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7 Tips for Planning Your Weight Loss Resolutions

7 Tips for Planning Your Weight Loss Resolutions

2016 is right around the corner, which means that most people are starting to think about their New Year's resolutions, particularly when it comes to weight loss, dieting and exercise. You probably know that a lot of people plan out New Year's resolutions and don't stick to them, but a lot of it has to do with setting realistic goals and sticking to them consistently. When you don't set realistic goals you're a lot more likely to fail at them and get discouraged. We'll discuss how you can plan out your resolutions for success, and hopefully these tips will help you when it comes time to planning out your own resolutions.

Make it easy on yourself by removing the temptations

The simple act of seeing junk food can trigger your appetite, which is why it makes sense to keep it out of your environment as much as possible. You might have a plan for a major diet like the HCG diet for 2016, but you can take some first steps toward a healthier lifestyle just by removing most of the temptations in your home. If your pantry is loaded with junk food, pastries and bread, just take the time to get rid of those foods and load up on healthier options. It only takes a few hours to clean out your kitchen and it will definitely help you stick to your weight loss resolutions when you don't have a lot of junk food around.

Don't make your resolutions too difficult

It's easy to plan out major changes to your diet and lifestyle but it's really hard to implement those changes. To make it easier on yourself, make your resolutions as simple and easy to follow as possible. Diets like the HCG diet are a perfect choice because they don't require you to focus on dieting for an extended period of time, and they still result in real weight loss. If you plan on doing your own diet or setting your own fitness goals, just make sure they are manageable with your current schedule and obligations, and don't make it too difficult on yourself.

Make an easy resolution to drink more water

Make the simple resolution to drink more water in the New Year; you probably aren't getting enough water in your daily diet because it's so easy to forget to drink it. Drinking more water can help you control your appetite significantly. Sometimes hunger is associated with dehydration, and if it is for you then it's very easy to control your appetite just by increasing your water intake. Keep a bottle of filtered or spring water with you everywhere you go, and drink it as often as you can. If you feel hungry and you've eaten recently, try drinking a glass of water and seeing if your cravings subside. If they do then you should probably increase your water intake, and it's likely that you'll start to lose weight if you do.

Take photos of yourself

It helps to document your weight loss progress and it can give you the extra boost in motivation and confidence to stick with your resolutions as the next year goes on. Start with an initial photo of yourself just to document your starting point, and continue to take photos every 2 weeks or every month to see how your body is changing. You can chose to take photos more often but keep in mind that it will take at least a few weeks for your body to show visible signs of weight loss, even if you are losing weight. So you don't have to take a bunch of photos, but a few photos every few weeks is perfect for documenting your weight loss changes.

Write your weight loss resolutions down

Instead of making a mental note of your resolutions, be sure to write them down. The act of writing them down turns your ideas into something concrete and helps you further achieve your goals. It's also important to help you remember your resolutions and to give you a quick reminder whenever you need it. The act of writing down your resolutions will help you keep them organized, and you can take it a step further and create a food consumption or weight loss diary where you track the total number of calories that you eat each day. But at the very least you should write your weight loss resolutions and plans down, and this simple act will help you stick to them once 2016 arrives.

Set specific dates

Instead of making general resolutions, set specific dates for when you want to start your resolutions. It could be January 1 or whatever date you prefer, but picking a definitive date can be very helpful at getting you started on your weight loss path. You don't want to wait too long after the new year starts to get started on your weight loss goals, so be sure to pick a date that is closer to the start of the month and pick a diet plan that will really work with your schedule and your time constraints.

Try a proven medically supervised diet like the HCG diet

A medically supervised diet like the HCG diet can be the perfect starting point for weight loss in 2016, as it is carefully designed by medical doctors and guaranteed to work for you no matter what your experience with diets has been in the past. With a medically supervised diet you can also be sure that it will be safe for you, and that you will lose the weight that you have been trying to lose. The HCG diet can realistically result in weight loss of up to 10 to 15 pounds in 3 weeks and 35 to 40 pounds or more in 6 weeks, and it is one of the most efficient and effective diets currently available. You will without a doubt have weight loss success on the HCG diet as long as you stick to the diet requirements, and the diet is easy to follow for anyone as the hormone helps to suppress your appetite.

To learn more about the HCG diet or to ask a medical provider any questions you might have, click here.

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