Nu Image Medical has put together the most important pharmaceutical grade supplements that are highly recommended prior to and during the HCG Diet Protocol. These items will maintain balanced health, aid in weight loss, reduce stress and weight gain cause.

This AMAZING bundle includes:

  • Stress Stop ( Adrenal Tea Complex Formula)

    Dietary supplement that may help enhance your ability to handle stress, support healthy adrenal gland function and maintain health.

  • VitaBoost XL (Multi-vitamin supplement)

    Vitamins and nutrients play an important role when doing a weight loss program. It is important to keep the body with a good balance of both to ensure the best results possible.

  • Digestive Cleanse

    gentle colon-cleansing system that detoxify digestive tract, receives bloating, slims the waistline and assists in weight loss

  • Calcium Pyruvate 1500mg

    Naturally occurring compound that is used by your body to digest sugars and starches and convert them to energy. Used for weight loss, obesity, high cholesterol, cancer, and improve sport performance. Also assist to prevent liquid retention.