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Is HGH Really Safe For You?! - 2018

Is HGH Really Safe For You?! - 2018

You might've seen it on Dr. Oz's show. Or, if you are an avid sports fan, you might've heard of HGH and athletes using it. So, you want to incorporate it into your lifestyle as well. Whether it is to fight those signs of aging and the crow's feet below your eyes, to help with muscle recovery, decrease the length of injuries, or even to help you lose some weight, you want to know the answer to the question: is HGH safe to use? The answer is, for most people yes. But, as with everything, there is always the exception to the rule.

HGH is completely natural

HGH is a hormone the body produces. So, unlike steroids, you aren't injecting an anabolic factor into your body, to cause the testosterone levels to increase; rather, you are injecting (or consuming/spraying, etc.) a 'supplement' form of a hormone that is naturally occurring in your body. This in and of itself makes it safe for consumption. So, you don't have to worry about it being a 'foreign substance' you are injecting into your body, as it is already produced by your body.

Why use HGH as a supplement?

Once you hit the age of 20-25, HGH levels naturally dissipate. This is not only for men or women but for both genders. And, if you are already inactive, overweight, or if you suffer from injuries or chronic conditions, this can make matters even worse. The incorporation of a supplement is not only going to help restore the lost levels of HGH production your body will go through as you begin to age, it is going to do so naturally, effectively, and easily. Your body will naturally cling to the levels being pumped through the body, and you will begin to realize the benefits and effects almost instantly after you do incorporate it into your diet.

Can I use it if I'm injured?

Yes, as a matter of fact, HGH is known to help reduce the downtime you experience if you are injured. As it helps to restore the connective tissue in the muscular system and helps increase bone density mass, you are not going to be sidelined for as long as you would be, if you were just to allow the body to 'heal naturally.' It is actually naturally healing when you do use HGH, as it is a natural hormone that you are adding to your system to help in the recovery process.
Not only are you going to get back on your feet faster, you are going to have more energy, and more strength when you are ready to get back to the gym or simply go back to your normal lifestyle. And, if you are looking for a natural solution to help prevent or reduce the possibility of injuries (if you are an athlete, or workout often), HGH is also going to help here. It is going to help strengthen, it will help increase muscle mass, and bone mass, so you are going to find that injuries, and lingering pain that you felt in the past, are no longer going to be an issue if you choose to add HGH into the mix routinely.

Can I overdose on HGH?

It is water soluble, meaning even if you 'take too much' it is not toxic. So, you can overdose or overuse HGH, but this is not life-threatening. It is, however, highly advisable, for you to follow the proper dosage cycles if you are using HGH supplements. And, you do have to pay attention to the dosage levels which are prescribed to you by a specialized doctor in this field.

HGH should be used in dosage cycles, which typically run up to 12-weeks. And, dosage can run from 2 IU daily up to 6 IU or 8 IU daily in some cases. Depending on who you are (average individual versus professional athlete), what you are using it for (diet/weight loss or anti-aging), and other risk or health factors, the dosage cycle (length) and dosage levels, are going to vary in each case. So, if you are using HGH, you are going to want to follow your doctor's instructions and dosage level/cycle time, in order to ensure the safest and most effective results, when you are using HGH supplements.

Is it safe for all ages?

HGH is safe, but it typically advised for those who are 18 or older. In fact, to get a prescription, you will usually have to prove you are 18 or older. Since the body only decreases production at about 20 years of age, there is no reason for children to take it (unless they have growth issues or other muscular problems which a doctor prescribes HGH for).

Can I use it safely if I am on other medications?

Again, this is something you are going to want to discuss with your primary doctor, as well as the prescribing specialist or prescribing pharmacy which you order the HGH supplement from. In most cases, it will not adversely affect your health, or negatively impact other medications you are taking. But, this is not always the case. It is best to speak to your doctor, learn about risks, side effects, complications, and proper use. All of this will ensure your health and safety first, but also guarantee that you are going to realize the best possible results when you are using the HGH supplement that you choose to order.
Many people will ask is HGH safe to use? In short, for most people who are given a prescription by a specialized doctor or pharmacy, the answer is yes. It is natural, it is not an artificial supplement or steroid, and it is a hormone that the body produces naturally. So, as long as you know what you are doing and how to use it, it should be safe for use. And, as long as you are taking the appropriate levels/dosage which your doctor prescribes, and are doing so only for the prescribed dosage cycle, HGH is not only safe but can be highly beneficial for users as well.

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