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Improve Your Sex Life!

Improve Your Sex Life!

    Improve Your Sex Life!   Are you getting enough sex? Ever wonder how getting older can affect your sex drive or why somehow you just don't feel like you once did? Do you miss the days when you were always in the mood? Well, you're not alone. Many individuals experience decreased libido at some point in their life. It can be easy to start blaming your lack of interest on the kids, work, stress or even your partner. But what if the underlying problem didn't have anything to do with how attractive your partner is or how stressed you've been at work. What if the problem was a bit deeper? Is it possible that you may just have something as simple as a hormone imbalance?

Sex drive can be influenced by several factors, but it is always directly affected by blood flow within the body.   As we age and get older our heart begins to pump less and less blood volume. It also begins to pump more slowly. Less blood flow/poor circulation means less oxygen carried throughout the body. The sex organs of both male and female require adequate oxygen/blood flow in order to function properly. This means that inadequate circulation can often lead to poor sexual performance and decreased arousal.

Again, many factors can potentially cause decreased sex drive, but there may be one factor, or hormone rather, that you might be overlooking: HGH. HGH, also known as Human Growth Hormone, is a hormone present in both males and females. HGH is an extremely important hormone produced and secreted by the master pituitary gland and is a key factor responsible for numerous functions within the body. Just a few of these functions include: immune function, weight maintenance, energy and vitality, memory, bone strength, muscle tissue and more. Levels of HGH peak in pubescence and then gradually decline with age, with most individuals experiencing larger drops of the hormone one they hit the age of 30. Unfortunately, levels of Human Growth Hormone do not increase within the body over time. They only decrease with age.

HGH plays a huge role in sexual performance because it aids in cell regeneration and tissue development. This tissue development also refers to muscle tissue and strength, which can lead to better sexual performance and increased stamina. Because HGH plays such a huge roll in muscle cell growth and function, (and the heart is a muscle) it can also affect the cells of the heart. HGH can actually enhance the hearts ability to pump more effectively and efficiently. This increase in pumping action can drastically improve the amount of blood pumped throughout the body and boost circulation to the sex organs resulting in increased stamina in men and a decrease in vaginal dryness for women. So if you are wondering, can HGH boost your sex drive, the answer is a resounding yes! It has been shown that HGH does increase libido, and your sexual desire.

We all are going to keep getting older, but with proper hormone replacement therapy, there's no need to let you, your partner, or your sex life suffer just because you're getting on up there in age. Supplemental HGH is now making it possible to not only look and feel younger, but also might even bring a little bit more excitement into the bedroom, because HGH increases your sex drive.

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Dr. Constance Odom, MD

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