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Should Sermorelin Be Used for Bodybuilding?

Should Sermorelin Be Used for Bodybuilding?

Sermorelin has been used as an alternative to HGH for bodybuilding because of its ability to raise HGH levels naturally without having to inject the hormone. Sermorelin is an amino acid fragment of growth hormone releasing hormone GHRH which stimulates natural production of HGH. Human growth hormone production starts declining at the age of 30 for both men and women, and the resulting decline can make bodybuilding more difficult after the age of 30. Those who are under the age of 30 normally do not need to supplement with HGH or testosterone because the body's natural production of both hormones is sufficient for muscle building. Younger people who supplement with HGH and testosterone without the oversight of a medical professional may be taking risks with their health, as the effects of hormone therapy on people under the age of 30 have not been extensively studied.

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Sermorelin can help with workout recovery for people who have an HGH deficiency

Anyone who has an HGH deficiency may benefit from using Sermorelin, and Nu Image Medical's Sermorelin therapy program has a blood test for HGH levels at the start of the treatment to ensure that there is a deficit of the hormone. Patients who do not have a deficit would normally not participate in Sermorelin therapy except for rare circumstances, as the therapy is intended for aging patients who are experiencing a decline in their youthful hormone levels. HGH deficiencies can definitely lead to a longer recovery time and slower muscle gains, so Sermorelin therapy can be very useful for adults aged 30 or older who are trying to build muscle quickly.

Sermorelin is better than HGH therapy for any purpose

If you are a bodybuilder looking to put more muscle on using HGH therapy, you are always better off using Sermorelin, because it has fewer side effects. Young bodybuilders can increase their levels of HGH naturally through a variety of different methods. Bodybuilders who are interested in using HGH to increase their muscle mass should contact a medical clinic such as Nu Image Medical to see if they may be eligible for Sermorelin therapy or bioidentical hormone therapy. Supplementing with HGH without the oversight of a medical professional can be dangerous, as there can be serious side effects if you decide to use hormones that have not been approved by a licensed clinic or synthetic hormones. The quality of the therapy and the hormone product should be carefully considered before starting any type of treatment.

Sermorelin offers a natural increase in HGH levels

For patients who are experiencing a decline in HGH production, Sermorelin can be a very beneficial treatment that can improve muscle mass and gradually increase human growth hormone levels. Most studies show that a natural increase in the hormone is best to avoid side effects. Sermorelin is unique HGH therapy because the treatment stimulates the pituitary gland to gradually increase HGH levels, while HGH therapy is a direct injection of the hormone which artificially increases its levels in the blood in an unnatural way. The result is that HGH therapy often causes side effects, since the body is not accustomed to a rapid increase in the hormone, while Sermorelin therapy has fewer to no side effects, and this is preferable even for patients who are looking for fast results.

Muscle gain and weight management becomes more difficult as you age

As you age, it becomes much more difficult to put on muscle and manage your weight. Sermorelin offers the unique ability to both add muscle while decreasing body fat dramatically. The body's natural lipolysis and fat metabolism is greatly improved with the treatment, and muscle gains are a proven effect of the treatment. After just a few weeks, patients may start experiencing rapid muscle gains, and the gains will continue as long as the therapy is maintained and often for several months afterward.

Sermorelin can result in a long term increase in HGH production

Sermorelin therapy is unique because it often results in permanent or long term increases in HGH production. Many patients experience consistent gains in their hormone production long after their treatment has ceased; sometimes for several months depending on how long the initial treatment was. This often does not occur with HGH therapy because one of the negative side effects is that it shuts down the body's natural production of the hormone due to the negative feedback loop that occurs when the hormone's levels are rapidly increased. The body shuts down its own production of HGH as it senses an increase in hormone production, and as a result a patient can become depending on HGH therapy to maintain minimum levels of hormone production, which is obviously undesirable.

No hormone treatment should be used only for bodybuilding

As previously mentioned on this blog, it can be dangerous to use a hormone treatment for the specific purpose of bodybuilding. Hormones have a wide range of effects on the body, and patients who do not have a deficiency may experience unwanted side effects when they supplement with testosterone or HGH. Bodybuilders often use these hormones for faster gains, but they often supplement with far too much of the hormone, or by using the wrong type of hormone which can lead to long term side effects. There are only a few medical circumstances such as muscle wasting due to chronic illness where hormones should be used specifically for muscle gain, but outside of these circumstances it can be dangerous to supplement with HGH or testosterone just for the sole purpose of building muscle.

Sermorelin therapy is often more affordable than other hormone treatments

Sermorelin therapy is often much more affordable than other hormone treatments, because the cost of Sermorelin is lower than HGH and may synthetic hormones. Nu Image Medical only uses natural bioidentical Sermorelin for its treatments, and never uses any synthetic hormone products that can have dangerous side effects. The cost of the program is much more affordable than many other hormone treatments that you can find online or locally, and you also have the benefit of a full medical consultation prior to the start of the treatment. Nu Image Medical's program is self-administered which saves you money, but you receive full documentation and instruction from licensed medical providers on how to self-administer the injections at home, and you receive a medical clearance prior to starting the treatment to guarantee that it will be safe for you. Natural hormone therapies such as Sermorelin therapy can have many beneficial effects, one of which is faster muscle gains and fat metabolism, but anyone interested in the treatment should always receive the approval of a licensed medical doctor prior to starting and should never attempt to self administer their own treatment program. Bodybuilders who think that they may have an HGH deficiency or who want to know more about Sermorelin therapy and its benefits should contact Nu Image Medical today for more information and a free consultation.


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