HGH Therapy and Weight Loss

HGH Therapy and Weight Loss

Human Growth Hormone is a natural hormone and substance found within the bodies of both male and females.  HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland and aids in many important functions: body height/size, immune function, weight regulation, bone mass, skin elasticity, libido etc. HGH levels typically peak in puberty and adolescence. However, levels tend to decline with age, and the body begins producing less and less of the hormone. With age and loss of growth hormone, many individuals find they have lost bone mass, have gained a few more wrinkles and have noticed that weight seems much easier to gain and much harder to lose than it used to be in their younger years. In fact, weight loss is one of the most attractive and sought after benefits of HGH supplemental therapy.

So, how exactly does growth hormone therapy help with weight loss? In order to answer this question, you have to go deeper into how HGH works within the body. HGH increases insulin growth factor, also known as IGF-1. IGF-1 is secreted by the liver and prevents insulin from giving glucose to the cells. The pancreas typically releases insulin after a meal in order to convert the carbohydrates eaten into glucose so that the body can use it.   If this glucose is needed, it's used. If not, it's stored by the body into fat cells. Thus, insulin levels play a huge role in fat storage. By increasing levels of IGF-1 naturally with more HGH, insulin is prevented from storing glucose as fat. Therefore, the body has to use fat as an energy source because glucose is not available. To burn stored fat normally the body has to use all of its carbohydrate/glucose stores before beginning to use fat reserves for energy. With HGH, glucose storage becomes so limited, that the body must use fat for energy. This results in weight loss and a significant loss of fat. Many patients report that they lost weight without changing their diet at all.

It is also important to note that HGH aids in new muscle cell growth. Because peak levels of HGH happen during puberty and then begin to decline with age, muscle mass tends to decline as well. Exercising muscles cannot provide muscle growth produced by generating new muscle cells and tissue. Muscle tissue burns fat as well, also aiding in weight loss.

HGH also helps increase metabolism and energy levels. Many patients have experienced increased energy levels with HGH making them feel younger with sustained energy throughout the day. This increase in energy and kick up in metabolism also increases caloric expenditure, again making it possible to lose weight even without trying.

Reaping these incredible weight loss benefits is now easier, and more affordable than it has ever been. And most importantly, it is now much safer through the use of Sermorelin. Sermorelin is a hormone secretagogue. This means, that it stimulates the pituitary gland inside the body to produce more HGH naturally on its own. Using Sermorelin allows the body to regulate how much of the hormone is being released, which results in a more natural hormone balance without the dangers of improper dosing or risks of toxicity.

HGH has proven to promote healthy fat loss, increase muscle, enhance energy and provide the body with the ability to essentially help reverse many unfortunate side effects associated with aging; especially weight gain. Learn more about HGH Therapy.

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