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7 Ways to Stop Binge Eating

7 Ways to Stop Binge Eating
Binge eating is one of the worst habits that can lead to weight gain, and it can make your efforts to lose weight almost impossible because of the negative effect that it has on your metabolism. Binge eating is described as eating large quantities of food in one sitting, and although it can be the sign of a compulsive eating problem, many people binge eat as the result of having bad eating habits and there are several ways that these bad habits can be controlled. If you have found that you eat large quantities of food in one sitting, the chances are that you aren't spacing out your meals enough and there may be important meals that you are missing. You may also be lacking in sleep and may have a junk food addiction, but all of these issues can be fixed with a little effort.

Method #1 - Eat the right foods

Binge eating isn't usually the problem; it's the fact that most people binge eat on junk foods. The key is to keep junk foods and processed foods away from you as much as possible. If you binge on a plate of vegetables you aren't going to gain weight; it's really as simple as that, and it's a lot harder to do so because vegetables are so filling. Binge eating habits often develop from eating junk foods, which becomes an issue because you can develop a biochemical addiction to certain foods. Simply don't buy those foods and only keep natural foods in your home and you won't even have the chance to slip up. This is easier said than done but certainly possible, and you can pick a day to do a "€œspring cleaning"€ and get rid of all of the junk food in your home all at once and start fresh.

Method #2 - Stay busy

Binge eating can often be the result of boredom, and if this is the case for you, you should do your best to stay busy throughout the day and avoid being sedentary unless you have to (due to work or driving). Being sedentary by itself is dangerous for your health, but combining a sedentary lifestyle with binge eating and your risk of obesity and many chronic illnesses starts to jump up quickly. Try to devote at least 15 minutes or so per day to exercise, and schedule regular activities in your day where you get up and out of the house and away from food. When you are alone or bored you are much more likely to binge eat, and it is easy to fill up your schedule with things you need to do, hobbies, exercise, walks or other activities other than eating.

Method #3 - Get rid of cheat days

Cheat days can end up being a huge detriment to your weight loss efforts and can encourage bad habits. On your cheat days you may end up gorging on foods, and the cheat days can really throw your diet off. Some people slip up on their cheat days and may end up cheating for several days in a row. The key is to make permanent lifestyle changes that will help you keep the weight off. Cheat days often just encourage you to keep the same bad eating habits and maintain your appetite and addiction for unhealthy foods. Part of getting healthy is changing the foods that you want to eat, and when you have cheat days you are continuing to trigger your desire to eat unhealthy food and not really making any progress. The best thing to do is eliminate junk foods and keep them out of your diet altogether; you'll find that your appetites will start changing and you won't even want to eat them anymore.

Method #4 - Take baby steps

Another way to get rid of your binge eating habit is to take baby steps and start to eliminate problem foods one by one from your diet. It's difficult to make major changes to your diet overnight, unless you are trying a crash diet like the HCG diet. A great way to make permanent changes to your diet is to take baby steps and focus on getting rid of one food at a time; this way you avoid the collapse that sometimes follows making too many drastic changes to your diet. Start with getting rid of drinks with sugar such as soda and juice; this is usually one of the easiest ways to get rid of excess calories in your diet, and from there you can start getting rid of other foods one by one like snacks made with grains, most types of bread, and other high carb foods.

Method #5 - Realize you won't be perfect

It's impossible to be perfect at anything, and with binge eating and eating unhealthy foods you have to realize that you are not going to be perfect. You will make mistakes and slip up when you are trying to change your eating habits, and it is perfectly okay. Realize that you will only make progress gradually and you should really focus on celebrating your victories much more than worrying about your mistakes. If you are making progress on a weekly basis, really try to focus on that more than anything, and don't expect that you will be perfect with your efforts. If you focus on making small steps toward progress while keeping a positive mindset, you'll very likely have much better results with your efforts and you won't get so upset that you give up.

Method #6 - Forgive yourself

A lot of binge eating comes from emotional eating and feeling guilty for eating unhealthy foods. If you are trying to eat healthy and slip up, forgive yourself, and forgive yourself as many times as you need to. Staying positive is crucial when you are trying to avoid emotional eating, and guilt can drive you to binge eating. Slipping up by eating the wrong food is a small mistake that can be fixed with a little bit of exercise and by replacing those foods with healthier options, but if you beat yourself up over your mistake it will go nowhere and you may end up slipping further. The key to overcoming your challenges with eating is really to stay as positive as you can, and being patient with yourself.

Method #7 - Work with professionals

At Nu Image Medical we offer the HCG diet as a great alternative to many of the other diets that you may have tried in the past without luck, and the benefit of trying the diet is the fact that you will work with medical professionals who can help you change your eating habits. With just a three week HCG diet, you will find that your body and eating behaviors will change dramatically, and when you purchase the diet at Nu Image Medical you have the benefit of unlimited medical consultation at the start of the diet. Your medical provider will help you through the diet and give you advice on how to change your eating habits, and with the support available at Nu Image Medical it is much easier to overcome your binge eating habits and make long lasting changes to your lifestyle that will help you lose weight and stay healthy. Get more information about the HCG diet here or speak to a medical provider today to ask any questions.

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