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9 Foods That Reduce Cravings

9 Foods That Reduce Cravings

Foods That Reduce Cravings

Controlling your appetite is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight, and thankfully there are several foods that can help you accomplish this without adding to your waistline. The more of these foods that you eat, the easier it will be for you to stay at a healthy weight and you may even lose a few pounds. The foods listed below are rich in fiber and water, two things that help you feel full without calories, and the more fiber-rich foods that you eat the less likely you are to gain weight. Water consumption in general is important for staying thin, and as a first step you should try to drink more water if you find that you are having food cravings throughout the day, below are foods that reduce cravings which can also help:

Apples can reduce your cravings

Apples are rich in an important soluble fiber called pectin, and they are one of the top foods that can reduce your appetite while adding very few calories to your diet. Apples are a core part of the HCG diet and they are used both as a diet food, and as a detoxification food if the dieter gains too much weight during Phase 2 or 3. The appetite reducing effect of apples is only experienced if you eat them with their skin, as the skin of apples is the main source of dietary fiber. Apples are rich in vitamins and minerals as well including B vitamins and vitamin C.

Almonds are a great hunger reducing snack

Almonds are one of the best hunger reducing snacks because they help stabilize your blood sugar and offer a good source of healthy fat. The hunger reducing effect of almonds is proven to lower your appetite during the rest of the day, and many studies have found that they are an excellent food for weight loss. Almonds have a satisfying crunchiness as well that many junk foods try to imitate, and they are portable so they're a great snack to bring with you on the road or to work. They are also rich in fiber and protein, both of which help you control your appetite and they are low in carbs so they are one of nature's best healthy snack options.

Green tea can help you feel full

Green tea isn't a food, but drinking it with food is always a good idea. Green tea can help you feel more full because has a phytonutrient called EGCG which among its many positive effects, helps you feel more satiated. Drinking green tea daily can reduce your cravings for food and its other many health benefits make it one of the best drinks that you can incorporate into your diet if you haven't done so already. It also has compounds that are thought to increase fat metabolism, and drinking it on a regular basis will help you with many of your food cravings and will also help you eat less during each meal.

Pine nuts are a great snack to reduce your appetite

Pine nuts are sometimes overlooked because some people believe that they are too high in calories, but this isn't true. Like almonds, they are a great source of natural healthy fat, and eating them releases a compound called CCK which helps you feel more full. Pine nuts can be eaten on the go like almonds, and there are dozens of recipes that you can try that call for their use (but avoid the unhealthy ones). They are one of the best sources of protein from any type of nut, and the pinoleic acid found in pine nuts reduces the appetite. To get the appetite suppressing benefit of pine nuts, try eating them raw or adding raw pine nut oil to your food or salads.

Add pepper to your dishes to reduce hunger

We have discussed the many health benefits of spices on this blog before, and you should try to incorporate more of them into your diet for several reasons. One of the best reasons is the fact that they can reduce your appetite and help you feel more satisfied after eating. In particular, cayenne pepper is one of the best hunger suppressing spices, and adding more of it into your recipes is always a good idea. It is also rich in antioxidants, and adding cayenne will boost your fat metabolism. If you are worried about whether or not spicy foods cause ulcers or stomach problems, studies have shown that they don't cause ulcers but they may contribute to gastrointestinal distress if a person already has ulcers.

Mint is a natural appetite suppressant

Like cayenne pepper, mint is a natural appetite suppressant because of its strong smell and its calming effect. There are dozens of products that you can use that have mint in them, but one of the best ways to get the hunger reducing effects of mint is to drink peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is made from mint leaves and is a healthy tea that can reduce anxiety and digestive problems while also helping you control your cravings. It is the scent of peppermint that is thought to have its positive effects, and studies have shown that people who drink the tea on a regular basis consume fewer calories than normal.

Fruits and vegetables in general reduce your appetite

Low glycemic index fruits and vegetables are always a good option to reduce your appetite, and the HCG diet has several of them included for this reason. If you are trying to get the hunger reducing effect of fruits and veggies, stick to low glycemic index options because fruits that are rich in sugar will have a hunger stimulating effect (such as bananas and dates). If you aren't sure, look up the glycemic index of the fruit or vegetable online, but some good options for fruits include berries, oranges, apples, pears, and more. In general, it's always better to snack on a fruit or vegetable rather than junk food, so always having them available in your home is a good way to keep your cravings down.

Eat more protein to stay full

Protein is one of the best hunger suppressants because it stabilizes your blood sugar throughout the day, and if you find yourself feeling hungry in the middle of the day, trying eating more protein at breakfast. Adding more protein into any of your meals is beneficially, but it is particularly beneficial to include more in your breakfast because it gives you a reserve of stable energy to draw from throughout the day right at the beginning. Try eating more eggs, sausage, and other meat and protein rich foods during breakfast and you are much less likely to feel starved at lunch, and you are less likely to overeat at later meals as well. Vegetarians can drink skim milk or make whey protein smoothies to get more protein in their diet, and there are several other options such as tofu, legumes, and Greek yogurt.

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