The Tanning Trend

"€¢  Why most people believe they look better with a tan & why the tanning craze isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

   Polls and studies have proven true that over 75% of Americans still think that they as well as others look better with a tan. Even as some elite actresses and runway models strive to maintain a fair, porcelain complexion as a high fashion look. Hollywood still seems to be stuck in its ways with numerous celebs still trying to master that ultimate California "€œgolden glow."€ It's certainly no surprise that tanning has been red flagged over recent years for its possible cancer causing and premature aging side effects. But somehow, even despite all of its warnings, having a tan still remains one of the most sought after beauty must haves for women and men of all ages.

    Most tanners report that having a bit of color on the skin can make you look healthier, provide muscle definition, and may even make you appear slimmer. Many women report that they are able to use less makeup when they are more tan because they feel like their complexion is much more colorful, even, and healthy looking. Makeup bronzers and lotions have even become popular cosmetic products capitalizing on this effect. Some polls have gone so far as to show that tanning may not only benefit outward appearance, but it may also have other benefits as well. When you look good, you feel good. Many individuals claim that having a tan can be a confidence boost. Yep, that's right. That means, that something as simple as having a tan can increase your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself, more confident and even sexier. And this in turn, can begin to affect all aspects of your life as a whole"€¦work, relationships, etc.

With more and more people working towards maintaining a tan year round, comes a demand for a healthy way to keep up the look. Most frequent tanners are realizing the possible dangers and premature skin aging caused by damaging UV rays. People are looking for a solution to stay tan while bypassing the dangers commonly associated with it. Spray tans and lotions may offer a temporary solution, but they can be difficult to maintain and very costly for a more natural and longer lasting effect.

Scientists have now created a medical solution specifically for tanning and sun protection. This revolutionary medication, referred to as Melanotide II, is new to the market and on its way to the top as the only drug of its kind to provide a new way to tan naturally while even working as a possible shield against skin cancer. Given as a virtuously painless, daily injection into subcutaneous (fat) tissue, Melanotide II increases the production of melanocytes, which increases levels of melanin in the skin. Melanin is a brown pigment found in the skin that protects the skin from burning in the sun. A natural tan is the body's response to sun exposure and its way of protecting itself. This is why individuals with very fair skin are more prone to sunburns and skin damage versus someone with darker color. The darker skinned individual with more melanin will not likely experience such harsh effects from the sun.

Increasing the body's production of melanocytes results in a completely even tan that is 100% real and best of all, a much safer option. It takes only a few moments in the sun to achieve a tan that lasts much longer with Melanotide II than a tan developed from a beach trip that will fade quickly if sun exposure is not continued.

Melanotide II is providing a way for even the fairest of skin types to develop a tan as well as preserving the skin. It looks as if the tanning trend will continue on. And rightly so, if no danger or risks are involved, why not?