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7 Surprising Benefits of Sermorelin

7 Surprising Benefits of Sermorelin

While it is normal to struggle with energy levels and weight gain as you grow older, there is a misconception that these conditions are permanent or simply need to be endured. The aging process isn’t something that most people look forward too because of the negative effect it seems to have on the body. Slower metabolism, muscle loss, sagging skin, reduced libido, and poor sleeping patterns are just a few of the common ailments you find the middle-aged and older telling their doctor at their annual physical. As the birthdays start to fly by, it seems that your body is the first to remind you of what’s happening. What if there was a way to put the brakes on aging and keep these uncomfortable symptoms at bay? Ready to know more? Consider the benefits of Sermorelin for your anti-aging and improved health needs.

Reduced Production of HGH

The body relies on the human growth hormone throughout childhood and adolescence for proper growth and development. This hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and regulates itself until about the age of 30. Once individuals move past early adulthood, the pituitary gland reduces the amount of HGH produced. When there is a deficiency in small children, it creates stunted growth and increases the risk of cardiovascular conditions, low energy levels, and decreased bone mineral density. When a deficiency occurs in adulthood, it creates many of the symptoms and conditions associated with the aging process. Trouble sleeping, lower libido, slower metabolism, and loss of bone or muscle mass are just a few of these conditions. With Sermorelin, the body is encouraged to ramp up the production of HGH and prevent a decline in hormone levels. As a therapy plan, Sermorelin injections deliver peptides that communicate directly with the pituitary gland to naturally resume its pre-aging release of HGH. This is much safer therapy than directly injection HGH into the body, but yet it can provide many of the same benefits.

The Exciting Benefits of an HGH Therapy Plan

Prior to the spring of 2020, HGH therapies often relied on injections of HGH itself to increase the amount of the hormone present in the body. However, changes in federal regulations have made it more difficult for prescriptions to be written for the express purpose of anti-aging benefits. However, since Sermorelin isn’t HGH  but a peptide that encourages the production of HGH, it is still legal and highly beneficial for a number of reasons. Here are some of the most common benefits associated with this therapy plan.

  1. Increased Bone Strength: As the aging process continues, many notice that their bones are weaker and more susceptible to injuries. Common bone conditions among the elderly are arthritis and osteoporosis. While strength training exercises and a solid workout routine can help improve the body’s strength and overall condition, the increased potential for damage or breaks keeps many forms adding this option to their lifestyle. With a Sermorelin therapy, your body will have its HGH levels naturally increased, with a byproduct that includes stronger, more minerally-dense bones. Higher HGH levels increase your body’s ability to retain calcium better, a nutrient vital to the health of your bone structure.
  2. Improved Sleep Patterns: A good night’s sleep is hard to come by these days, especially with all of the performance pressure from demanding bosses or careers. Around 27% of Americans claim that they experience difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep. The body relies on REM cycles for healing and rest, so experiencing irregularities in your sleep cycle affects more than just your energy levels the next day. Poor sleeping habits can contribute to weight gain, which is another concern of growing older. Sermorelin stimulates the functions of orexin, a neuron that is instrumental in regulating your sleep cycle. Orexin function has a direct correlation to HGH levels, so any decrease in the growth hormone will have a direct impact on your quality of sleep. Sermorelin encourages your body to fall into a deep, slow-wave sleep. This promotes more consistency in how long you stay asleep as well as how deeply and undisturbed your sleep patterns will be.
  3. Boosted Immune System: The body’s ability to heal from injuries or wounds starts to slow down as aging progresses, often attributed to the reduced levels of the restorative HGH. Sermorelin speeds up the healing process by creating more cells that are available to fight off disease, infections, and skin or tissue regrowth. There is some anecdotal evidence showing the increased levels of HGH boost the body’s ability to get rid of unhealthy or weak cells, reducing the impact that these have on the body. Stronger, healthier cells lead to a more effective and optimally performing immune system.
  4. Improved Skin and Nail Health: Even if you aren’t on up into years, poor skin and nail health can be embarrassing. Dull, lifeless hair is hard to manage or make look good, and brittle, discolored nails aren’t attractive. When you use Sermorelin, you stimulate the increased production of the IGF-1 growth factor. This hormone is important for nail and hair growth, helping each grow stronger and faster.
  5. Development of Lean Muscle Mass: As you move on into middle-aged life, it becomes a lot harder to lose weight. It seems as if extra belly fat accumulates without even trying, even though you may be watching your diet or heading to the gym a few times a week. By using Sermorelin, you give your body a chance to lose weight more easily, but it also turns your muscles into a leaner, meaner machine. According to studies, Sermorelin helps the body break down unhealthy fatty acids, blasting through the fat that has been packed or stored inside. As it does this, it is also working to increase the number of new muscle cells in the body. The fat is then replaced with this new lean muscle mass. With less room for fat to be stored, your body drops the weight and retains a clean, cut physique.
  6. Increased Libido: Your sex drive has a lot to do with your energy levels, physical health, and HGH levels. If there have been challenges in any of these areas, you may find you are missing your zest in the bedroom. Sermorelin has been useful for restoring libido and energy levels, helping bring back an absent sex life. For men, in particular, sermorelin helps to stimulate and regulate testosterone levels.
  7. Improve Energy Levels: Perhaps the biggest benefit is the increase in energy that you will experience when on a Sermorelin therapy. When your body feels good, it is capable of doing so much more throughout the day. Reducing fatigue and replacing it with energy kicks your body out of the daze that you may have been moving through life in. Sermorelin stimulates your body’s protein synthesis, so the healthy food you put into your body becomes available for fuel. It also regulated the insulin levels of your body and forces the liver to take in more glucose. With this balance, you will have more endurance and the vitality needed to head to the gym, play in the backyard with the grandkids, or head out for a night on the town.

These benefits should have you excited about how Sermorelin can improve your quality of life. Talk to a doctor at Nu Image to find out how to get started on your own therapy plan.

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