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What are Growth Hormones & their effects on the body?

What are Growth Hormones & their effects on the body?

What are Growth Hormones?

Growth hormones are naturally produced in the pituitary gland by children, and they are intended to help promote health growth levels. In addition to spurring growth in children and adolescents, the growth hormones are used to help regulate body fluid levels, sugar and fat levels, the metabolism, blood and fat levels, and other natural bodily functions. In many instances, growth hormones are also going to help with heart functions, and promote overall health.

In some individuals, a deficiency in the growth hormones, forces people to turn to a substance known as HGH (human growth hormone). Basically, HGH is intended to mimic the functions of the growth hormones, which aren't functioning as they should in the human system.

Why imbalance is an issue

As detailed above, these hormones are responsible for many functions in the human system. And, it begins at an early age through adolescence. If they are not functioning normally, there is the possibility of deficiencies in growth, problems with healthy heart functions, or even issues with the organs, as children get older. For such reasons, the growth hormones have to be in balance, and should produce at a natural level, for optimal growth and optimal health.

How to treat GH deficiencies

HGH, or human growth hormone, is typically what is used in an effort to treat the deficiency levels with these hormones. Basically, the human growth hormone is going to mimic what the natural hormones would do in your body, and will help with the production process. They will help with overall bodily function production, help the body naturally balance levels (fluids), and help with natural growth in children. Your child isn't going to suffer from certain conditions, simply because their body can't naturally produce these hormones at a balanced level.

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Oral supplements

HGH comes in an oral supplement form. This can be a sublingual drop, or it can come in a pill/capsule formula. Depending on the dosage requirements, how often you have to use or take it, and other factors, this might be one viable option to treating the deficiencies an individual suffers from, if their hormones aren't naturally producing and naturally recurring in their body. With this medication form, a stronger prescription is generally needed, as the entire dosage is not directly ingested through the bloodstream, so it will take longer to have its effect on the body.

Injection form

You can also opt for an injection form of human growth hormone if you have to use this prescription. It is not only available for children, but also for adults. So, depending on the levels of deficiency, and whether or not you can get an oral supplement form, this might be another alternative to consider. With the shot form, a lower dosage is generally required. The reason being is that higher levels are ingested by the body, as the injection is going to go straight to the blood stream, so not as much of a high dosage level if required, for the body to take in the levels it requires when supplementing for deficiency.

Uses of HGH

HGH can be used for treating certain conditions as well. For example, Tunger's syndrome, which is a genetic condition in young girls, is something which will often rely on an HGH supplement form, to help in treating the condition and deficiencies which come along with it. Chronic kidney disease can also be treated with them. Today, many people are even using it as a means to help with weight loss efforts. So, it is important to be mindful of how the supplement form is going to work, how strong it is, and how much is required, in order to treat the specific condition, or the deficiencies which are being treated in each individual which is using the supplement form.

Use with age

Naturally growth hormones tend to dissipate or produce in lower quantities as you get older as well. So, conversely, adults might use HGH in an attempt to help balance out the dissipating levels as they get older. It is not only for children, and it is not only used to help in promoting of natural hormones which are not producing in the body. Adults who are deficient, notice they feel fatigue or tired, or are otherwise groggy all day, might benefit from using the hormone injection or a supplement form as well. It is best to discuss this type of use with a doctor or a professional, in order to ensure this is the best treatment route, as there are other prescriptions which might produce better results for some individuals.

Natural production increase

Many people will simply use HGH to increase the body's natural growth hormone production levels. Even if they are at a stable or normal level, some people will rely on the substance to aid in production. This might be to help with muscle development (used in the form of a steroid), to help with weight loss, or to assist with other goals the individual has, and can't achieve on their own.

Effects on the body

If growth hormones aren't present or are not producing at the natural rate, this is going to have a great impact on a child from a very young age. You will probably notice it with young kids early on, and will notice deficiencies in growth or productivity levels. If this is the case, getting tested (routine blood testing) will typically inform individuals if there are deficiencies, and if so, the best method to go about treating them.
Deficiencies can cause a number of issues as your child gets older. Especially if they aren't producing these hormones at all, their body will not develop as it should, which can cause many issues as they age, and when they are older they might have to supplement as well. In order to ensure optimal function, healthy growth, and proper development, growth hormones should be producing at a natural rate. If this is not the case, the use of HGH, in an oral or injection form, is one of the ways in which you can treat these deficiencies naturally.

Where can I get HGH to increase my GH levels?

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