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How Effective is HGH for Muscle Building?

How Effective is HGH for Muscle Building?

HGH or human growth hormone is often used as an anti-aging supplement, and the body naturally produces the hormone  all throughout life, however levels of the hormone start declining at around the age of 30 for both men and women. Many people use  testosterone and HGH for muscle building, however, the hormone is not necessarily safe to use for this purpose, and there can be many issues if it is used solely as a bodybuilding supplement. Human growth hormone levels must be carefully measured through a blood test prior to supplementation, and it is normally not recommended for those under the age of 30 because most people will produce sufficient levels of the hormone prior to the age of 30.

HGH can be used for muscle growth after the age of 30

After age 30, levels of the hormone start declining, and it may be medically suitable to start supplementing with the hormone at this point. Because a decline of HGH is associated with a decline in muscle mass and an increase in body fat, replacing any decline in the hormone as a result of aging may be advisable and it often helps with restoring muscle mass and decreasing body fat. This effect has been proven in several studies, and in the majority of cases those who are under the age of 30 will usually not supplement with HGH unless they have a specific medical concern that warrants the use of the hormone.

Younger people can increase their human growth hormone levels naturally

People who are under the age of 30 can typically increase their human growth hormone levels, or maintain normal levels by sleeping a sufficient number of hours every evening, weight training, and ensuring that their diet has a sufficient amount of amino acids and healthy fats. This is also important for those who are over the age of 30, but it may not be sufficient for restoring normal GH levels, which is why anti-aging HGH therapy programs are available. Most younger people will not need a hormone replacement therapy, but it can be prescribed in some cases if a person has a hormone deficiency that cannot be naturally corrected. Young people can always receive a blood test to check their hormone levels if they believe they may have a deficiency, but the chances are that they won't.

Muscle growth is one benefit of the therapy

There is no doubt that muscle growth is one benefit of human growth hormone therapy, and although it should not necessarily be used for that as a primary benefit, it is certainly a useful side benefit. The therapy is advisable because HGH protects against a wide range of different aging effects including age related organ damage, cardiovascular damage related to age, bone density problems, increased body fat, and more. When the hormone is used as an anti-aging treatment, a person will experience several different health benefits, with muscle gain and fat loss being one of the health benefits among many others.

HGH is sometimes prescribed with testosterone

Testosterone levels may decrease for men after the age of 30 along with human growth hormone, and a deficiency of both of these hormones can definitely result in a loss of muscle mass. This is why men often get their testosterone levels checked when they get their HGH levels checked. Both deficiencies can easily and safely be corrected with bioidentical hormone treatments, and when these hormones are used together as an anti-aging therapy they can be very effective at increasing muscle mass. Typically, workout performance will increase after a person begins the treatment, and the effect can last long after the treatment has ended.

The hormone is safe to use when prescribed by a licensed provider

The majority of the time, human growth hormone is safe to use, as long as it has been prescribed by a licensed medical provider. Nu Image Medical is a licensed provider of the hormone, and the clinic prescribes the hormone if a person has a deficiency or other medical reason for supplementing with it. Any deficiency in human growth hormone can be corrected with the therapy, and the muscle gain from the treatment can be substantial, especially when it is combined with testosterone treatment (in the case of a deficiency). Both men and women can experience increased muscle gain with human growth hormone therapy, and the treatment can be advised for both sexes depending on the level of their hormone deficiency.

The treatment can help with exercise recovery

One effect of aging is that it takes longer and longer to recover from workouts. Longer recovery times can be a major obstacle to those who are trying to exercise regularly and stay healthy as they age. A benefit of human growth hormone therapy is that it can reduce the length of time needed for exercise recovery. Many people experience just as short of a recovery time, if not shorter, as when they were younger. This can help with maintaining a regular weightlifting or exercise regimen, and it can definitely help protect against injuries. The muscle growth from growth hormone is slower than testosterone, but it can safely be used by both sexes and is effective at improving workout performance.

Human growth hormone is not dangerous

The hormone is not dangerous at all; most of those who have suffered side effects from the treatment have tried diagnosing themselves with a deficiency and administering their own treatment, both of which are reckless and dangerous. No one can treat their own hormone deficiency and no one should ever attempt to administer the hormone for any reason without a medical consultation and medical supervision. The large number of "€œdo-it yourself"€ hormone users have contributed to some of the horror stories that you may have heard when it comes to human growth hormone as well as several other hormones. The reality is that no one can safely and accurately diagnose their own hormone deficiency, nor will they be able to find the right treatment, the right hormone medication, and the proper amount of the hormone, without a medical doctor.

The treatment is safe under medical supervision

As long as a patient receives clearance from a medical doctor, the treatment is perfectly safe. At Nu Image Medical we use Sermorelin, which is a compound that naturally increases human growth hormone levels, and this treatment is given at a very safe dosage and does not cause any of the side effects that you may have heard about. Our program is safe and is only administered to those who are medically cleared and shown to have a legitimate medical reason for the therapy. Many people who are aged 30 or more can benefit from a hormone replacement therapy, and increased muscle mass and improved exercise tolerance are just a few of the many benefits that the treatment can have. For more information on how HGH therapy may benefit your health and help you maintain or increase your muscle mass safely, click here.

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