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8 Essential Home Exercise Products for Weight Loss

8 Essential Home Exercise Products for Weight Loss
Staying in shape can be inconvenient when you have to travel to the gym every time you want to get a decent workout. Going to the gym isn't a bad idea for weight loss but it's also really convenient to have your own "€œhome gym"€, even if it is a small replica of the real thing. This lets you have a lot more flexibility with your workouts and when you're on a limited schedule it can save you a lot of time each week. It won't totally replace what you need for a complete gym but it does go a long way to have the following 8 pieces of exercise equipment.

Home Exercise Product For Weight Loss #1 = Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is great for home workouts and they are certainly not just for yoga. They give you more support than just your carpet when you are doing ab workouts, stretches and other exercises on the floor. Of course if you also do yoga they are a great option for that as well. It provides more of a solid surface for home free weight exercises like dumbbells, and you'll find it to be one of your most used pieces of workout equipment if you haven't owned one in the past. It's a useful tool that you can use for spur of the moment exercises and it's portable enough to be rolled up and stored under your bed easily when you're not using it.

Home Exercise Product For Weight Loss #2 - Dumbbells

You should definitely invest in some dumbbells for your home gym, as there are hundreds of different exercises that you can do with them. They make a good replacement for gym weights, and they are a must have for your home gym. Pick dumbbells in the weight range that you can manage, and if you aren't sure try going to a gym for a week or two just to get an idea on what you can lift. You'll want to get about 3 to 5 sets of dumbbells in your strength range to accommodate the different types of workouts that you might do, and try to get the ones with a rubber coating as they are easier to work with rather than the pure metal ones.

Home Exercise Product For Weight Loss #3 - Kettlebells

Getting one or two kettlebells can be a great addition for your home gym. There are dozens of workouts that you can do with them, and they add a lot of variety to your potential workouts. You don't absolutely have to purchase them but they don't cost a ton and they can be a good option for working out muscles in your glutes, hamstrings, and core. Kettlebell workouts can burn a lot fat and help your body produce HGH which is essential for muscle growth, and they have many benefits in terms of improving your strength, flexibility and endurance. Try to get a few kettlebells in your strength range if you possibly can as they are a definitely a worthy investment.

Home Exercise Product For Weight Loss #4 - Jump Rope

If you don't own a good jump rope now's the time to get one, especially if you are looking to have a complete home gym. Having a jump rope is a simple way to add a ton of more workouts, and it's one of the best cardio workouts that you can do. It also improves your coordination quite a bit, and if you are new to jump rope you can improve your skills. Even if you're experienced it's a great idea to get one to practice doubleunders and work on improving your speed, jumping height, timing and other areas. It's a cheap investment and one will serve you well in your home gym.

Home Exercise Product For Weight Loss  #5 - Foam Roller

Foam rollers might not seem like much but they are one of the best pieces of workout equipment because of the wide range of exercises that you can do with them. They are recommended by many physical therapists, trainers and athletes because they can improve mobility and help to reduce nagging pains and prevent injuries. You can buy them for about $30 in most areas and there are dozens of different exercises that you can do to improve your range of motion, lower your chance of being injured during your more intense workouts, and help your body recover from tough workouts. It's a must have even if you don't have a home gym.

Home Exercise Product For Weight Loss #6 -Medicine Ball

Like the other products mentioned in this article, medicine balls are a great choice for a wide range of different workouts. You can go for a quick run while holding one to add more weight to your cardio workouts, and of course there are hundreds of core workouts and upper body workouts that you can do with them. You can practice your medicine ball throwing form, do regular ab workouts, and many other different workouts with them, and they are a great tool to increase the number of different exercises that you can conveniently do at home. They don't cost too much, and in general women should consider getting a 12 to 14 pound medicine ball while men can handle anywhere from a 16 to 20 pound medicine ball.

Home Exercise Product For Weight Loss #7 - Barbells and a Power Rack

Having barbells in your home gym is a nice luxury to have, and if you can get them you'll also need to have a power rack to ensure that you can safely lift at home. Barbells are for the serious home gym enthusiast, but there's no reason why you shouldn't have them unless you don't have the space to safely install a power rack. Having a power rack and bar bells allows you to do just about any workout that you would be able to at the gym including squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, and it gives you a lot more versatility and potential workouts in your home gym. Certainly it's not a must, especially if you are not a serious weight lifter or would prefer lifting at the gym with a spotter, but it's a great feature to include if you want to make your home gym totally complete.

Home Exercise Product For Weight Loss #8 - Stationary Bike

A stationary bike can be a great tool for exercising because it's a low impact cardio workout that just about anyone can do. It's a lot better for your lower body especially if you have joint problems, and there are several different high intensity interval workouts that you can do on them. Stationary bikes are available in many different forms, but if you prefer running or rowing then you should get your preferred machine instead. Just pick a machine that you can do on a regular basis, if you've found that you hate running then you should focus on other types of workouts like cycling or rowing. No particular type of cardio is better than the other; it just comes down to your preferences and abilities, but it can definitely help you burn fat and stay in shape when you're able to hop on the bike or rowing machine after a cheat meal.

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