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HGH Cycle Guide - 2018 Secrets to HGH Success

HGH Cycle Guide - 2018 Secrets to HGH Success

If you are planning on using HGH, it is very important to know the proper HGH cycle durations when using the supplement. Of course, the HGH cycle duration and dosage levels will differ for every user. So, whether you are a competitive athlete, are trying to lose a few lbs, or just want to get rid of a few wrinkles naturally, the HGH cycle you will prescribe to, is going to vary in each case.

HGH cycle for athletes

In most instances, athletes are going to stay on a 12-week cycle and will cease use of HGH injections or supplements. After the cycle's conclusion, they will typically stop using for 2-4 weeks at a time, prior to beginning a new 12-week cycle.
Of course, this is not a 'general rule' but is a good rule of thumb. And, in every instance, it is going to vary. A prescribing doctor or pharmacy is in the best position to not only provide the right dosage levels but also to ensure you are following the right protocol as a athlete when getting on a new dosage cycle phase.

HGH cycle: before and after

It is important to document the results prior to and after dosage begins. Not only so you can mark your progress along the way and see if you are achieving your goals, but also for the safety aspect. If you start to feel fatigue, if you begin to break out in rashes or hives, or if you realize other complications/negative impact with other medications or prescriptions, this is all relevant information that a doctor needs to know, when prescribing HGH. Not only so they can modify the dosage cycle if it is necessary, but also so they can determine what the complications or issues are, and decide if they have to modify the dosage level which you are on when taking HGH.

Cutting & HGH cycles

For those who are cutting, HGH cycles might be a little shorter in duration. The fact that you are already on a lower-calorie diet, are not eating as much, and are not giving your body as much fuel, means that it is not absorbing as many nutrients or calories naturally. So, if you are further restricting the body and burning more calories faster when you incorporate HGH into the mix if you are on an extremely long cycle, it might cause other health risks.
For those who are cutting, the HGH cycle might run from 2-10 weeks. Again, it is a case by case determination, and your prescribing doctor is the best person to help determine the right dosage level and cycle term. Your doctor will consider:
- Age, weight, and body composition.
- Diet, calories consumed and calories burned.
- Health issues/complications.
- Whether you are on other medications or prescriptions.
- How much you are losing and how quickly you are losing.
Further, if you are a professional athlete, your cycle might run longer than an individual who doesn't work out at all or is just getting started with a new diet. In most cases, cycles will run 2-4 weeks, and at this point, you will stop for a 2-week period before beginning another cycle. But, again, it will depend on your particular situation and other health factors, and of course what the prescribing doctor deems to be the safest cycle when they are prescribing HGH.

HGH cycle for beginners

When you are just starting out, your HGH dosage will be on the lower end; anywhere from 2 to 4 IU daily usually. In these cases, a prescribing doctor is likely going to start you off on a shorter dosage cycle as well. The reason being is that your body needs time to grow accustomed to the new hormone it is injecting or consuming (pill or supplement form). And, it needs time to see how it will interact with other medications, and if it is going to have any adverse effect on your overall health or body composition.
So, as a beginner, your doctor has to see how you interact. They are going to want to see if you are fatigued if you are burning too many calories too quickly if you are losing too much weight, and so forth. Once they determine what your body is capable of, and if your body requires a higher dosage (and a longer dosage cycle), they may choose to increase your prescription at that point. But, early on, with most new users of HGH, you are likely looking at a 2-8 week dosage cycle, and no more than 4 IU per day (this is for the average user/individual).

Different situations call for different dosage, cycles, and types of supplementation. So, this should be taken into consideration when you are discussing the use of HGH with a prescribing doctor. In order to ensure it is not only safe for you to use, but also going to be effective for use, you will want to inform your doctor of health risks and concerns. You should mention all medications you are on. You should inform them of injuries and family-risk/health conditions. It is also highly advisable to inform your doctor of the reason you want to take the HGH supplement (whether it is weight loss or fighting the signs of aging, their prescription and dosage levels are going to differ for each individual which they prescribe an HGH supplement to).
HGH is a great supplement for many people to add to their daily regimen. It can help fight the signs of aging, it can help you lose weight, give you more energy, increase muscle mass, or even reduce the length you are sidelined if you are injured. So, why not incorporate this natural supplement into your daily regimen?

A prescribing doctor will not only discuss HGH benefits and uses, but also the proper HGH cycle periods for use. This will help you reach your goals quickly, safely, and ensure optimal success after you complete your dosage cycles and are no longer using the HGH supplements going forward.

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