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7 Weight Loss Benefits of Grapefruit

7 Weight Loss Benefits of Grapefruit
Grapefruit is one of the best fruits for weight loss, and that is one of the main reasons why it is approved for use on the HCG diet. Just eating more grapefruit in your regular diet can help you lose weight, and several of its properties can help you burn fat. Grapefruit is loaded with several side health benefits including having a high amount of vitamin C, lycopene, and other compounds that can lower your risk of chronic illnesses and boost your metabolism. Below are some of the many  weight loss benefits of grapefruit that  can help  you burn fat without much extra effort, and hopefully it will encourage you to add more of it into your diet when you can.

Benefit #1 - Grapefruit works as a substitute for sweet foods

Grapefruit like many other healthy fruits is an excellent substitution for sweet foods, and it can satisfy some of your cravings for sweet foods without having to eat grains or other high carbohydrate high sugar foods. Grapefruit has just enough sugar to where it won't cause weight gain if you eat a lot of it, and it's really difficult to eat several servings without getting full. If you are trying to lose weight it's always a good idea to substitute junk food with healthy food, but if you're trying to take a few small steps then you might try substituting a few of your desserts with grapefruit and other healthy fruit options.

Benefit #2 - Grapefruit is rich in fiber

Another one of the main reasons why grapefruit is such an effective weight loss food is the fact that it has one of the highest amounts of fiber per serving than any other fruit. One serving of grapefruit has about 2 grams of fiber or 8% of your daily fiber needs, and eating a whole fruit will take care of 16% of your daily fiber. The high fiber content makes grapefruit more filling than many other foods, and this helps to suppress and control your appetite. The appetite control effect can reduce the amount of foods that you snack on and other foods that can lead to weight gain, and it can lower your overall calorie intake substantially.

Benefit #3 - Grapefruit stabilizes your blood sugar

Another one of the most important weight loss benefits of grapefruit is the fact that it stabilizes your blood sugar. There are compounds in grapefruit that can lower the amount of insulin that is released after you eat a meal [1]. The lower the amount of insulin that you produce after a meal, the less efficiently your body will digest the food and turn it into fat. This means that grapefruit can help to reduce the impact of an unhealthy meal, and it can lower the amount of fat that your body produces after eating a meal that is high in carbohydrates. The best thing to do, of course, is to eat healthy meals and to limit your consumption of junk food.

Benefit #4 - Grapefruit is high in water content

Grapefruit has one of the highest water percentages of any fruit. It is 91% water by volume, and the only fruits that are higher in water content are strawberries and watermelon. The high water content makes grapefruit an excellent appetite suppressant with adding very many calories per serving. Because grapefruit is mostly water, when you eat one or two servings you can quickly become full without having to eat a lot of carbohydrates or other high energy foods, and it can help you control your cravings throughout the day, in the same way that drinking water would.

Benefit #5 - Grapefruit has compounds that burn fat

Compounds in citrus fruits like grapefruit called citrus polyphenols can have a lipolytic or fat burning effect. A study in October of 2008 found that an extract of grapefruit and oranges was shown to have a lipolytic effect. The study which was published in "€œPhytomedicine"€ found that the polyphenols resulted in a 5.5% fat reduction for obese individuals within four weeks [2]. Grapefruit is one of the few fruits that has been proven to have an actual fat burning effect with some of its extracts, and this adds to its other weight loss benefits. Although you can obtain some of these compounds from drinking grapefruit juice, it's always preferable to eat the whole fruit as it has a lower sugar content and a higher fiber content.

Benefit #6 - Grapefruit is low in calories

Grapefruit is very low in calories which makes it the perfect weight loss fruit. A half serving of a large grapefruit has just 52 calories, and it can be very filling so you aren't going to be able to eat more than a few servings without getting full. This is one of the main reasons why eating a half of a grapefruit before a meal can really reduce your calorie intake overall. Of course it can be difficult to eat a piece of fruit before every meal, but it's much better to satisfy your appetite with a piece of grapefruit or another type of fruit or salad rather than a high carbohydrate or high starch appetizer. High carbohydrate appetizers can actually end leading you to eat more as they spike your insulin levels followed by a drop off, but eating insulin stabilizing grapefruit can both suppress your appetite and help control your insulin response so that your meal is more slowly digested.

Benefit #7 - Grapefruit is scientifically proven to cause weight loss

A study at the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California found that people who ate half of a grapefruit before their meals can lose weight. The researchers looked at the different effects of grapefruit, grapefruit juice, and grapefruit capsules. Although all three of them had weight loss benefits, the greatest benefits were seen from eating a half of a real grapefruit prior to a meal. The participates who ate half of a grapefruit with each meal lost an average of 3.3 pounds over a 12 week period of time. Several of the participants lost over 10 pounds during the study. The researchers speculated that the reasons for the weight loss had to do with how grapefruit can help to regulate insulin levels before and after meals. [2]


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