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How Men Benefit From Consistent Libido Levels

How Men Benefit From Consistent Libido Levels

As men age, it is natural for them to experience a gradual decrease in their sexual interest and desires. The extent and pace of this decline varies according to the individual, and it doesn’t mean there will be no sexual appetite at all throughout their older years. Most men will still have some interest in sex well into their 60s and 70s. However, coupled with an increased risk for erectile dysfunction, aging men need to understand what happens to their libido over time and how having the right treatment plan can benefit them.

Sexual Problems for Males

The aging process isn’t the only thing that can complicate a man’s sex life. Erection problems that are consistent and happen over 40% of the time usually lead to a diagnosis of ED, and with the challenges of trying to get or keep an erection, the emotional and mental toll can impact a man’s desire for sex. It could be easy to assume that only older men struggle with sexual dysfunction, but the truth is, any male can suffer from a dip in libido that impacts their sex life and performance. There are medical conditions affecting male sex hormones, such as hypergonadism. This condition could be related to pituitary hormones (where high levels of prolactin reduce the testosterone levels) or from traumatic brain injuries. Men who have been in motorcycle or vehicles accidents, played sports like football, or suffered injuries during their time as a soldier may have an increased risk for this condition. Medications can also have an impact on your sex drive, just as the use of illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco can impact your libido levels. Men of all ages can have low testosterone and libido due to high levels of stress or mental health conditions like depression or anxiety.

Libido Restoration Help

There are several factors that contribute to a man’s sex drive, but testosterone levels tend to get the most credit. When your T levels are low, you generally experienced a lack of interest or reduced interest in sexual activities. You may have a hard time getting aroused and getting an erection, as the brain doesn’t experience the stimulation it needs to send the signals to the body to encourage the sex organs to get going. Your semen may also change as your sex drive dips, with less being produced during ejaculation. Related to your testosterone levels, you could experience hair loss, depression, fatigue, and increased body fat. The good news for men with low libido is that there are treatments that can help.

Peptide therapy 141, or PT-141, is an alternative ED medication that works to generate increased sexual arousal in men. PT-141 for men works with the nervous system to improve their libido. Commonly referred to as “the sex peptide,” PT-141 works a lot like Viagra or Sildenafil, but these medications aren’t effective for everyone, and they have a history of negative side effects. PT-141 is a synthetic version of an alpha-Melanocyte stimulating hormone called Melanotan 2. It also goes by the name Vyleesi or Bremelanotide, and it is an injection therapy that targets sexual dysfunction. Because the peptide is a nonselective agonist, it binds to the melanocortin receptors to activate your body’s dopamine hormones. It is these hormones that play a vital role in stimulation your sexual motivation and giving you an edge with your sexual performance. A PT-141 therapy can be delivered through subcutaneous injection in the lower abdomen, glutes, or thighs, but many who want to stay away from an injectable can take the compound through a capsule form. Some mild side effects have been reported in various cases, though for the most part, the peptide treatment has had a minimal negative impact on individuals. The side effects reported were mild cases of nausea, slight skin flushing, and elevated blood pressure. The doctor that prescribes the treatment will develop your dose and administration based on your needs.

The Benefits of Increased Libido

The most obvious benefit of a PT-141 therapy plan for your libido is an increase in sex drive and desire. This impacts your erection and performance, helping restore the vitality to your sex life. Unlike Viagra or Cialis, this therapy bypasses the vascular system, which can be a safe alternative for those with cardiovascular conditions like diabetes or heart disease. There is an increase in energy associated with a therapy program that addresses libido, which can lead to benefits in other areas of your health.

The Secondary Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

When your libido is low, you don’t just miss out on great sex. There are a number of other health benefits that come from normal testosterone levels, a healthy sex drive, and relationship satisfaction. Many of these benefits can be seen in all the good things that sex can do for your body.

  1. It Burns Calories. You won’t be able to skip your daily visit to the gym, but you will be able to improve your fitness and meet your weight loss goals with a healthy sex life. The average man can burn about 100 calories during sex, though the real number will depend on how long intercourse lasts. Higher libido levels and the increased energy you can get for PT-141 can extend your sexual experiences to be more beneficial in a number of areas.
  2. It Relieves Stress. Stress can get in the way of a healthy sex life, and it can put a damper on your sex drive. However, research shows that endorphins hormones released during stress help elevate an individual’s mood and reduce the likelihood of developing conditions of depression and anxiety. Since stress can make it harder to get in the mood, a therapy plan like PT-141 can be an effective way to counteract the disinterest caused by stress.
  3. It Lowers Blood Pressure. Men suffer from high blood pressure more than their female counterparts, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, or diabetes. Studies show that the activity of intercourse works like exercise to help lower blood pressure. Since sex is also mood-enhancing, it has a positive effect on an individual’s ability to respond more calmly when situations arise that would normally cause a spike blood pressure.
  4. It Promotes Good Sleep. When you are able to have an erection that lasts long enough for satisfaction, your body released extra oxytocin. This is often called the love drug, as it induces a state of pleasure and relaxation. This leads to a better night's sleep, which improves your energy levels and productivity throughout the day. PT-141 helps stimulate your brain to enhanced interest in sex and promotes greater sensitivity to sensation.
  5. It Wards Off Prostate Cancer. Research reveals prostate cancer as the second leading cause of cancer death in American males. Men who engage more frequently in sex, ejaculating at least 21 times or more a month, have a 33% less chance of developing prostate cancer than men who only ejaculated between four to seven times a month. Studies suggest that ejaculation helps remove the harmful substances from the prostate that could develop into prostate cancer, though more research is needed to establish any conclusive reasons.

Using a therapy like PT-141 to address your low libido has benefits beyond just restoring your sex drive. A healthy sex life, where pleasure and satisfaction are found, has numerous benefits on your overall physical and mental health.


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