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7 Proven Benefits of HIIT

7 Proven Benefits of HIIT
High intensity interval training is without a question one of the best exercises that you can do for weight loss, and there are dozens of proven benefits. It's a great way to stay in shape, to get more out of your exercise time, and to stay fit when you have a limited amount of time to work out during the week.

High intensity interval training is the process of performing one exercise, say squats or sprints, with as many repetition as possible and as quickly as possible over a short period of time, followed by a period of rest. There are perhaps thousands of different variations of this exercise, and it is has without a doubt become one of the most popular exercises in the world.

Several fitness programs like Crossfit are based on this type of exercise, and the reason why is because of the fact that it brings real results a lot faster than other methods. In particular, it's one of the best fat burning workouts that a person can do, and it has the great benefit of being able to specifically target excess fat while maintaining muscle mass to a large extent.

When you perform high intensity interval training you will see results faster than many other methods, and there are many health benefits to this type of exercise including increased HGH production, faster muscle gain, faster and better fat metabolism, and increased fat loss while preserving lean muscle. It's without a question one of the top fat burning workouts that you can perform, and below are 7 proven benefits of HIIT that might convince you to start doing it.

Benefit #1 - You will lose weight without losing muscle

One of the top benefits of high intensity interval training is the fact that you will lose fat without losing muscle mass. It's important to do this when you're trying to lose weight because muscle mass loss can result in a wide range of negative health benefits. Preserving muscle mass is essential no matter what, and if you can lose weight while preserving it you will have a much easier time with long term weight loss. Also, because of the fact that many other weight loss methods can result in muscle loss, it's always a good idea to use a method that doesn't.

Benefit #2 - Your metabolism will get a boost

High intensity interval training is one of the few types of exercises that can truly boost your metabolism, and this effect can be substantial over a long period of time. Even when you just start out performing high intensity interval training, you can start to see weight loss results quickly, and you might find that it's easier for you to lose weight as a result of the metabolism boost. The effect can be significant and it varies from one person to another, but many people will get a HGH production boost of over 400 percent just by performing one session of HIIT exercise, which in turn has many positive metabolic effects.

Benefit #3 - It's easy to do anywhere

HIIT is very easy to do almost anywhere; you can come up with a home exercise program that rivals some of the best exercise programs at a fully equipped gym, just with a series of HIIT workouts. It's one of the few highly effective workouts that you can actually do at home without having to travel to the gym. Certainly there are a lot of benefits to doing high resistance exercises at the gym, but if you combine that with more frequent home exercises involving HIIT, you'll get much better results from your exercise efforts. In general you'll find that it's very convenient to do many types of HIIT exercises like squat intervals, sprints, jumping jacks and more.

Benefit #4 - It will push you

Don't make the mistake of thinking that HIIT exercises are a walk in the park just because of the fact that they are performed without resistance equipment. HIIT workouts will definitely push you beyond your capabilities if you structure them the right way, and as a matter of fact you'll likely find that they are some of the most difficult workouts that you've ever done. The truth is that your first few HIIT workout sessions might be very difficult and you should actually get a consultation and an approval from a medical doctor before you start strenuous exercise, particularly if you haven't exercised for a while - that's how challenging the workouts can be.

Benefit #5 - You don't need equipment

There is absolutely no equipment necessary with HIIT, which is another one of its top benefits and why it's one of the most convenient exercises that you can do. Whether you choose to do the exercises at home or at the gym, you never need any equipment if you don't want to use it. Of course there are hundreds of great exercises that incorporate equipment like medicine balls, dumbbells and other free weights, but there are also hundreds that don't require any equipment whatsoever. It gives you the ultimate freedom to exercise wherever and whenever you want, and that can be a major motivator for many people who struggle to get to the gym to work out.

Benefit #6 - Your HGH production jumps up

As previously mentioned, your human growth hormone levels will increase by up to 450 percent after an average HIIT workout session. Those levels of HGH increase are difficult to achieve with other types of exercises, and outside of supplementation with HGH, it's one of the best natural ways to boost your own human growth hormone levels. Every time that you do a HIIT workout this effect occurs, and your body definitely benefits from the continuous supply of natural HGH that you give it every time that you perform a HIIT exercise. If you think you have low HGH levels it's definitely worth your effort to try HIIT exercises and see if it can make a difference in how you feel, your energy levels, and importantly your weight, muscle mass and ability to lose weight, all of which are signs that your HGH levels are healthy.

Benefit #7 - You keep burning calories for hours

Hours after your HIIT exercise is finished, you will continue to burn calories, and that means that you are going to lose weight faster than many other methods. You will also burn more calories during your actual workout, and the calorie burning effect continues for at least two hours after your workout is over. Although the number of calories that you burn after the workout is small, the effect definitely adds up over time, and when you're trying to lose weight and put on muscle mass every little bit counts. If you perform several successful HIIT workouts, say 3-4 times per week, you'll definitely start noticing the fat loss effect.

So to summarize, there are few workouts that are quite as effective as high intensity interval training, and there are many significant benefits that should motivate you to give it a shot. It's definitely one of the best exercises that you can try from the comfort of your home, and there are plenty of great programs available out there that can help you focus and teach you how to do the exercises. Along with diets like the HCG diet, HIIT is one of the best ways to get in shape quickly and if you stick to it, it can transform your body in a very short period of time. However you will still need to eat right and make sure that you're avoiding simple carbs, grains, and other sources of weight gain that can counteract your exercise efforts.

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