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The Top 10 Benefits of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides

The Top 10 Benefits of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides

Growth hormone plays an important role in muscle growth and maintenance. Unfortunately,  levels tend to decline as we age. Growth hormone releasing peptides stimulate the body to release its own growth hormone.  

This hormone boost has noticeable results. They include  better weight management, less muscle loss, and more muscle gain.

To learn more about the benefits of growth hormone peptides, check out this top ten list.

What Are Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides?

Growth hormone releasing peptides aren't an actual hormone replacement. They are strings of amino acids that  influence the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. This stimulates the production and secretion of growth hormones.

Growth hormone releasing factor (GHRF) is a chemical made by our hypothalamus. Its purpose is to increase growth hormone levels. It does this by stimulating the pituitary gland to release its growth hormone into the body.

The pituitary gland controls the body's endocrine glands. It produces hormones that initiate growth and facilitate tissue renewal. This gland also releases chemicals that influence thyroid and sex hormones.

Some hormone replacement therapies use synthetic growth hormone to treat decline or deficiency. Peptides don't act as a synthetic substitute for human growth hormone. Rather, they work upon the hypothalamus so that we can have increased levels of our own growth hormone.

These peptides are administered by injection.


Sermorelin acetate is a growth hormone peptide that is similar in structure to the body's natural growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). Molecularly similar chemicals are called analogs. Because of its matching shape, sermorelin binds to receptors that stimulate growth hormone release.


Ipamorelin is a peptide that also boosts growth hormone release. It's similar in structure to the "hunger" hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin stimulates growth hormone release and encourages the body to burn fat and build muscle.  Ipamorelin influences receptors in the way that ghrelin would.

This peptide  increases somatrophs by suppressing somatostatin. Somatrophs are the cells that are responsible for the release of growth hormone. Somatostatin is a chemical made by the body that inhibits growth hormone.

By reducing the activity of somatostatin, ipamorelin allows for increased somatroph numbers. This results in greater human growth hormone increase.

Both of these peptides mimic the natural processes that prompt growth hormone release. This release of growth hormone can result in an array of health benefits. It also decreases age-related changes in the body.

Growth Hormone Release Peptide Benefits

Growth hormone peptide benefits can be seen and felt on many levels. Here are the top ten benefits of using this therapy.

1. Decrease in Body Fat

Growth hormone releasing peptides can assist with weight management. They actually help change body composition. This leads to less fatty tissue and more lean muscle mass.

Growth hormone peptides increase fat metabolism, encouraging your body to use its stored fat as fuel. They also increase tissue growth, resulting in more muscle.  

Increased muscle tissue naturally helps you burn more calories. Muscle requires far more energy than fat, even in a resting state.  

2. Increase in Muscle Mass

Increased muscle mass is a huge benefit of growth hormone releasing peptides. Muscle mass and growth decline with age as growth hormone levels drop. Peptides increase the body's own growth hormone, encouraging muscle growth and repair.

Growth hormone increases levels of insulin-like growth factor I, also known as IGF-I. The growth factor correlates with muscle growth. Since peptides stimulate the release of natural growth hormone, IGF-I is increased as well.

Muscle loss is an inevitable consequence of aging. Peptides can not only slow muscle loss but can also encourage gain.

Peptide support does more than increase muscle mass. It also helps shorten recovery time after strenuous activity or workouts.

3. Increase in Strength

Using growth hormone releasing peptides can lead to an overall increase in strength. Growth hormone increases and repairs tissues. The less broken down tissue you have, the greater your strength will be.

Growth hormone peptides ensure that muscle and connective tissue growth is stimulated. The release of growth hormone also supports the body's ability to heal overworked or fatigued muscle tissue. Tissue fortification results in increased strength.

4. Increased Stamina

Because  they increase  natural growth hormone release, peptides increase stamina during activity. There are several reasons for this.

Growth hormone increases IGF-I, which  increases muscle mass. Within the muscle, growth hormone causes an increase in muscle citrate synthase activity. Increases in this activity indicate increased mitochondrial density in muscle cells. It also indicates higher aerobic capacity of skeletal muscle tissue.

More growth hormone also increases L-3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase  activity in muscle. This enzyme is part of the process of converting fat into energy.

Better use of oxygen and stored fat results in better endurance in all areas of life.

5. More Energy

Growth hormone peptides can boost energy levels noticeably. This boost comes from optimal body functioning instead of a potentially harmful stimulant.  

Peptides stimulate increased growth hormone release. This results in more hormone availability for important metabolic processes.

Growth hormone increases aerobic capacity and helps the body use fat as fuel. When fat is burned, individuals experience sustained energy levels and less fatigue.

6. Increased Libido

Many individuals using growth hormone peptides report an improved sex drive and response. Though it isn't entirely clear why, there are several theories as to why this occurs.

Libido is largely influenced by a person's overall health. Growth hormone increase can improve body composition, muscle mass, and cardiovascular health. All of these contribute to better sexual function.

Growth hormone is intricately involved in the interaction of the:

  • Hypothalamus

  • Pituitary gland

  • Reproductive glands

These glands have an enormous influence over one another. Growth hormone's input could possibly regulate more than it's currently understood.

Growth hormone may play a role in regulating sexual response in both male and female genitalia. This may be another factor in the ability of peptides to improve sexual performance and desire.

7. Increased Skin Elasticity

Another great benefit of growth hormone peptide use is improved skin appearance and elasticity. Growth hormone is known to stimulate type I collagen synthesis. This collagen type is the main component of the skin's connective tissue matrix.

In addition to encouraging collagen production, growth hormone facilitates tissue repair. Tissue repair is accomplished by cell turnover. Cell turnover is the replacement of old cells with new ones.

Growth hormone releasing peptides increase growth hormone release. Optimal growth hormone levels support collagen production. The result is thicker, more elastic skin that has fewer wrinkles and sagging.

8. Increase in Bone Density

Bones become less dense with age, leaving individuals prone to injury. This is caused by several factors.

As people age, their bones lose calcium and other minerals. Declines in other hormone levels affect bones as well.

Hormones responsible for the stimulation of bone rebuilding drop with age. This leaves the bones unable to replace lost minerals and produce new cells.

Lost muscle mass affects bone integrity as well. Without the stress of muscle, bones become less dense.  

Connective tissue health also plays a role in bone density maintenance. Without substantial connective tissue to cushion and stabilize, bones may wear down much faster.  

Growth hormone can help regulate hormones that influence bone regeneration, resorption, and remodeling. They also boost connective tissue repair. This provides support for bones.  

Growth hormone stimulates osteoclast activity and differentiation.  Osteoclasts are large bone cells that absorb bone tissue during healing and growth. Resorption is important for preventing calcium and mineral loss.

9. Improved Sleep Quality

Growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) in the body  is an important factor in sleep quality.  It's  involved in a feedback loop within the brain that regulates sleep.  The correct GHRH-GH balance promotes deep sleep stages.  

When growth hormone levels are low, this feedback loop is disrupted. This leads to excessive activity in the hypothalamic GHRH system. The excessive activity negatively affects sleep quality.

Increased growth hormone levels from peptides may improve sleep patterns and ensure a restful sleep.

10. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Growth hormone peptides can improve cardiovascular health. Growth hormone  plays a crucial role in the circulatory system function and in cholesterol levels. Deficiency in growth hormone has been shown to be detrimental to the heart and blood vessels.

Human growth hormone may boost cardiac muscle regeneration, a process that was previously thought to be nonexistent. It may also affect calcium regulation, which influences heart contractility and effectiveness.

Increased growth hormone levels can reduce blood pressure. This improvement takes place on a molecular and genetic level. Growth hormone seems to increase the expression of certain ion channels that regulate vascular tone.

Low human growth hormone levels can lead to higher levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). This is considered the bad form of cholesterol that can form plaques on artery walls.

Growth hormone releasing peptides can increase the body's own growth hormone levels.  Growth hormone increases  LDL receptor activity in the liver. This may lead to a better cholesterol ratio.

Peptides for Optimal Health

Growth hormone releasing peptides aren't merely a fad. They have been scientifically proven to increase the body's own natural human growth hormone levels. Proper growth hormone levels in the body ensure overall well-being and improved health.

You don't have to accept a decline in growth hormone. Growth hormone peptides naturally enhance your body's ability to release its own growth hormone. If you're ready to see what peptides can do for you, contact us today.

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Dr. Constance Odom, MD

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