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How Much Does Sermorelin Cost? Cost of Sermorelin in 2021

How Much Does Sermorelin Cost? Cost of Sermorelin in 2021

If you've been considering using HGH for an anti-aging treatment or to help you build muscle, you should consider Sermorelin therapy for several reasons. Sermorelin is a low cost alternative to HGH, and you can often be approved for Sermorelin therapy after you have been evaluated for your hormone levels. The cost of Sermorelin over a long period of time is often a fraction of what HGH costs because it does not cost as much money to produce, and there are clinics like Nu Image Medical that offer discounts for their treatment programs. Sermorelin is an affordable and convenient alternative to HGH, and you don't have to worry about many of the side effects that are associated with human growth hormone. Some people buy HGH on their own because they think that they may not be eligible for a medical treatment program like Sermorelin therapy, but this is often not true.

You are likely eligible for Sermorelin therapy

Even if you think that you aren't deficient in HGH there is a good chance that you are, because there are dozens of environmental and dietary factors that can lower your body's natural production of this important hormone. Many of the patients at Nu Image Medical who get screened for the treatment find out that they have a hormone deficiency, and a simple blood test can quickly find out if you also have a deficiency. Even a slight HGH deficiency can warrant a prescription for Sermorelin, because the treatment is safe and can help your body raise its hormone levels back to normal gradually and effectively. Don't try the either treatment on your own, it's always better to be on the safe side and get a blood test prior to starting the treatment no matter what, so that your medical provider gives you an accurate dosage for the hormone and to guarantee that it is pure.

How much does Sermorelin cost compared to HGH?

There is a higher cost associated with producing human growth hormone, as there is a longer genetic engineering process that is needed to produce the hormone. As a result, Sermorelin is available at a much lower cost than almost any legitimate or illegitimate retailer that sells HGH. Sermorelin is often preferable to HGH because it uses the body's natural mechanism of hormone production to increase hormone levels, rather than directly injection the pure hormone into your blood stream which results in a fast and unnatural rise in tissue concentration levels. No matter where you look online or offline you are almost always going to find the human growth hormone injections at a very high price compared to alternatives.

Sermorelin is much less expensive than HGH in the long term

If you plan on using HGH for a long period of time as an anti-aging treatment you can expect to spend several thousands of dollars each year on the treatment. There are simply no providers that offer low cost HGH, and few insurance companies will reimburse you for the treatment as it’s usually considered to be medically unnecessary. As of November 2020, the Sermorelin anti-aging treatment program at Nu Image Medical is available for purchase at just $199 per month. As a comparison, HGH can cost upwards of $1500 per month! You won't find many providers or clinics that will offer the treatment for such a low cost in combination with a full medical evaluation to ensure that it is safe for you, so if you are thinking about the treatment do it the right way and get a prescription from a licensed clinic like Nu Image Medical.

You may not need to use Sermorelin for very long

One unique aspect of Sermorelin therapy is that it can stimulate your body to produce more HGH naturally, and the higher production of HGH doesn't necessarily start to taper off right away. You may continue to produce HGH at a higher level for several weeks or months after you stop the treatment, and as a result, not need to try Sermorelin for as long- especially if you have a specific weight loss or muscle gain goal. Many people see great results with the treatment after just three to six months, and it may take a lot longer when you use human growth hormone (depending on the dose). Of course high dose HGH can give quick results too, but there are several dangers to consider.

HGH is much more dangerous than Sermorelin

When you use HGH without a prescription you are taking several risks, and you can easily overdose on this hormone and cause several short term and long term health effects to yourself. The only safe way to try any type of hormone therapy is under medical supervision. There are some retailers who will sell hormones without a prescription, but the quality of their products may be very low, and there can easily be dangerous or extra ingredients that cause unwanted side effects. The stories that you sometimes hear about HGH abuse and its negative side effects are mostly the result of using the hormone illegally, and if you try Sermorelin you can rest assured that you won't have any short or long term health consequences, especially if it is under medical supervision.

If you buy HGH illegally then you may not get much out of it

The other main issue is that there are several providers that offer the hormone online without a prescription, but they will often charge you much more than Nu Image Medical and other licensed clinics, but the potency may not be what they advertise it to be. The end result is that you may get a product that barely works, and you may end up spending a lot more money for it than you would at a legitimate clinic. If you buy any hormone diet or treatment program at Nu Image Medical, you know that you are getting 100% pure pharmaceutical grade hormone products and the quality will be exactly what you expect it to be. Don't buy any hormone without a medical prescription for it, and getting approved for the treatment is a lot easier than you might think.

Get the blood test today to see if you have a deficiency

Again, hormone deficiencies are quite common, and in modern times even people who are under the age of 30 can experience hormone deficiencies as a result of a poor diet and lifestyle factors. You can easily get a test for IGF-1 which is a marker for HGH production, and the test is widely available throughout the U.S. A medical provider at Nu Image Medical can give you information on where to get a blood test, and the results of the test will help your provider determine whether or not you should try the treatment. If you are approved for the treatment (and many patients are as a result of their hormone deficiencies), you can start with a one, three or twelve month treatment program, and there are discounts available as well for the longer programs. If you have been feeling lethargic, have been suffering from aging symptoms, haven't been getting great results from your workouts, and want a safe and proven anti-aging solution, talk to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today about our Sermorelin therapy program today.


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