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HCG Diet Side Effects

HCG Diet Side Effects

This is the most frequently asked question by our patients and rightfully so.  Although losing weight is a big priority, putting your health at risk for the sake of losing weight is something that no doctor or provider should even think about doing. The truth of the matter is that any major side effect is usually attached to a medical condition.  in other words, as a medical facility we must treat every single patient (whether they order HCG online, or come to our clinic.) as an individual case.

The Best Way to Avoid Side Effects On the HCG Diet

The fool proof way to do the HCG Diet correctly is to go with though a licensed physician.  We can not mention this enough, whether is  through an in office visit, or a telehealth program, starting the program with a physician will give you the opportunity to actually follow the program in the safest way possible.  Any medically supervised program will include a medical evaluation, be honest and clear with your medical history in order to give yourself an opportunity to achieve the best results possible, and most importantly to steer clear any major side effects.

as a pioneering force in this industry, we have made it easier than ever to follow this program from the comfort of your own home.  Our telehealth program allows you to order your program, and the fill out the necessary medical information.  Once this information is completed, our physician will review in order to make sure that you're physically capable to follow the program.  For your own safety, please do not buy hcg, or start a program from a company that does not have a medical professional on staff to review your medical information.

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