well as a medical clearance before you start an intense exercise program, or you might injure yourself and have to quit, which can definitely affect your motivation.

Tip #5 - Hire a personal trainer or work out in group classes

Expanding on the previous point, it's helpful to work in a group setting for fitness and weight loss or hire a personal trainer. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer, so a good alternative is group workout classes. These types of scheduled classes can keep you motivated and help you maintain your exercise related resolutions. Your trainer or instructor will also be able to give you tips on how to improve and how to get more out of your workouts, and you might find that you have better progress in a group setting compared to exercising on your own.

Tip #6 - Try a structured weight loss diet

The same goes for dieting; it's usually a good idea for most people to try a more structured weight loss diet rather than trying their own diets which may not be safe for them. The HCG diet is a structured diet that is designed to be safe and can provide rapid weight loss and help you with accomplishing your weight loss goals. It's a great way to get started toward living a healthier lifestyle in 2016, and because the diet is so short in duration you can get fast results and won't have to spend a ton of time on your weight loss efforts. It can give you a great head start by helping you lose 15 to 40 pounds and motivate you to take further steps to improve your health.

Tip #7 - Don't guilt trip yourself

You're probably not going to be able to stick to all of your weight loss resolutions and you'll make mistakes as the year goes on. One key to not totally falling off the path is to not guilt trip yourself when you do make mistakes. If you have a cheat meal or a cheat day just forgive yourself and move on; you can't adopt a perfectionist approach to weight loss and think that it will work. Most people struggle with messing up on their weight loss plans but all you really need to do is just get right back at it rather than feel guilty about it.

Tip #8 - Give yourself rewards for progress

It helps to reward yourself for progress rather than beat yourself up when you slip up. Focus on the rewards of weight loss and making resolutions to improve your health, and when you accomplish small goals like losing 5 to 10 pounds you should reward yourself with new clothing or another gift to yourself. Be careful not to reward yourself with a night out at a restaurant or food because it obviously goes against your resolutions and your progress, but it can be an easy mistake that a lot of people fall into. Use non-food related rewards to motivate yourself and it will very likely help you stay on track.

Tip #9 - Keep repeating your new habits

Whether it's getting rid of soda, exercising a few times a week, or avoiding unhealthy meals, you have to really repeat your new habits on a consistent basis for them to "€œstick"€ and become a part of your personality. Consistency is one of the most important things with your weight loss resolutions, and you need to put in a little bit of initial effort for your new habits to really start to become easier. Once you get over those initial hurdles, you'll find it a lot easier to avoid junk food and other habits that can lead to weight gain.

Although willpower can go a long way, it's helpful to use proven diets like the HCG diet to help you with your new weight loss goals. You'll very likely find that the diet is easy to follow with its clear guidelines and food requirements, and it can help you control your cravings for junk food and "€œreset"€ your appetites so that you aren't always craving starch or sugar. It's a great way to get started with your weight loss resolutions for 2016, so order a round of the diet today and see how well it really can work for you!

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