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Ways Your Can Help Make America Beautiful

Ways Your Can Help Make America Beautiful

April is a busy month, jam-packed with obscure but meaningful holidays. All month long the nation is encouraged to show some love the communities that make it great, celebrating Keep America Beautiful Month. Every year, over 40,000 events are hosted across the nation to give public spaces a makeover and the attention they deserve. Volunteers are educated about their communities and given a chance to beautify the streets and neighborhoods of their cities. The goal, whether you live in Seattle, Dallas, Kansas City, or Boston, is to show the world how stunning your hometown can be once you pick up the garbage and put the best foot forward. Looking for a way to get involved this year? Check out this list of ideas making your town a better place.

Go Plogging

Never heard of it? Plogging is when you head out for a run and pick up litter as you do. If you are on a weight loss plan and need to increase your activity levels, you can multitask with your exercise routines. Clean up your community as you clean up your health. Whether you are jogging around the neighborhood or you are headed to a trail at the local park, bring a pair of gloves and a garbage bag. You may get interrupted a few times, but the bending, lifting, and squatting will only add intensity to your workout.

Host a Litter Pick

Not a fan of jogging or picking up trash on your own? Take an afternoon and organize a little pick. Grab those friends who are always looking for an excuse to get out of the house and head to the local park. You can grab coffee or brunch after you’ve spent a few hours picking up litter. For those that live near the coast, combing the beach for litter with your bestie puts a new but productive twist on fun in the sun.

Reduce Your Waste

Though picking up litter is a great way to help make your community beautiful, you can have a profound impact on your community by changing your lifestyle. In particular, changing how much food you throw away or waste can alleviate a serious drain on your community’s natural resources. Many people are unaware of how much food waste they accumulate over a week. If you want to see where you fall, take all the leftovers from your family for the week and dump them into a five-gallon bucket for the week. Include any food that may have spoilt or expired in the fridge during the week. You may be disgusted by the results. Some eating plans, like the HCG diet, require a lot of fresh foods for daily meals, and these can spoil quickly. Having a menu that you shop by each week can help trim the fat off your body waist and your natural resources waste.

Give Areas a Makeover

As you head down the streets of your city or wander the sidewalk in your neighborhood, you could be looking at many opportunities to make your community beautiful. Don’t ignore eyesores that need a little TLC. You could volunteer to help an aging neighbor pull weeds or rake leaves from the front yard. You could grab a can of paint and beautify a rusty fence or dilapidated fence. Sweep the sidewalks and volunteer to paint the mailboxes on your street. Donate some potted plants or flowers to a community park and keep on top of watering them. Look for ways to makeover existing areas that might not get enough attention.

Start Recycling

Making your community beautiful is all about your daily choices. Rather than hauling unwanted items to the local landfill, try to recycle instead. Things like plastic and paper are always good choices for the recycle bin, but you don’t have to stop there. Scrap metal gets melted down and reused, and wood products that are clean (not treated) can be recycled. You can also donate old furniture, clothes, dishes, books, or other items to shelters, charities, or goodwill centers to be used by someone else. Repurposing things or giving others the opportunity to take something old and make it new can take a lot of garbage out of your community.

When you take the time to give back to your community, you are doing more than just creating a beautiful place to live. You create a clean and inviting habitat for local wildlife, you restore the balance of natural greenery and growth, and you send a message to others that you care about your home and community. Find a way to get involved in a “Make America Beautiful” event and show your town some love.


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