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How Do You Determine the Right Sermorelin Cycle Dose

How Do You Determine the Right Sermorelin Cycle Dose

Choosing the Right Sermorelin Dose

There are a number of reasons why someone would be interested in using Sermorelin peptide therapy, but it is of particular interest to those who are interested in bodybuilding and superior fitness results. If you have followed this trend, you may be familiar with the term Sermorelin cycle, as some of the leading figures in bodybuilding promote the compound for enhanced results. It doesn’t really matter what the results may be for the individual since the Sermorelin at the heart of the discussion is the same compound that has been effectively used for anti-aging routines. While some may refer to the treatment as a cycle, the injections that you receive will be prescribed in accordance to the expert advice of a medical provider and may or not be a daily injection plan. Fortunately, this peptide option has a much lower concern of developing resistance, and it has become highly desirable in light of the recent restrictions placed upon traditional HGH supplements and therapies.

Why You May Want It

While the bulk of Sermorelin use has traditionally geared toward anti-aging efforts, there has been a renewed interest in recent years from members of the fitness and bodybuilding community. Since human growth hormone (a natural hormone released from the pituitary gland) is instrumental in helping develop a more toned physique with lean muscles, there has been a demand for products that will raise the body’s HGH levels. Prior to March of 2020, this could be done directly through HGH injections. Now, new federal regulations prohibit the distribution of the compound unless a patient has an approved medical condition. As an alternative, Sermorelin is able to restore HGH levels, as it is a growth hormone motivator. The peptide instructs the pituitary gland to increase the production of the growth hormone naturally. Though it a safe alternative, you can experience alarming side effects if it isn’t taken in the proper dose.

The Need for Accurate Dosing

Rather than consult with a medical provider on a healthy dosage for Sermorelin, there are many athletes and bodybuilders that will try to manage their own injections. This generally results in improper dosing (either taking to much or too little), which inevitably leads to negative health consequences. The safest way to start yourself on a peptide treatment plan is through the supervision of a qualified medical doctor. When used with the correct dosing and under the continual supervision of a medical profession, the Sermorelin peptide holds promising results by way of building muscle without having to rely on hormone treatments. The prior HGH plans injected the hormone directly into the body, but it had the potential to cause an increased slow down and possibly shit down the body’s natural HGH production. When your Sermorelin dose is injected correctly, you support your body’s natural and avoid the negative health consequences.

In addition to maintaining the ability to produce your own HGH, you can also reap the anti-aging benefits that are reported with HGH therapy plans. You just don’t have to deal with long-term consequences. It is vital that you have your current hormone levels tested before starting a hormone or peptide therapy, but all too often, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts will try to skip this step to save money. Saving some money on the front end could very likely end up with costly consequences to your health down the road. This is especially true if you try to find a product that can be bought without a prescription. The quality of these compounds, combined with an inaccurate dosage, is damaging to your health.

How a Dosage is Determined

Before you are able to start your Sermorelin cycle, your medical provider will administer a blood test. This will determine your current levels of human growth hormone. Based on these results, the doctor will create a dosage that takes into account your age, overall health, your fitness or health goals, and the current HGH levels. Since there are many factors that go into consideration for a therapy plan, there isn’t a universal dosage scale. What works for one individual may have little impact on another. This is why it is important to get tested and consult with a physician. Those with a higher deficiency in HGH levels will need a stronger dosage, while those who are younger may not needs as much. The unique aspects of your treatment plan are made in conjunction with dosing, and you will be completely informed about both elements prior to starting your injections.

It is also important that you have a medical provider explain the correct way to administer the self-injections. The provider will tell you what time of day to prepare and take the injection, but you will also be advised on which area of the body the injection should be given. It is a subcutaneous injection, and it advised that the injection site be rotated for maximum effectiveness. You may be giving yourself the injection in your upper arm, thigh, hip, or abdomen. Being able to give yourself the injection is a crucial part of the treatment, so it is important to talk to your medical provider if you don’t think this is something you will be able to do.

There are very few side effects reported with Sermorelin treatments, but if you do notice that something isn’t quite right, you need to speak to your doctor. You may experience redness at the site of the injection, swelling, or a rash. You might also feel faint, experience dizziness, or develop headaches.  By reporting these conditions to your doctor, he or she can adjust the dose and let you know what adjustments may need to be made. These situations and the need for the right information reinforces why you should always and only follow a treatment plan like this under the care of a physician.

The Choice for Bodybuilding

Until recently, Sermorelin had a lot of competition from HGH therapy plans. Now, the restrictions on injecting the hormone directly have created a new opening for Sermorelin on the market. It is ideal for bodybuilders (and even as an anti-aging plan) because it has just as many positive health benefits as the human growth hormone because it builds the HGH levels in the body through the work of the pituitary gland. It also leaves behind the negative side effects associated with HGH use. For bodybuilders, it improves muscle mass by burning off fat cells and reducing fat production. It also promotes a faster healing and muscle or tissue repair time following a workout. Though it could take a little bit longer before you start to see the effects, there is a greater long term boost to your performance. You can see some of the effects more quickly, such as higher quality sleep, improved moods, and higher energy levels. Sermorelin is also a more cost-effective option for bodybuilders, but don’t try to purchase a low-quality brand in order to save more money. The quality of your peptide and the supervision of a qualified provider, like the team at Nu Image, makes the difference in your health and results. Your enrollment in the plan will be safe and legal, but you will have the added benefits of looking and feeling better. To find out more about the injections and how to find the right dose, talk to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today.

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