Get The Perfect Winter Tan

  • How to get a natural sun kissed look even during the coldest months.

 Want to get the perfect winter tan? Why waste your money on expensive orange looking spray tans and dangerous tanning beds? There's now an easier way to get the lasting, natural tan you want for your holiday parties without looking overdone or fake. Nu Image Medical is making it simple and bringing you one of the most innovative tanning products available. Melanotide II is the new tanning drug making its debut in the industry. Gone are the days of sticky, patchy tans and cancer causing rays.

How does it work?

Melanotide II works from within the body, not on the outside like sunless tanners that fade and do not last. Melanotide II is given in a very tiny daily injection and actually increases melanocyte production. Melanocytes, also known as cells in the body that provide pigment, produce a sun protectant pigment called melanin. Melanin production increases with sun exposure to prevent the skin from burning. More melanin in the skin gives the ability to tan more easily in the sun, and decreases risk of sun burning while having a darker, longer lasting tan. Individuals with very fair skin may struggle to ever achieve a tan and typically burn when in the sun without protection. This is primarily due to lack of melanocytes in the skin, whereas, someone with a darker complexion may tan very quickly in the sun with no redness or burning. The darker individual typically has more melanin in the skin. By stimulating and increasing melanocyte production from within, individuals with even the fairest of complexions are able to achieve a tan. And unlike other tans that fade quickly, higher concentrations of melanin in the skin help the tan to not only look natural (because it is natural) but will preserve a tan much longer than a tan achieved on vacation that fades in a few days.


Is it safe?

Melanotide II is available as a prescription medication only from a licensed physician. Dosing varies upon the individual's skin color and tan preference. Because Melanotide II increases melanocyte production, and thus increases melanin in the skin, Melanotide II can actually be considered a skin protectant. Again, melanin is the body's natural response to sun exposure to prevent burning. An increase in melanin decreases the risk for sun burning, which can lead to premature skin aging and even skin cancer. Melanotide II provides the best at both ends: With even just a small amount of sun exposure, Melanotide II provides a tan that is completely naturally and longer lasting than most tans while also providing protection from the dangers that typically come from sun tanning.


How do I get started?

To get started or for more information on Melanotide II, and to find out if it's right for you, contact a representative at Nu Image Medical at 888-520-3438. Tanning is now easier and much more safe than it used to be. Don't miss out on the chance to be tan year round without the hassle and fake look of other products. Give Nu Image Medical a call, and give your skin a summer, sun kissed look even in the winter months.