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Baring It All on National Underwear Day

Baring It All on National Underwear Day

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, but National Underwear Day is fast approaching. Sliding in to cover August 5th with either cotton, silk, or any other material that tickles your fancy, National Underwear Day recognizes the importance of covering your unmentionables. It was actually started by the underwear company Freshpair in 2003, in an effort to boost the company’s sales. The event was heavily advertised in congested areas of New York City through underwear models. A decade later, the company altered the advertising of National Underwear Day for the 2013 event to attract more people to Times Square. That year, the event was going to be an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing underwear. Though successful in its own right, it was unable to bread the 2,270 person record held by the Utah Undie Run.

Kicking the Habit

For many people, putting on underwear is the most routine part of their day. Unless you live in a foreign culture where going commando is either a necessity due to a lack of resources or a cultural thing, there is something boring and wholesome about choosing between briefs or boxers or from bikini cut or boy shorts. What if you were to go off on your own wild tangent and celebrate this interesting event by taking the underwear off rather than putting it on? Instead of choosing a dull cotton blend, why not go with some sexy lingerie or even a candy G-string for your own spicy twist on a celebration. Underwear can be restrictive or it can be freeing. For those who would rather focus on what’s underneath all that covering, National Underwear Day gives a good reason to go exploring.

Spicing Up Your Sex Life

For many relationships, sex can get about as routine as putting on clean underwear every morning. You hop into bed, turn out the lights, exchange a few kisses, and then get down to business. A boring sex life isn’t something that you look forward to each night. It leaves you empty and dull, much like those faded boxes that are sitting in the laundry basket. It takes a little thought and a little work to reinvigorate your sex life, but if you do so, you will increase sexual energy and tension to the point where you are racing for the bedroom or the couch as soon as you find the time. There are several things you can do to turn up the heat in the bedroom.

  1. Exchange Sexy Gifts: For women, a silk and lace nightie will be just the thing to encourage beauty and desire. It will turn up the senses and create longing. For men, it could be an intense new fragrance or a massage oil that can be used for both partners. Give each other something to look forward to once your night gets going.
  2. Indulge the Taste Buds: Foods and aromas can be another way to create excitement and anticipation for a fun-filled night of sex and passion. Dark chocolate is tasty, but it also helps fight against stress, reduces fatigue, and strengthens blood flow. If you don’t want to indulge at the dinner table, incorporate warm, melted chocolate and smooth skin for a sensation and tease in the bedroom.
  3. Update Your Underwear: You can use August 5th as an excuse to update the yoga panties that have been a staple for years. Being fresh and clean is one thing, but being sexy and showy is another. Naughty text messages and photos can do a lot to intrigue the mind and create anticipation for what’s to come.
  4. Bling Out the Bedroom: It is hard to get in the mood or focus on sex when laundry is piled around the bed or you have sippy cups or textbooks strewn about. Take the time to turn your bedroom into a fabulous getaway that encourages intimacy and relaxation. In addition to a thorough cleaning, get cozy, chic sheets and luxurious pillows. Outfit the room with scented candles, clean decor, and plenty of space for the two of you to snuggle and get close. Get rid of your tv. Research shows that you diminish your sex life by 40% when there is a distraction like a tv or video games in the room.
  5. Get Fit: It’s hard to get in the mood for sex when you aren’t feeling very satisfied with your physical condition. If you are overweight, it can be harder to have the energy needed for sex, but you can also have anxiety and shame over your appearance. You can use a dieting program to help get your weight on track, and you can increase your physical fitness level to the point where you are strong enough to engage in pleasurable and satisfying sex.

You don’t have to get elaborate with your plans to celebrate National Underwear Day. Perhaps the most satisfying thing you can do is ditch the drawers and get busy in the bedroom.

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