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GHRP-2 Overview & Where to Buy Online - 2018

GHRP-2 Overview & Where to Buy Online - 2018

What is GHRP-2

GHRP-2 stands for Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 which is a commercially produced Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6 and has the capability of affecting the HGH. GHRP-2 also helps in the activation of ghrelin which is a gut peptide that has been discovered recently. This Ghrelin peptide helps in the emptying of the stomach and appetite enhancement by getting attached to the secretagogue receptor of the growth hormone. Basically GHRP-2 plays a big role in inhibiting a low production of the GH. For individuals that are unusually lean due to low growth hormone production the GHRP -2 can be a great aid in helping them to gain some extra weight. The growth hormone releasing hormone -2 comes as a sterilized white powder and stands out in performance in the GHRP family. Over the years it has been very useful to adults who want to boost their growth hormones without experiencing some adverse side effects that come with a large number of GH supplements.

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How GHRP-2 Enhances HGH Production

GHRP-2 considerably activates the pituitary gland which in turn enhances the production of the endogenous growth hormone. In simple terms, the Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide -2 promotes the body’s growth hormone release without bringing along the common effects that are associated with the synthetic growth hormones.

The growth hormone production that is described above occurs in two ways; through the strengthening of the transduction passage of the body’s natural growth hormone releasing hormone signal and secondly through the suppression of the somatostatin activity. These two GHRP-2 processes combined together enhance the production of the endogenous growth hormone.

This peptide also helps in boosting the IGF-1 which in turn boosts muscle building. When GHRP-2 is combined with GHRP-6 or Sermorelin it promotes the functionality of the pituitary gland thus the combination is required for a heightened natural HGH production.

To make the best out this peptide the intake of the dosage should be on a daily basis either through the oral, intra-nasal or the subcutaneous route.

Benefits of GHRP-2 compared to HGH therapy

Well research has it that GHRP-2 has a number of advantages over the HGH replacement therapy as listed down here;

Unlike the HGH replacement therapy that can only promote exogenous HGH and inhibit the production of the body’s own growth hormone GHRP-2 promotes the production of the natural body’s growth hormones.

HGH can be administered only through the subcutaneous route because when administered orally it becomes unprofitable to the patient because it is involved in metabolism through the liver. On the other hand patients using GHRP-2 can take its dosage in multiple ways including the oral route and the intra-nasal method without losing any of its benefits.

Patients using the HGH therapy only are left with some unpleasant side effects including the suppression of the natural HGH production unlike the GHRP-2 which on the contrary enhances the natural human growth hormone release which does not leave the user with any side effects of the sort.

The level of the natural human growth hormones obtained from the combination of GHRP-2 and HGH are quite high compared to the level achieved when the HGH therapy is used alone.

GHRP-2 administration produces results sooner than HGH because it doesn’t go through the gastrointestinal tract and the liver metabolism that may delay the supplement delivery.

In terms of expenditure the monthly costs incurred on HGH ($1000/month) are way high compared the ones incurred on GHRP-2 ($200/month)

Other Benefits of GHRP-2

Other than the comparison made above GHRP-2 users also enjoy lots of other benefits as listed below;

  • It keeps the heart strong
  • Decreases fat deposits in the body through lipolysis
  • Boosts the functionality of the pancreas
  • Keeps the immune system strong and active
  • Facilitates quick healing of wounds
  • It promotes hypothalamus stimulation which in turn enhances sex drive
  • Promotes the production of IGF-1 which in turn supports muscle building
  • It promotes endurance
  • Prevents glucose uptake by the liver
  • Promotes glucogenesis by the liver
  • Keeps the bones strong by calcium retention

Patients using GHRP-2 can make the best out of it because it can be administered in higher doses than the primary one without getting desensitization effects.

The Safety of GHRP-2 

Before using any growth hormone supplement you should first put into consideration how much it is going to affect your health. Research from scientists has it that GHRP-2 is quite safe for boosting growth hormones as long as it is administered appropriately. This peptide is also known for standing out as a growth hormone booster since it doesn’t contain the side effects that come with hGH. On GHRP-2 safety it is also important to note that when used in an excessive dosage the patient is likely to encounter some unpleasant side effects including tiredness, numbness, water retention and tingling.

Buying hGH Peptides

When you want to kick away the aging effects with hGH peptides you will have two options to put into consideration. You can consider getting a prescription from a qualified doctor or purchase the products online. Well, if you go for the option of getting the hGH therapy online you will definitely get a good deal on the products but there are some safety factors you will need to put into consideration.

Licensing – before purchasing a hGH therapy from any online pharmacy ensure that it is properly licensed by the US government.

Legitimacy – to ensure that the product you are purchasing is legit you need to ensure that it is signed off by a qualified doctor. If the pharmacy does not have provision for that then it is likely that the therapy product is fake.

Business Verification – there are particular sites like the site lock or the trust guard that can help a big deal in helping you to verify if the online pharmacy you are getting medical therapy from is a verified business. Once you have verified the pharmacy you can be assured of having a secure transaction with them.

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The above summary on GHRP-2 clearly shows that it is the best safety option compared to HGH because of the minimal side effects it possesses. Moreover it can be easily acquired legally and it also helps the patient to engage in their anti-aging therapy at an affordable cost.

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