The Progesterone Blood Test measures the amount of progesterone in the blood, and helps determine the cause of infertility in women. Additionally, a progesterone lab helps track ovulation and and diagnose ectopic or failing pregnancy.This blood test does not require fasting and results are available in one to two days. Insurance and a doctor’s order are not required when ordering this test.Progesterone is a female hormone produced by the ovaries during ovulation. If an egg is fertilized by sperm, progesterone helps prepare the lining of the uterus (endometrium) to receive the egg. If the egg does not become fertilized, progesterone levels drop and menstrual bleeding begins. The placenta produces high levels of progesterone during pregnancy, beginning at the end of the first trimester and continuing through birth. Pregnant women have progesterone levels almost10timeshigherthannonpregnantwomen.Additionally, certain types of cancer cause abnormal progesterone levels in both women and men.Because progesterone levels fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle, progesterone blood tests can help women determine the cause of infertility. A progesterone lab can help determine whether or not a woman has ovulated, when she ovulated and to monitor whether ornotaninducedovulationissuccessful.During the early stages of pregnancy, a progesterone test can help diagnose an ectopic or failing pregnancy, and in high-risk pregnancies it can help monitor placenta and fetal health.

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