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 8 Overlooked Reasons Why You're Gaining Weight

 8 Overlooked Reasons Why You're Gaining Weight
There are times when no matter how strictly you monitor your diet, and how diligently you hit the gym, you still find the number on your scale unwilling to budge. Sometimes you might find that despite your best intentions you are gaining even more weight. There are several reasons why you may be gaining weight, which can be easily overlooked.

If you find yourself rapidly gaining weight with no explanation consider talking to a medical provider, as there is a chance that it could be an easily remained symptom of a condition, or the result of a medication that you have been prescribed.

Here are five overlooked reasons why you're gaining weight"€”and some of them  may surprise you.

1) You  are picking an ineffective diet

Most diets outside of the HCG diet can't offer long term weight loss results and end up being ineffective because their transition back to a regular diet isn't effective. What happens to most people is they start a diet that they can never keep up, either because it provides too little nutritional benefits or simply costs too much to continue with. These diets may offer  promising weight loss but they  certainly aren't  something that can be realistically kept up in the long term. It's a good idea to carefully research the diets that are available out there and pick one based on proven results and the testimonials of customers.

SOLUTION: The HCG diet is designed to be fast and effective and it can be a great option when you have struggled with yo-yo dieting, as it offers fast weight loss and a way to transition back to a healthy eating lifestyle that is more effective in the long term than the vast majority of other diets. It's also effective at helping you change your eating habits to healthier habits in the long term.

They key here is to find a diet that works with your lifestyle. Too busy to do all your own cooking? Try HCG diet prepared meals that are ready to go whether you can cook or not. Constantly craving carbs at all hours of the day? Depriving yourself is only going to make you crazy. Switch out processed simple carbs for carbs from vegetables and fruits, and avoid grains.

2) You are drinking too much sugar

It can be incredibly easy to overlook the liquid part of your diet"€” sugary drinks can come in all shapes and sizes, and even "€˜healthy' juices are absolutely packed with sugars. No matter what form that sugar comes in, be it fructose corn syrup or cold pressed organic ginger-apple juice, it's going to hit your blood stream the exact same way. When you eat sugar your body releases insulin, which contributes the overproduction of fat.

SOLUTION: It may not seem like fun, but you've got to cut out the majority of the sugary liquids you are drinking in your diet and get back to the basics with water, steeped tea, brewed coffee and sparkling water. Swap juices with smoothies and make sure you're including mostly leafy greens and vegetables and consider berries as your fruit addition.

3)  You aren't getting enough sleep

Sleep is the one thing that we could all do with a lot more of. Your body is actually programmed to release fat burning hormones during the night, but if you aren't in bed snoozing you're not going to be able to take full advantage of them. When you don't get enough sleep you may also have a much more difficult time making healthy choices, opting for comfort food and eating more than you usually would. Getting enough sleep is a major factor in weight loss.

SOLUTION: Getting enough sleep should be your top priority, so do your best to shuffle around your schedule to allow time for this. Don't eat or exercise too close to bedtime, consider a relaxation routine (yoga, meditation, diary writing) and put down your mobile device. Your body will thank you for doing this!

4)  You are eating your worries away

Stress and unhealthy eating goes hand in hand, but unfortunately weight gain can be the unwanted third wheel. When you're stressed out your body release the hormone cortisol, which can increase fat storage. That means that the diet choices you make during times of stress are even more important than usual"€”but no pressure!

SOLUTION: Reduce your stress by finding what works for you. Exercising, meditation, yoga, taking a walk, writing in your journal"€”these are all great outlets that can do a great job at keeping you calm. If you feel the need to binge eat while stressed then think about keeping cut vegetables nearby"€”they can provide a satisfying crunch and you can really eat as many as you want of them.

5)  Quitting our bad habits

Sometimes we try to make a ton of positive life changes at once, and that can be difficult for our bodies and minds to deal with. Addictions such as smoking often serve as an outlet for stress, and when we quit then we immediately start searching for something else to distract ourselves with. More often than not people who quit smoking, as an excellent example, turn to food instead. Studies have shown that food addition is absolutely a real condition"€”and it can be very hard to beat.

SOLUTION: Make gradual changes in your life instead of forcing yourself to cope with several big ones all at once. Becoming healthy is something that isn't going to happen overnight, and it's in your best interest to do what you can to make these habits stick as much as possible.

Do your best to drop the "€˜all or nothing' thinking as well"€”eating a treat every now and then it's the end of the world.   It's very important to give yourself some wiggle room in case you mess up with your health plan.. Do your best, be kind to yourself and remember"€”these changes are going to vastly increase your quality of life and help you lose weight in the long term.

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