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How is Sermorelin Administered? Your Questions Answered About Sermorelin Injections

How is Sermorelin Administered? Your Questions Answered About Sermorelin Injections

Growth hormone therapy was first given to humans in 1956. Since then, it's become an important treatment for countless people.  

Hormone replacement therapy can take many forms. Today, one way to get hormone replacement is through sermorelin injections. But what are sermorelin injections, and are they right for you?  

In this guide, we'll answer these questions and many more. Keep reading to learn if sermorelin is the right hormone therapy for your needs!

What are Sermorelin Injections?

Sermorelin acetate, or sermorelin, is a type of "Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone" or GHRH. It's one of the most popular types of GHRH. Basically, a GHRH will get your  pituitary gland to make more growth hormones.

Human growth hormones are made by your pituitary gland. These hormones play an important role in the body: they're responsible for the regeneration and growth of your cells, mainly. This helps with growing muscle mass, improving bone density, keeping your organs and tissues healthy, and more.  

When people grow up, their human growth hormones help make sure they're developing and growing properly. Fully grown adults don't produce as much of these hormones, because they don't need them as much.  

However, it's possible for both children and adults to have human growth hormone deficiencies. That's where sermorelin injections come in.

These injections use the body's own natural source of growth hormones, the pituitary gland, to get results. Rather than providing an outside source of hormones, sermorelin injections just spark the body's natural system to make more of the hormones it needs.  

This makes it one of the safest ways to treat growth hormone deficiencies. Sermorelin is a bio-identical hormone, so it looks just like the hormones your body already makes.

Who Should Get a Sermorelin Injection?

If your body isn't making enough human growth hormones on its own, you're a candidate for sermorelin treatment. However, only a doctor can determine if this treatment is right for you.  

Although a few different glands make hormones, the pituitary is the main one. Found just below the hypothalamus in your brain, it takes chemical messages from the hypothalamus and turns them into hormones.

Many times, the reasons this gland doesn't work properly are genetic, especially in children. If you make it to adulthood before you start having human growth hormone issues, it's probably because your pituitary gland got damaged when you were an adult.

Your growth hormones are essential for many different things, because of the important role they play for your cells. If you have growth hormone deficiencies, you might have problems with your mood, energy, and more. People who lack enough human growth hormone in childhood might have dwarfism or a shorter-than-normal height.

Let's take a closer look at the signs that adults and children might need sermorelin injections.


If you had a traumatic head injury, certain infections, or radiation treatment, you could have a damaged pituitary gland. A pituitary tumor could also be the reason you need sermorelin injections.

The symptoms can include more weight gain around your waist, depression or anxiety, weak bones, fatigue, and more. If you're experiencing symptoms like these, you should talk to your doctor about getting sermorelin injections.

Some medical conditions also mean you'll need growth hormone treatment. For example, if you have genetic disorders like Noonan syndrome or  Prader-Willi syndrome, you might need sermorelin.


Some children who don't have enough human growth hormones are born smaller. Others may not start to show the signs of the deficiency until they get older.

These children will look a lot younger than most children their age, and be shorter than most of them, too. They might have slower hair growth, or not reach puberty when most children do. Finally, they tend to carry more weight than other kids.

Genetic conditions like the ones listed above can also make a child a good candidate for sermorelin injections.  

What are the Benefits of Sermorelin?

When people with growth hormone deficiencies start taking sermorelin, the benefits usually show up fast.

Within a matter of weeks, you'll probably notice that you have more energy, get better sleep, and feel a boost in mood. Over the next few months, you'll notice your body become leaner as you put on more muscle and lose fat.  

Many people notice their skin become healthier, too. You might have fewer wrinkles, and your nails and hair will start to grow stronger and faster.  

You'll find it easier to focus mentally, and your sex drive will probably go up after a few months of treatment. Over time, these benefits will increase as you continue with treatment.  

How are Sermorelin Injections Given?

You'll need a prescription from a doctor to get these injections.  

Depending on how intense your treatment needs are, you might get daily injections, or have injections a few times per week. Your doctor can give you the injections, but you can also learn to give them to yourself.  

You'll probably need to continue with the treatment for a matter of years. Even if you inject yourself, you'll still have regular visits with your doctor to check your progress.

To measure the success of treatment, your doctor will take blood tests that show your hormone levels. They will also monitor your blood sugar, cholesterol, and bone density levels.  

Some people will need sermorelin injections for life. But the results of this treatment are well worth it for those who need it.

Are Sermorelin Injections Right for You?

If you suspect you might need growth hormone treatment, talk to your doctor about getting sermorelin injections. You'll be amazed at how effectively this treatment can improve your quality of life.

It's always important to get your hormone replacement therapy from experienced professionals who have worked with patients like you before. Nu Image can help you get the results you want. Ready to get started? Fill out our intake form here!

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