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7 Best Lunch Foods for Weight Loss

7 Best Lunch Foods for Weight Loss

 Best Lunch Foods for Weight Loss

We've talked about breakfast foods that are good for weight loss in the past on this blog several times, but what you eat for lunch is almost as important as what you eat for breakfast. It doesn't do mu

ch good to follow up a healthy breakfast with a low quality lunch, so be sure that you continue to eat whole foods during your lunches, and ideally you should avoid eating out at most restaurants as most of the choices out there are low quality and unhealthy. As a general rule you should try to stick to whole foods for most of your meals and avoid adding in processed foods, sugars, starches and other foods that can cause you to gain weight. Of course there are dozens of healthy recipes that you might consider for lunch, but below are some of the best foods to incorporate into your recipes that work well to stabilize your blood sugar and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Add avocado to your lunch to reduce your appetite

Avocado works great in salads, sandwiches and many other quick and easy lunch food recipes, and because it is ready to eat it is easy to prepare. The oleic acid in avocados can suppress your appetite, and although avocados are high in fat, they have large amounts of monounsaturated fat. One cup of avocado has 14 grams of this healthy fat, and it is also a rich source of potassium, vitamin C and many other minerals. Studies have found that avocado oil can reduce fat in the belly which is associated with several health problems including metabolic syndrome. A study in Nutrition Journal also found that avocados can squash hunger. Participants who ate a half of a fresh avocado had a 40 percent lower desire to eat for hours after their meal.

Salmon is one of the best lunch foods for weight loss

Salmon happens to be one of the best lunch foods for weight loss and it is a great alternative to red meat and other high fat meats. It adds more lean protein to your diet and there are hundreds of easy to make recipes. It is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are associated with weight loss and a healthy cardiovascular system. Although salmon does not have any particular fat burning properties, its high protein content will stabilize your blood sugar. Just three ounces of salmon have 22 grams of protein and 7 grams of fat, most of it healthy fat. Adding salmon to whole grains like quinoa is good for weight loss, but be careful with your grain intake. It's better to eat it with vegetables for the best weight loss benefit, in the same way that seafood is eaten with veggies on the HCG diet.

Add grapefruit to your lunch for its weight loss benefits

Grapefruit is one of the best fruits without a question for weight loss, which is one of the primary reasons why it is approved for consumption on the HCG diet. Grapefruit has been shown to reverse insulin resistance and lower insulin levels, and it is a rich source of fiber which can help you stay full after lunch and avoid snacking. Grapefruit is composed of 90% water which also fills you up without adding very many calories. Many studies have found that grapefruit also has thermogenic properties, and it stabilizes your blood sugar. Studies suggest that even the smell of grapefruit can assist with weight loss as it can stimulate liver enzymes that boost metabolism and reduce your cravings. In general it is one of the best weight loss fruits that you can eat, and it is portable and convenient.

Drink green tea with your lunch to lose weight

Green tea is technically a drink but it is by far one of the best drinks to add to your lunches for weight loss. The tea is a good source of caffeine first and foremost which is proven to be an effective weight loss aid, but you never want to rely on caffeine too much in order to lose weight. Drinking green tea can help boost your workout performance as well if you happen to work out later in the day. The antioxidants in green tea have a wide range of different effects on the body, but one of the most notable compounds is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). This compound is proven to boost metabolism and it can increase norepinephrine production which in turn results in fat cell breakdown.

Tuna is a great weight loss food but be careful of the mercury

Tuna is a common lunch food and it certainly can be good for weight loss, but you have to be careful with your tuna consumption because it is higher in mercury than many other types of fish. Like salmon, tuna is high in protein, and 3 ounces of tuna has just 73 calories. It is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. A 3 ounce can provides you with 17 grams of protein, and although the FDA recommends that you only consume an average of 50 grams of protein per day, you really should be consuming around 0.75 grams per pound of body weight minimum if you are trying to lose weight. This means that more of your calories in your diet will come from protein, and this can stabilize your blood sugar and reduce your cravings substantially.

Boneless skinless chicken breast is the perfect lunch

Boneless and skinless chicken breast is approved as a HCG diet protein option, and because it is so easy to make and has many properties that help you lose weight it is a great option for lunch even when you aren't on the diet. Chicken breast is low in calories and a 3 ounce portion just has 102 calories. How you make the chicken breast is important; avoid frying it or battering it in bread or anything else that is unhealthy. Stick to seasonings that don't add very many calories, and cook it with a natural oil like olive oil, coconut oil or small amounts of grass fed butter. Adding more protein to your diet will help you stay thin and lose weight, and it boosts your energy expenditure. Adding more chicken breast to your diet can also help you reduce abdominal fat.

Eggs for lunch? It can help you lose weight

Eggs are not just a great breakfast food, they can also work as a great snack in a pinch when you can't get a healthy lunch. It's much better to eat a few hardboiled eggs for lunch, some fruit and veggies instead of buying an unhealthy fast food meal or other meal, and because eggs are so cheap and portable you can do this quite often. Eggs are a great lunch because they are high in protein while being low in calories. You also don't have to feel guilty about eating the yolk is it is rich in vitamins and minerals and studies have shown that there is little to no link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Studies have found that eating eggs with meals can improve weight loss, and one study found that overweight women lost two times the weight when they ate eggs for breakfast compared to women who ate bagels.

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