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GHRH Guide (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone)

GHRH Guide (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone)

What is GHRH?

GHRH also commonly known as somatocrinin is a releasing hormone of the growth hormone that is produced within the hypothalamus. It appears in the hypothalamus between 8 and 29 weeks of the gestation period. In turn this period matches to the beginning of the production of the growth hormones. Basically this is a protein hormone that contains at about 190 amino acids that are synthesized by the somatotrophs that aids in the control of a number of physiological processes in the body. Other than the physiological role it plays in the body GHRH is also considered as a useful drug that can be administered to both the animals and humans.

Importance of GHRH

Fat Metabolism

These growth hormones enhance fat metabolism by stimulating the breakdown of triglyceride and the oxidation process in the adipocytes. This breakdown and oxidation process is now what leads to an increased utilization of fats within the body.

Protein Metabolism

Generally GHRH brings about an enhanced protein synthesis, an advanced amino acid uptake and a lessened protein oxidation. That way there is an increased stimulation in protein anabolism in a large number of tissues within the body.

Carbohydrate Metabolism

GHRH plays a great role when it comes to keeping the body’s glucose level stable. This is because it contains an anti-insulin component that lowers the ability of insulin to enhance glucose uptake in the peripheral tissues. On carbohydrate metabolism this hormone also aids in increasing glucose synthesis in the liver.

Helps to protect the Brain

Patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries get to benefit from GHRH because it helps in the restoration of the pituitary gland back to a healthy size. Generally this hormone gives the body a healthy nervous system and also aids in the development of nerve cells.

GHRG Supplements

As we age the production of GHRH becomes minimal thus leaving us with the need to look out for supplements for the same. Some of these supplements include;

Sleep Adequately

According to health specialists an adequate night’s sleep should last for at about 8 hours. Having a healthy sleep enhances the production of GHRH.

Engage in burst training

The purpose of this exercise is basically to make the heart beat pretty fast for 30 seconds interval. Once you are involved in this exercise your twitch muscle fibers will be seriously engaged to stimulate the release of this hormone.

Consume High quality Protein

Consuming high quality proteins will lead to the production of amino acids that will enhance the production of these growth hormones. On this you can also consume dishes with a low carbohydrate level which enable you to keep your insulin levels low thus giving space for the growth hormone to do its job perfectly. Note that the protein intake is more useful in GHRH enhancement when taken just before you get to bed.


Research has it that the individuals that use glutamine regularly normally have an enhanced growth hormone production compared to those that do not use it. The appropriate dosage of this supplement is 2 to 10 g and should be taken either after workouts or before getting to bed for maximum growth hormones production.

Avoid taking sugar after workout sessions

Consuming foods or snacks with much sugar content just after a workout session minimizes the production of growth hormones. This is because it results to fat storage in the body which in turn minimizes GHRH production.

Factors that activate GHRH

Though this hormone is controlled by several factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress it is majorly controlled by two factors which include the ghrelin hormone and the hypothalamic hormones.


This is usually produced from the stomach and it normally binds to receptors on the somatotrophs thus increasing the production of the growth hormones.

Hypothalamus Hormone

The hypothalamus hormone produces somatostatin which lessens the release of the growth hormones due to GHRH and some other factors like a low blood glucose concentration.


The growth hormone releasing hormone is quite beneficial when it comes to boosting our metabolism and growth. It is important to note that GHRH is highly produced during night hours and for that reason it’s advisable to be taking any GHRH supplement when you are just about to sleep. With GHRH you should be careful to note that its use is prohibited in the sports world because it gives the players an added advantage.


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