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HGH vs HCG For Weight Loss

HGH vs HCG For Weight Loss

Both HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and HGH (human growth hormone) have become popular hormone therapies for weight loss, but many people are not aware of the many differences between them. Deciding on HGH vs HCG can be difficult when you may have heard misinformation about these hormones and what they really can do for you in terms of potential weight loss benefits.  The fact is that HCG is very much better for the specific goal of weight loss, and most legitimate medical providers and companies will not prescribe human growth hormone for the sole purpose of weight loss simply because it isn't the most effective type of weight loss treatment. Human chorionic gonadotropin has proven to be far more suitable for weight loss because it improves fat metabolism substantially, and it has consistently proven to be one of the most effective hormone treatments that can result in real weight loss (when combined with a low calorie diet). Human growth hormone has a number of different effects on the body, and some of the effects can lead to weight loss which is why it has been used by some people for this purpose.

Human growth hormone is not the most effective hormone for weight loss

Human growth hormone can certainly lead to weight loss, as it has proven to be effective at causing a real weight loss effect in nearly every clinical study regarding the hormone. The problem with the hormone is the fact that it can have a wide range of different side effects, both in the short and long term, and these effects have not been extensively studied so they are largely unknown. The other problem with HGH is the fact that many people abuse the hormone and obtain prescriptions without a medical consultation. This a major health risk because the dosage for this hormone has to be carefully selected based on the patient's production of the hormone and other factors, and only a licensed medical provider will be able to accurately prescribe the right amount.

HGH may be a viable weight loss option for aging adults

Aging adults will always experience a reduction in the amount of HGH that they produce naturally, starting at around the age of 30. This effect occurs for both men and women, and the resulting decline in hormone production can certainly lead to excess weight gain. People who are at this age or older can possibly lose weight by starting on an HGH or Sermorelin therapy plan, but the main goal of the treatment is often not just weight loss. In general, these patients do not have much excess weight  and would not be considering serious obesity treatments. Human growth hormone works as an all-around excellent anti-aging treatment with the proper dosage, especially Sermorelin, and the weight loss benefit is just one of the many health benefits that can come from it. If a patient is seriously struggling with weight loss, in the vast majority of circumstances the HCG diet is more suitable.

HGH won't cause a huge amount of fat loss

The patients who might consider taking Sermorelin or HGH for weight loss should not have a large amount of weight to loss because the hormone has not shown to be effective at helping patients lose a large amount of weight. It has been shown to increase fat loss by anywhere from 5 to 15% over a period of several months, often three to six months. This long amount of time combined with a minimal amount of fat loss compared to hormone treatments like the HCG diet, make it one of the least effective ways to lose weight. Patients who are using the hormone for anti-aging will get the side benefit of weight loss and increased muscle mass if they have a smaller amount of weight to lose, but patients who need to lose a larger amount of weight quickly will benefit from HCG therapy.

HGH is usually prescribed for anti-aging

One important thing to note is the fact that HGH is usually prescribed for anti-aging purposes, not for weight loss. There are very rare cases when the hormone will be prescribed specifically for weight loss purposes, as it is much more effective as an anti-aging treatment. For those who are aging and may be highly deficient in HGH, the hormone can certainly help with increasing fat loss, and it may very well likely cause a substantial amount, especially combined with exercise, but for the majority of people who are trying to lose weight there are other better treatments available like the HCG diet. HGH is a very complicated hormone that has a wide range of both long and short term effects on health, and because of these many effects it is not the best hormone therapy for weight loss specifically.

HCG is a hormone that is involved in fat metabolism

Both HGH and HCG are hormones that are involved in fat metabolism, but HCG has more of a specific effect on fat metabolism than HGH. HCG has multiple functions like HGH, but it is not thought to have some of the potential long term side effects that improper human growth hormone treatments can have. HCG is usually given at much lower doses than HGH, and it has been studied for several decades and has found to be safe and free from long term side effects. Most importantly, it has shown to have a major benefit in the speed of fat loss that most people experience when combining the treatment with a very low calorie diet.

Patients with a large amount of weight to lose will see faster results with HCG

Patients who need to lose a larger amount of weight will always benefit from trying HCG therapy in combination with a very low calorie diet. This combination has proven to be effective and safe, and the results are fast but also safe for the patient. HGH and Sermorelin both can take a longer amount of time for the patient to start to see results. Also, the patient will almost always need to extensively exercise while taking the hormone in order to see the quickest results, because another one of human growth hormone's potential benefits for weight loss is the fact that it can help you recover much more quickly from strenuous exercise. As we get older, exercise becomes more difficult and energy draining, and the hormone can sometimes give you the boost needed to get the most from your workouts, but the downside is the fact that you will need to spend the time and energy in the gym no matter what.

The Simeons HCG diet is proven and safe

The HCG diet that was developed by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons is just one of many hormone diets that are now available, as there have been hundreds or even thousands of other HCG diets and HGH diets that have been developed since he released the first version of the diet, but these diets have not had the same amount of research and clinical evidence backing them like the Simeons diet. As a result, patients may not know what to expect with a new hormone diet that hasn't really been proven in a clinical setting, and are almost always better off trying the Simeons HCG diet under the supervision of a medical professional or a licensed clinic like Nu Image Medical.

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