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Sermorelin + Weight Loss

Sermorelin + Weight Loss

According to statistics, over 40% of the U.S. population can be considered overweight. This is alarming, both at the individual and at the national level. The health concerns and bodily damage that occur from too much fat can destroy your quality of life. Not only that, but the financial cost to address your physical challenges is draining. Your social life and work performance are also impacted, leaving others who depend on your efforts or services with frustrations or challenges. There are many dieting options on the market, but as we have seen the benefits of using peptide therapy in other areas of physical health, it is time to survey the impact that it can with weight management.

Compare Popular Peptides

At Nu Image, we are proud to offer the HCG protocol for those in need of weight loss assistance. You may already be familiar with how this plan works. For some, this may not be a plan that suits their needs, but it doesn’t mean they are out of options. There is still help for those who need to shed excess belly fat through Sermorelin. Sermorelin is still a peptide, but it is an HGH secretagogue. This means that the peptide functions within the body to encourage the production of HGH on its own. Rather than actually injecting peptides with the HGH compound, the peptides encourage the pituitary gland where HGH is made to make and release more into the body. With peptide therapies, there is some concern with product quality and dosing, since many are tempted to overuse or abuse the product by dosing it themselves through cheap, non-prescription services. When users rely on a secretagogue like Sermorelin, you don’t have the same concerts since the body is doing all the work. When compared to using HGH for things like weight loss, Sermorelin has a different effect. Though it has been a favorite among those looking to address their aging symptoms and by bodybuilders looking for lean, muscular physique, Sermorelin for weight loss is another effective use of the hormone.

Look Into the Alternative

As mentioned, Sermorelin has been used for both weight loss and anti-aging routines, but it hasn’t already been a leading choice for dealing with excess weight. HCG has been the most widely accepted hormone for producing the best results, but the protocol is more than just a peptide injection. The plan requires users to follow a strict 500 calories per day diet for several weeks, potentially then followed up with Ultra Burn injections for continued results. For those who are considering the HCG plan. The thought of a restrictive diet can be intimidating. Even though the results are often evident within a few weeks, it can be a struggle to completely comply with the limited food options and calorie limitations. The reason for the careful food selection is to prevent the user from consuming food that could have a negative interaction with the hormone that has been chemically synthesized. Sermorelin is an alternative, but not with the same drastic results that may commonly be found with the HCG protocol.

When using Sermorelin, the goal of the therapy is to help restore lowered HGH levels. The pituitary gland will naturally decrease its production as the body ages, often leading to many of the conditions associated with middle-aged health trends. Slower metabolism and excess fat buildup are two of these conditions. As Sermorelin is designed to bring HGH levels back up for optimum body performance, it counteracts the impact of weight gain. Sermorelin treatment doesn’t require a strict diet, but it does need to be combined with a healthy diet and exercise routines. It also takes much longer for the body to experience weight loss results with Sermorelin since the peptide is restoring natural body functions. It could be several months of treatment before an individual is able to lose around 10 pounds. Since it doesn’t directly target the energy stored in the excess belly fat, as the HGH protocol does, it often more difficult to experience the dramatic results with Sermorelin.

Remember the Differences

Even though there is some crossover into weight support, Sermorelin was not designed for the express purpose of weight loss. It is a positive benefit for users, but the variety in genetics, activity levels, diet, and other factors alter the amount of success one will have with lowering their body fat when on Sermorelin. Its primary purpose is to address HGH deficiencies in the body, by which you may experience more success with weight management practices like regular exercise and a balanced diet. On the other hand, it is much more effective for those who need to lose a large amount of weight to follow the HCG diet. There are those who have experienced a significant loss in a matter of weeks when they follow the protocol very specifically. In just six weeks, some users have reported losing as much as 40 pounds. It is a great way to take control over your weight and get yourself to a place where you are physically able to do more, but where you have also developed the habit of choosing the right foods and controlling your portion size. For dramatic results, HCG is the hormone that proves to be the most effective.

When thinking about the benefits of Sermorelin for weight loss, it is best to look at the overall benefits it brings to an individual that is trying to maintain control over the weight. It makes several things easier.

  1. Maintaining Healthy Weight and Body Fat Percentage: The loss of HGH over time often leads to a noticeable increase in body fat and the corresponding loss of muscle mass. It also takes a toll on the body’s fat metabolism, making it much easier for people to gain weight as they age and much harder to lose weight. Sermorelin restores the body to a more youthful metabolism, allowing the foods you eat to be converted into fat more slowly. It also improves the development of muscle mass, to the point where it burns more calories even when you are sedentary. It will target all the abnormal fat you already have, turning your body into a lean, trim physique.
  2. Restored Natural Sleep Cycle: The adult body need normal sleep cycles to maintain a healthy weight. In several studies, insomnia, sleep disorders, and abnormal sleep cycles are significant contributors to weight gain. Many people start to snack when they are awake for longer periods of time either out of boredom or to help them stay alert. Sermorelin can help improve normal sleep levels within days of starting the treatment. By getting more sleep, the body is able to regulate itself into better consistency and more effective weight management.

Chose the Best Fit

If your goal is to lose weight quickly, then the HCG plan would be a better option than Sermorelin. You do have to be disciplined to follow the strict meal plan, and you may need to use the follow-up Ultra Burn injections as well to avoid regaining what has been lost. If you are committed to making changes to your diet and activity levels and want a lean, sculpted body to show for it, you can supplement your efforts through a more affordable Sermorelin program. Losing weight is never easy, so you need to decide which plan will be the best fit for your lifestyle.

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