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Is HGH Legal? What Are The Laws On Using HGH?

Is HGH Legal? What Are The Laws On Using HGH?

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is highly popular. But, is it legal? HGH is legal if prescribed by a doctor. It is a controlled substance which is regulated by the FDA in the US. Many people over the age of 30 want to use HGH injections as the growth hormone naturally dissipates and stops producing at rapid rates as we age. The sale of homeopathic products is legal; however, if HGH is being used for diet or in the form of a prescription (even from weight loss companies), it does have to be prescribed by a licensed physician in order for the user to legally obtain the injections.

Is HGH Legal in California 

In the state of California, HGH is considered a class-3 drug. What this means is that it falls in a category similar to anabolic steroids, meaning that users in the state will likely require a prescription, from a licensed doctor, in order to obtain and legally use HGH hormones or injections.
HGH can be used for bone therapy, as a weight loss aid, or can be used simply to help offset the diminished production in your system, as you get older. Regardless of the reason for use, those who would like to use the class-3 drug in the state of California, are required to have a doctor's prescription in order to do so.

Is HGH allowed in the Military

The use of HGH in the military is typically frowned upon; in fact, for most enlistees, it is not legal for them to use while they are in service (or as an active reserve for a military branch). With this being said, there are "grey-areas" as it relates to the use of HGH in the military. For example, if it is required, and is given by a prescribing doctor, prior to enrollment, certain individuals may qualify to use it under an exception. Another example might be for severe injuries, HGH has been found to help in the recovery process, help with wound healing, and help with muscle growth and development. In such cases, or extreme injuries, the military branch might have doctors which will administer the HGH to certain patients, and this is obviously legal for use.
When it comes to military, regardless of the service branch, or ranking, HGH use is generally frowned upon, but not outright illegal. As detailed above, there are certain instances which exceptions to the rule might apply, or doctors in the specific military branch administer the synthetic version of the HGH drug, which would make it a legally-used substance by those who are serving in the armed forces.
If taken under proper medical supervision, if the military is aware of use (and necessity) prior to enrollment, or if it is given to military personnel after they are enlisted, by a prescribing doctor in the military, the use of HGH injections would be legal in such cases.

Is HGH Legal in Mexico?

Outside the US, there are a number of synthetic and non-synthetic drugs which are easily accessible; Mexico is one such country where people turn to, for different drugs which are illegal in the US. However, in Mexico, the federal laws make it illegal for doctors to sell HGH in their offices, without a license to do so. This in turn makes it illegal, if it is not obtained by a licensed physician in the country.
A border city in Mexico, Tijuana, is often an area where federal officials will sell HGH at the border, in order to curb the illegal sale and transaction of HGH and other prescription-drugs. The sale is implicitly allowed, and is often carried out by Mexican authorities, in an effort to thwart illegal sale and use, by those who are not licensed to sell HGH in the country.

Can my doctor administer HGH to me?

Just because you visit a licensed MD regularly, does not mean they can legally sell HGH injections to you. In fact, licensed doctors who sell HGH, are typically licensed in specialty medicine, such as hormone therapies, which allows them to legally obtain, prescribe, and sell HGH to their patients, and those who visit them for this drug prescription. Endocrinologists, anti-aging specialists, and age-management physicians, are among the specialists who are licensed to sell HGH to their patients.

Is it Legal to Purchase HGH in the US?

HGH can and is legally sold in the US to millions of people. In fact, millions are using it for dietary needs, athletes use to to help them with muscle growth, it is prescribed to help with anti-aging, and it is often used by those who want to treat a strenuous or serious injury, and need to recover quickly. HGH is legal, as long as it is sold by a licensed, prescribing doctor, and as long as the dosage is properly administered and monitored by the licensing physician. Even when purchasing online, the sale is conducted by online pharmacies, which have licensed, specialists, who are qualified, and meet the credentialing requirements, to prescribe HGH to the patients and clients who order the injections online.
Non-synthetic HGH is a "pure" form of HGH; synthetic HGH is typically going to have fillers, byproducts, or is going to have lower dosage levels of HGH, due to additional ingredients which are added. When ordering HGH, or when speaking to an administering, licensed physician, it is important to ensure they sell non-synthetic HGH. Not only to ensure the best results with use, but also to ensure proper dosage, and optimal safety, with each use of the growth hormone.
There are several reasons you might choose to use human growth hormone. When choosing where to buy HGH injections, or if you simply need information about use and legality, there are several laws which are in place for doctors who sell and prescribe it. So, before ordering online, or trying to order through a third-party site you know nothing about, make sure you familiarize yourself with HGH, the legality, proper use, dosage, and laws, in the US, and foreign countries, where it is sold and produced.

Where are HGH Injections for Sale Online & How to Buy

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How to buy HGH online with Nuimage Medical

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