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Should I Take HGH? Huge Mistake or Miracle Cure

Should I Take HGH? Huge Mistake or Miracle Cure

Are you struggling with the effects of aging? Are you wondering, "Should I take HGH to feel younger and more vital?" Around the world, anti-aging products are a big business, taking in more than $140 billion every year.

By the year 2021, the global anti-aging marketplace is predicted to be worth more than $200 billion. But what anti-aging products are right for you? What steps can you take when diet and exercise just aren't enough?

In this article, we'll cover some of the benefits of HGH, or human growth hormone. We'll also help you figure out whether you should take HGH and get you started with more information about HGH injections.

What Is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone is actually a protein that's created by your pituitary gland. After it's made, it's released into your bloodstream. Studies have shown that HGH is released after people exercise, have a good night's rest, or have a traumatic life event.

The thing about HGH production is that it peaks when we're in our teens. Once we turn 30 years old, we can expect our HGH levels to decrease to about one-fifth of what they were when we were younger.

The reason that people choose to get HGH injections is that the protein can help break down fat and increase the production of protein. It also helps increase "lean body mass," which can mean better stamina and athletic performance.

The question is, does HGH really work as an anti-aging product? Would you be better off just getting more sleep and exercising regularly? HGH is often touted as a miraculous treatment, but you have to make sure to get your injections from a reputable medical facility.

Uses of HGH in Children and Adults

There are several reasons that doctors would prescribe HGH treatment for kids. HGH is commonly prescribed for kidney disease, Turner's syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome. It can also be prescribed if a child has low levels of natural HGH or if they were born at a low birth weight.

For adults, HGH is often prescribed when patients have part of their small intestine removed. It's also prescribed for HIV and AIDS patients to help build muscle mass. Finally, HGH is typically used to treat tumors on the pituitary gland, which are rare but do occur.

The benefits of HGH are a long-term improvement of stamina and energy, but some athletes use it without getting a doctor's approval. They find counterfeit human growth hormone and inject it themselves. Although they're trying to improve their game, the end result could be deadly.

Also, there haven't been any scientific studies on the effects of HGH on athletic performance. You might think that you're making progress, but you could be increasing your risk for diabetes and some cancers. You should explore hormone therapy after you've tried diet and exercise, but not before.

Signs of Growth Hormone Deficiency

There are more than 50,000 American adults who have GHD, or growth hormone deficiency. Scientists have made the connection between GHD and heart disease, and they think it could cause social anxiety and depression.

While children are more likely to have GHD, the reality is that adults can develop it at any phase of their lives. There are some tell-tale signs that can help you figure out if you have GHD. It's a rare condition, but it never hurts to ask your doctor to test you.

If you have really high cholesterol, you could have growth hormone deficiency. You could feel a pain in your chest that won't go away, or you might notice that your diet needs significant improvement.

Another sign of GHD is low bone density, which should show up during routine bone scans. If you're losing too much weight, you feel tired all the time, and you have lost your energy, you might have GHD.

If you suspect that you have growth hormone deficiency, talk to your doctor. They can prescribe growth hormone therapy that can counteract these debilitating symptoms.

Potential Side Effects 

Before you start taking human growth hormone, you should know that it has a few potential side effects. Patients have reported anything from carpal tunnel to diabetes stemming from their use of HGH. Researchers have also seen patients suffer from severe swelling after HGH treatments.

Typical side effects, however, include mild joint pain, moderate swelling, and headaches. There is some discussion about whether human growth hormone can cause cancer, but again, it hasn't been studied.

That's another reason to find a facility that has experience with HGH for women and men. They can administer HGH injections on a regular basis and talk to you about human growth hormones pros and cons.

Before you start HGH therapy, make sure that you really need it. There could be simpler ways to reverse the aging process, such as diet and exercise. Talk to your doctor and ask them about your choices for hormone replacement therapy. They can take some routine blood tests and give you a diagnosis within a few days.

Natural Ways to Increase HGH

If you're looking for natural ways to raise your body's HGH, start with getting enough sleep. You should turn off your laptop and phone at least two hours before you go to bed. That gives your body some time to wind down and to relax.

You should also avoid caffeine after dinner. It may feel good to drink coffee late at night, but you're just keeping yourself up. If you notice that you sleep late on the weekends, you might not be getting enough sleep during the week.

Caffeine may be to blame, but you could also be sabotaging your sleep without even realizing it. You should try to turn off as many lights as you can to make your sleep more restful.

Other insider tips for increasing your HGH are to eat more protein and to try fasting after a certain time every night. For example, try not to eat after dinner. It gives your body time to process the food that you've eaten and increases your chances of weight loss.

Also, try to avoid sugar. This is a good idea in general, but could be great if you've been feeling tired and "over the hill." Try cutting out the sugar from your coffee at first or using applesauce instead of sugar in some dessert recipes.

Counterfeit Human Growth Hormone

The biggest dangers of HGH are getting it from an unreliable source and injecting it yourself. You should never buy growth hormone yourself: you should only have it prescribed by a doctor.

You should never buy HGH from an online source because you don't know what you're getting. The potential for injury is just too high. Take the time to contact a reputable medical facility that's licensed and insured.

Once you have the prescription for HGH, you can administer the shots yourself in your home. You'll have to get some blood work done and talk to your doctor about your diet and lifestyle. They may ask you to work out or to bring your cholesterol down a few points before you get started with the human growth hormone.

If you have Low T, or low testosterone levels, you might want to skip the testosterone injections. HGH injections boost testosterone levels in men, and you should see an increase in your muscle mass, bone density, and libido.

You should give the HGH a try for at least a month, however. It'll take a bit of time to build up in your system and get to work making you feel better.

If you're planning to start HGH therapy, keep a record of your diet and exercise for a few weeks. Also, write down how much you sleep every night. Make sure that you give your doctor a full list of your medications and preexisting conditions before you start HGH injections.

Should I Take HGH?

If you're wondering, "Should I take HGH?" you've probably tried diet and exercise. In that case, it's time to explore other therapeutic options. If you have severe side effects or if you feel the treatment isn't working, you can always stop the HGH therapy.

If you're in a rural area and have trouble getting to a doctor's office, you should know that we offer "telemedicine" options. You can meet with a doctor and discuss your health care plan via video or remote audio.

Don't let anything stop you from getting the health care you need. If this article speaks to you, you might want to find out more about HGH treatment options. HGH could be just what you need to get back to feeling like yourself again.

HGH isn't for everyone, but if you're committed to feeling better and counteracting the effects of aging, it could be right for you.

Send us an email or talk with our doctor online. We've been in business for 14 years and specialize in regenerative medicine. We offer a range of diet and exercise treatments and can help you figure out if you would like to get HGH therapy

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