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How do Sermorelin and HGH side effects differ?

How do Sermorelin and HGH side effects differ?
Human growth hormone or HGH has been increasingly used for anti-aging therapy and by some people for bodybuilding, and there are several side effects that can occur as the result of using the hormone on a regular basis. The side effects depend on the person; some people experience far fewer side effects than others. There is a substantial difference between Sermorelin and HGH that we will discuss in this article, although both of them have been used for anti-aging and bodybuilding. Sermorelin causes the body to release its own human growth hormone from the pituitary gland, while HGH is actually pure human growth hormone and causes a rapid rise in hormone levels in the bloodstream. The side effects are quite different between the two treatments, and in general HGH therapy has significantly more side effects than Sermorelin treatments in the vast majority of cases.

HGH has more potent side effects

The side effects of HGH are more potent than Sermorelin because of the fact that HGH therapy involves directly pure hormone injections. This is substantially different from how the body normally produces the hormone, and as a result there are rapid consequences following the injection. For instance, the hormone can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, hypoglycemia, and joint pain in some patients. These symptoms can vary in severity from one patient to another, and they don't necessarily occur. The side effects of using HGH can be seen sometimes within a few days to a week of starting a treatment. They can normally be treated by lowering the dose of the hormone, and in many cases the side effects occur as the result of a patient who is trying to administer his or her own hormone therapy program without the supervision of a medical professional.

Side effects do not occur with Sermorelin treatment usually

It should be noted that these symptoms do not occur with Sermorelin therapy because Sermorelin triggers the body to release its own human growth hormone through its natural mechanism, and as a result there are very mild side effects if any at all with the treatment. If there are side effects with Sermorelin therapy they are usually mild, such as irritation at the injection site, redness at the injection site, dizziness, headache, flushing, hyperactivity, and a few other symptoms. These symptoms often wear off, and many patients are able to tolerate low dose Sermorelin therapy without very many symptoms at all. Anyone who is interested in trying either Sermorelin or HGH should speak to a medical provider prior to starting the treatment, regardless of whether they think their side effects will be minimal or not.

Managing the side effects of HGH or Sermorelin

Again, the best course for anyone who is interested in HGH or Sermorelin therapy is to work with a medical provider with experience in overseeing these treatments. Hormone treatments are not intended for anyone without a medical license to administer, even if it is self administered, because the dosages need to be carefully selected. Some patients can tolerate a normal to higher dosage with no problems at all, while other patients may have serious effects from just a normal hormone dosage. The current level of human growth hormone must be measured prior to starting the treatment, and a full medical consultation and history should be performed for the patient to catch any potential complications with the treatment. Although side effects are minimal usually for both treatments, when they do occur you will want a medical provider available to help you deal with them and manage them by changing the dosage or making other changes.

HGH and Sermorelin both have several positive effects

Although we've been discussing some of the negative side effects of HGH therapy, it should be made clear that these side effects are usually minimal and normally only occur when an improper dosage or a low quality hormone is used. With the proper dosage and medical oversight, HGH therapy is usually very safe and has many positive benefits. Some of the benefits of the therapy can include improved libido, deeper and more natural sleep, improved immune system, improved fat metabolism, weight loss, increased muscle mass, stronger bones, improved and faster healing and workout recovery, improved endurance, a better cholesterol and triglyceride profile, improved hearing and sight, and a feeling of overall well being. These positive effects also vary from one patient to another, but most patients experience many of these effects and generally have a good experience with the treatments.

Sermorelin has the same positive effects but they usually occur at a slower rate

These effects are seen with Sermorelin therapy as well, but many patients experience those effects at a slower rate. This is because Sermorelin results in a more gradual rise in human growth hormone production that can take three to four weeks to really start to take an effect. Many Sermorelin therapy patients start to experience some of the positive effects earlier on in the treatment, and the effects start to build up more and more over time. HGH does have the benefit of faster results, but the problem with the therapy is that the hormone injections are not natural and can result in the side effects mentioned above. Also, the injections often need to be continued for the effects to continue, while Sermorelin injections can often result in a prolonged higher HGH production that can continue for several weeks after the treatment is stopped.

The dosage makes a big difference

No one should attempt to use either treatment on their own without medical supervision because the dosage makes a major difference in the effects that are experienced or the safety of the treatment. Simply put, both treatments are potentially dangerous when the wrong product is used or the wrong dosage is selected, and without the proper bloodwork and medical history review there is no way for a patient to know what they are doing with a self-administered hormone treatment. Anyone who is concerned about HGH side effects should always speak to a medical provider and getting a prescription for the treatment. A licensed medical provider should review the patient's current health status to be clear that the treatment will be 100% safe for them, and after the appropriate bloodwork is completed they will be able to give the proper dosage for the patient depending on the level of hormone deficiency.

Both treatments can be beneficial, but Sermorelin is usually preferred

Although both treatments are beneficial in different circumstances, Sermorelin is usually the preferred option because it is more natural and is proven to have fewer short and long term side effects. Sermorelin therapy is an excellent way to reverse or reduce the symptoms of aging as they occur, and the treatment can continue for several months often at a much lower cost than HGH therapy. The health benefits of the therapy are obvious within a few weeks or less, and the treatment can be very beneficial at protecting against the onset of a wide range of different age related chronic illnesses and physical conditions. If you are interested in learning more about Sermorelin and how it can help improve your health, or if you want to ask any questions about the potential effects of the therapy, speak to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today.

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