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6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
If you've been looking for ways to boost your metabolism this article has a few methods that you can start today. Boosting your metabolism can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, and it's an effective way to stay healthy. You can basically "€œtrick"€ your body into burning calories more efficiently and that can go a long way in helping you lose weight. Every little bit of effort makes a difference, so if you have weight to lose or if you're trying to maintain a healthier weight, try some of these techniques which can boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories naturally without having to expend effort exercising.

Method #1 - Try interval training to boost your metabolism

Interval training is one of the most effective methods of boosting your metabolism, and it can increase your production of HGH for several hours after your workout. There are several different forms of interval training that you can use to lose weight, and most of them are a good option based on your ability. We've discussed the many benefits of interval training on the blog in the past, and suffice to say it is one of the best methods for weight loss and to boost your metabolism. It can help you put on more muscle while burning fat, and the amount of weight that you can lose is substantial, especially if you are just starting out. Make sure that you get an approval from a medical doctor before starting, but if you are in the clear start interval training, and start with an easier interval workout like 30 seconds of sprinting followed by 1 minute of rest if you are new to it.

Method #2 - Eat a healthy breakfast every morning

One of the best things that you can do to give your metabolism a quick boost is to eat a healthy breakfast every morning. It can make a substantial difference in the amount of weight that you lose over a long period of time because eating breakfast helps you control your appetite and stabilize your blood sugar during the day. Starting off the day with a breakfast that has protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrates from fruits or vegetables will make a major difference if you haven't been eating breakfast. It is important to make sure that you're eating the right food for breakfast; you won't want to eat just anything so stick to whole grains if you eat any grains and limit your portion sizes of grains. Better options are vegetables and fruits which won't cause inflammatory problems such as blueberries, grapefruit, broccoli, spinach, and other foods that you can put into a quick smoothie.

Method #3 - Eat more protein

Research has shown that the simple act of eating more protein can provide a dramatic boost your metabolism. It does so by helping you control your blood sugar levels, in the same way that a healthy breakfast can help prevent you from snacking on foods and eating throughout the day. Eating enough protein in your regular diet can cause you to burn an extra 200 calories per day without any additional effort. Of course that amount will add up over time and it can make the difference between having excess weight or being at a healthy weight. Try to make sure that at least 25 to 35 percent of your daily calories come from protein, and be sure that you aren't getting most of your calories from fat and simple carbohydrates which can cause weight gain and other health issues.

Method #4 - Get more sleep

A lot of people are sleep deprived and the result is that your metabolism can take a big hit. You are going to not only function better in your daily life when you get enough sleep, but you'll also be able to maintain a healthy weight more easily. Try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of shut eye every night if you haven't been sleeping enough, and the chances are that your metabolism will improve as well as your appetite control. A study at the University of Chicago for example found that people who get less than four hours per night were not able to process carbohydrates as easily as those who got more sleep. Other studies have found that people who don't sleep enough often gain weight because they use food as a way to compensate for their lack of energy.

Method #5 - Put on more muscle

Whether you're a man or a woman you shouldn't be afraid of putting on more muscle, as not only will it make you look better but it will also boost your metabolism. A study found that women who train 30 to 40 minutes per day with resistance training to build muscle will burn an extra 100 calories per day. Several studies have shown that lean muscle burns calories without having to expend any additional energy, and although 100 calories per day might not seem like a lot, every little bit makes a difference. That is one more snack that you don't have to burn off, and incorporate resistance training into your current workout regimen is not as difficult as you might think.

Method #6 - Drink coffee and green tea

Both coffee and green tea have proven compounds that can help your body burn excess fat. Green tea has antioxidants and compounds called catechins that can boost your metabolism and improve thermogenesis. A similar effect occurs from the caffeine found in coffee. Adding more green tea or coffee to your regular diet is an easy way to burn more calories and it can actually help you lose weight and control your appetite. Try drinking a cup of green tea or coffee whenever you feel the urge to eat, and see if it can help you with appetite suppression. You should be careful to avoid adding sugar to it of course, and both hot and cold coffee or tea can work for weight loss. However, adding a bit of low fat milk won't hurt and can actually help with the appetite suppressant effect, just make sure that it is organic milk.

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