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Can You Be Proactive Against COVID-19?

Can You Be Proactive Against COVID-19?

The spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19 has people all around the world in fear and panic. Without a known cure or a vaccine, everyone is susceptible to the virus, which is attacking the body’s respiratory system. While governments around the world are putting in place restrictions to help reduce contact spread, many people are wondering what they can do on their own to help reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19.

The Facts

First of all, you need to keep in mind that the current medical situation is fluid and even the best researchers and physicians cannot provide definitive answers or cures. Do not try to substitute facts for your own internet searches. The medical community is where you will find the most accurate advice and information needed to stay safe and healthy while the world struggles to contain the pandemic. However, you stand to put yourself in a better situation if you have prepared your body to be at its healthiest. Increased attention to your immune system can help your body’s response to foreign agents and potentially improve the body’s ability to repair and restore normal functioning.

What to Know About TB-500

Back in the mid-1960s, thymosin was discovered at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and found to be instrumental in increasing immune cell activity. As a derivative, TB-500 is thymosin-based and works to promote wound healing and cellular repair. There have been many research studies done on the impact and effects of taking TB-500, and the medical community has found that the use of this compound mimics the work of the growth hormone. These results include improved endurance, increased flexibility, enhanced strength from muscle growth, accelerate wound healing, reduced inflammation, enhanced hair growth, and improved anti-aging responses. The benefit of choosing TB-500 for these conditions is that despite its synthesized production, it is a natural protein already found in the body. It is water-soluble and regenerative. It is found in body fluids like tears, wound fluids, and saliva, but it is also in all cell types and tissues except for red blood cells.

TB-500 and COVID-19

As you think about the coronavirus and the damage it does to the body, you may want to consider the benefits of a TB-500 protocol to improve your body’s resistance and support your immune system. The main pursue of thymosin beta-4 (the equivalent of TB-500) is to promote cell migration and multiplication through the enhanced regulation of cell building proteins in the body. As this happens, the proteins in the body are able to more effectively regulate inflammations and develop conduits for new blood vessels. This peptide is also highly versatile, able to circulate long distances throughout the body and help isolate and identify injured areas that need repair. The healing properties of TB-500 are what make this peptide a strong choice for COVID-19 support. Though the lung itself isn’t a muscle, the diaphragm underneath is the main source of breathing capabilities. While many consider peptide treatments for muscle damage and quick healing, there’s more to be gained from the compound. There have been several studies showing the impact of TB-500 on increased stamina and vigor. This can create the strength your body needs to push back against illness.

In addition to the muscular healing and strength benefits, TB-500 is has been shown to work in stem cells. The positive impact it has can work with neurological damage and promote healing potential from the cellular level of tissues throughout the body. Almost all available peptides have been shown to have inflammation support properties, so it is not surprising that TB-500 is also beneficial in reducing inflammation. Research has also shown the increased levels of thymosin and thymosin beta-4 in the body are associated with increased immune response, particularly in those diagnosed with cancer. Several of these studies conclude that the increased levels correspond with the body’s attempt to fight off the illness.

What You Should Do

When it comes to protecting yourself from the coronavirus, the best advice is to heed the warnings and cautions of those who know what they are talking about. The most brilliant medical minds around the world are looking for a solution, and it is in your best interest to follow recommended protocols for your safety and the safety of those around you and in your community. However, you also have an opportunity to proactively address your body’s immune system and overall state of health. You will need to consult with a physician before being able to use TB-500 on a regular basis, but given the benefits that it may have against the virus, it would be worth making a phone call.


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