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What is the Proper Sermorelin Dosage?

What is the Proper Sermorelin Dosage?

Proper Sermorelin Dosage

The proper Sermorelin dosage can vary quite a bit from one person to another, and if you are attempting to use Sermorelin or HGH for supplementation, it is always safe and advisable to use this hormone under medical supervision. Sermorelin acetate is known to be an effective way to increase natural levels of HGH production as an anti-aging treatment, but it should never be used without getting a medical clearance and without seeing a medical provider at the start of the treatment program. At Nu Image Medical, the medical provider overseeing your hormone treatment program will advise you on the proper dose of the hormone, and you will get a detailed bloodwork analysis at the start of the treatment program.

The bloodwork analysis will show what dosage you should be taking

The recommended dosage for Sermorelin (along with GHRP-2 and GHRP-3) may be much higher or lower than the average dose depending on your particular growth hormone deficiency. That is why you receive a full bloodwork analysis at the start of the program at Nu Image Medical. This will show your levels of deficiency to your medical provider, and the appropriate dose will be adjusted. Most people aged 30 or older will have an average dose for their treatment program, but there occasionally are exceptions. No matter what your dose is, you can rest assured that it will be the right dose for you if you use the Nu Image Medical treatment program. That can't be guaranteed if you purchase the hormone on your own or use a non-medically supervised treatment program.

Many retailers sell low quality Sermorelin without medical supervision

One big problem that has developed in recent years is that Sermorelin and other hormone products are being sold by retailers that don't have any licensed medical professionals on staff. Also, the quality of their hormone products is often very questionable and potentially dangerous. There are no licensed pharmaceutical facilities that will sell Sermorelin to a company that does not have medical professionals on staff, so if you are purchasing your hormone products from a source that does not require bloodwork or a medical clearance, it should be a huge red flag. Don't take any risks with a hormone treatment program because there can be health effects if you use a low quality product.

The wrong dosage can have health consequences

The dosage for any hormone treatment must be carefully selected, and if the wrong dosage is used, there most definitely can be health consequences. Sermorelin is not thought to be dangerous in any way, but there definitely is a risk of taking too much of the hormone. Most people don't present any side effects when the hormone is taken at the normal recommended dose, but when this dose is increased there can be a wide range of different side effects. The dosage at Nu Image Medical is well within the recommended safe dose range, and it will not cause any major side effects or long term health problems, but if you are self-administering the treatment it can be easy to pick the wrong dose.

The purpose of treatment is to restore youthful levels of HGH

One of the main purposes of the Sermorelin treatment program at Nu Image Medical is to restore a person's youthful production of human growth hormone. The hormone starts tailing off in production at the age of 30 and declines about 14% every decade. The Sermorelin treatment program at Nu Image Medical helps patients maintain their natural youthful HGH production levels, and this is the only known safe way to use the hormone. Trying to increase HGH levels beyond what is natural or normal cannot be considered safe in the majority of cases, and the long term health consequences of this are unknown.

The low dose of Sermorelin combined with GHRP-2 and GHRP-3 naturally increase HGH production

At Nu Image Medical you can choose from a 1 month treatment program or a 3 month treatment program, and Sermorelin is prescribed in combination with growth hormone releasing peptides 2 and 3, both of which have shown to be beneficial for increasing HGH levels naturally in combination with Sermorelin. At the start of the diet you will have a bloodwork analysis done to see how deficient you are in HGH, and the appropriate treatment program and dosage will be prescribed. Many patients can benefit from the longer 3 month program, and in many cases the dosage will remain at a normal level but the treatment program will be extended if a patient has a particular low HGH level.

A longer treatment program is better than a higher dose

The longer the treatment program is, the better it usually is for increasing HGH levels more permanently and naturally. One of the goals of hormone replacement treatment is to stimulate the body to start producing higher levels of the hormone on its own. Sermorelin therapy accomplishes this goal, and the longer a person stays on the treatment the longer that their body will maintain a higher level of HGH production (in many cases). The 3 month program at Nu Image Medical can correct a wide range of HGH deficiencies, and these deficiencies can be corrected without having to raise the dosage of Sermorelin substantially if at all.

Increased HGH production can last for several months

After the Sermorelin program at Nu Image Medical is stopped, the increased HGH production can last for several months afterward. This is the ideal result of the treatment program, and many patients do experience this benefit. The higher level of hormone production can even last for a year or more, but every patient will respond differently to the treatment. After the treatment program has ended, bloodwork can continue every month or every two months to check hormone levels. Most patients will show increased natural HGH levels, but hormone production can fall off for a wide range of reasons, and if this occurs Semorelin therapy is usually started again soon afterward. There is no evidence that starting and stopping the treatment program is harmful in any way.

Don't try to correct a hormone deficiency on your own

If you suspect that you may have a hormone deficiency, don't try to correct it on your own without medical supervision. You need the appropriate bloodwork at the start of the treatment to determine how much of a deficiency that you have, and you can't do this on your own. Also, don't be lured by the lower cost of some of the Sermorelin or HGH products available online or elsewhere - these products are often nothing more than water with a few added ingredients, and you won't have any idea about what is really in them.

For a safe and proven treatment Sermorelin program, talk to one of the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical today. You will be prescribed the proper dosage for Sermorelin and you won't have to worry about the quality of the product or taking the wrong dose. You will receive a full medical evaluation at the start of the treatment program, and you will be able to ask questions and get detailed information about how the treatment can correct your hormone deficiency.


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