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Peptide Breakthroughs to Watch For

Peptide Breakthroughs to Watch For

Society is continually looking to research for the best solutions to the world’s oldest problems, such as cancer, disease, and even aging. Even if you have been to a lab and seen the work underway, you have no doubt been a recipient of some of the breakthroughs that have occurred in anti-aging efforts. Consider Botox injections or facial creams containing retinol or peptides. Everywhere you look, science is working to produce a better quality of life by improving your health and helping you feel more confident in your looks. No one really enjoys the thought of growing and losing mobility, youthful looks, and independence, but it’s a fact of life. Before you give up hope, remember that you are not alone in this struggle and that there are products available to help turn back the hands of time. Some of the newest research in the health and beauty industries is showing that it is possible to make every day your best no matter how old you are.

A Thriving Industry

When it comes to popular approaches to combat aging, peptides have become big business. Market-based research in the US, conducted by Grand View Research, is estimating that the global therapeutic peptide market will top $48 billion by the year 2025. This growth is in response to public demand for quick-working and efficient treatments of lifestyle disorders and cancers. Peptides are short chains of amino acids that act as the messengers within the body. They are signaling molecules, with a prime example being insulin. Acting as a control function for the metabolism of sugar, insulin is made up of 51 amino acid building blocks. Peptides are favored among medications because they are already such a foundational element within the body. The body more readily assimilates them into the system, and after the peptides have done their job, they get recycled by the body. There is no long and complicated detox process after substantial accumulation.

There are currently over 500 peptide-based medications that are in clinical trials around the world, further strengthening the case for peptides to play a major role in the future of healthcare and healing. The industry alone is worth billions, but there is currently a limitation on how peptides can be administered. When used as an anti-aging compound, the most effective treatment is through injections. Most often, the injections trigger the response of the human growth hormone (HGH) the element in the body that restore muscle mass, increases skin elasticity, and improves energy and growth in the body. The body slows down its production of HGH around the age of 40, which research has found to have a significant impact on the way an individual ages. Not all peptides are injected. Beauty products are engineered to contain smaller doses of the peptide and are marketed as beneficial for reducing or clearing up wrinkles and tightening sagging skin. The latest research in the area is working to develop injectable peptide medications.

Oral Complications

Proteins are an important part of a daily diet, and in doing their job to promote nutrition to all parts of the body, the stomach and the intestines break down peptide bonds. These organs have countless enzymes that flood the gastrointestinal tract which makes it difficult for a medically-ingested peptide to survive through the system. Research has been able to modify peptides to make it through the stomach, but further complications have yet to be addressed within the intestines. The cellular structure of the intestinal walls keep the peptides from being absorbed into the blood. This is why many physicians rely on injections for peptide-based therapies. It puts the peptides where they need to go without obstruction.

Current Progress

There have been many research teams working to modify the structure of peptides to make it usable in oral administration. So far, over 50 variations have been tested, and according to cellular tests, very specific structural variants are absorbed very quickly. By modifying the number of peptide bonds and their shape, the research shows that the peptide eventually makes its way to the target molecule when surrounded by protective layers within the peptide itself. The modification releases a unique layered peptide, that when attacked by the enzymes, splits off then reunites to reach the ultimate destination within the body.

Potential Applications


In the cell tests conducted, the new hexapeptide construction does have a biological effect. When administered orally in low doses, the results showed that growth was stimulated in the body’s blood vessels. By stabilizing the properties of the peptide for oral administration, it will open doors for many people to take advantage of the medical benefits for health and healing. Researchers are confident that the ability to send a specific signal to the blood vessels through peptide medication can help with finding a cure for cancers and diseases. Being able to influence the blood vessel cells in the body is one step closer to solving many medical concerns.  Continuing research is looking for additional connections between the molecules in the body that have similar reactions as the peptides with unique body components, as this can reveal an area of personalized medicine that will be more effective with case-by-case administration.



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