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The Superfoods You’ve Never Heard About

The Superfoods You’ve Never Heard About

After months of beating around the bush and wrinkling your nose in the mirror, it’s time to take a step to your physical freedom. Perhaps middle age has caught up to you and a pouch has developed around your middle. Maybe you indulged at one too many parties over the holidays and your day of reckoning has arrived. Whatever the reason, there is no need to put off your weight loss plan to another day. After all, with the right attitude, the right tools, and a little bit of commitment, you can hit your weight goals in no time.

Don’t Confuse Weight With Health

For many, losing weight isn’t so much about the need to be healthy but to have a certain appearance. Thanks to a society that cares deeply about looks and fashion and a social media culture that pushes comparisons in every area, it can be hard to separate between fact and fiction over acceptable body sizes and healthy lifestyles. In the quest to be healthy, losing weight is just one option. In fact, a weight loss program like the HCG diet works to bridge the gap between shedding pounds and being healthy. In this dieting protocol, injections of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone are used to increase the body’s ability to burn through stored fat without the need to consume high energy fuel sources. In addition to this supplement, the protocol also requires users to follow a strict eating plan, consisting mainly of organic foods. The diet restricts the consumption of sugar and processed foods, two of the fuel sources that are the most damaging to weight control and healthy bodily systems. This plan works by helping an individual lose weight and educating them on how to make better food choices. If you need some extra assistance in choosing the right foods on your quest to be healthy, here are some superfoods you have probably never heard of.


If you take the flavors of a strawberry, a beet, and a watermelon to create a new fruit, you would arrive at a pitaya. While there is only one company that is able to export it to U.S. citizens, the rich content of vitamin C, B, magnesium, fiber, and probiotics make it worth the search. It is also full of nutrients that fight off free radicals, boosting your immunity and the look of your skin.


If you want a healthy gut but dislike yogurt or are a vegan, try this root vegetable. Although it doesn’t compare well in flavor to other roots vegetables like yams, garlic, beets or carrots, this veggie boosts your digestive power thanks to the impressive levels of inulin it contains.


Another specialty food, this fruit has become popular through bite-sized morsels that combine baobab fruit power with pectin and fruit concentrates. The draw for this snack is how high baobab fruit is in antioxidants like vitamin C. It is potent against inflammation, and the fruit is high in fiber. This helps with promoting feelings of fullness, giving credence the ‘less is more’ approach in healthy snacking.


Most commonly found as a powdered green tea, matcha is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Approximately one-quarter of a teaspoon of the powder is equal to the antioxidant properties of about eight cups of regular green tea. Matcha has shown to be effective in fighting against cancers and diseases, making it an easy but highly effective addition to a daily diet looking for impact.

Coffee Fruit

It would be amazing if this fruit actually tasted like coffee, but it is the outer flesh of this fruit that holds the biggest punch. It is full of antioxidant properties, powering the immune systems, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, and protecting the body from a build-up of free radicals. This supplement is being added to instant coffees, meal replacement shakes, energy drinks, and even skincare products.

Kaniwa and Freekeh

While quinoa has taken the health scene by storm, kaniwa is a gluten-free option that is high in both protein and iron. Freekeh is another quinoa alternative, although it is a green wheat. It has double the fiber of quinoa and is packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein. These options are versatile and filling.


Losing weight might be the start of your goal toward a healthier you, but your long-term focus should include a plan that establishes healthy eating patterns and activities that achieve weight maintenance. Choosing these superfoods can energize your immune system, promote feelings of fullness, and give your body the energy it needs to achieve your daily routines.

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