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Fighting Aging From the Inside Out

Fighting Aging From the Inside Out

Regardless of how high maintenance you think you are when it comes to your appearance, noticeable wrinkles and sagging skin are sure to send you on a mission to fight the battle of aging. You can get lost wandering the skincare or health and beauty aisles at the local mall or retailer, and the marketing hype might suck you into bags full of products promising miracles. You might be desperate for some help with those crows feet or bags under the eyes, but you should resist the urge to just slap whatever you can find that says ‘fights aging’ on your face. You can find legitimate help with certain creams, but you might be overlooking a routine that helps promote healing from the inside out. A successful anti-aging plan won’t just look at wrinkles or sagging skin. It will address low energy levels, decreased muscle tone, and sluggish body responses.

Determining What You Need

The diversity of individuals, whether it be body type, DNA, diet, activity routine, career, living environment, and even mindset, is what keeps the journey to old age unique. Most will agree that hitting the age of 40 is a sign that things are going to start heading south when it comes to physical and mental activity. If that wasn’t the case, party planners would lose thousands in crafting the perfect “Over the Hill” parties. However, some people will experience their first gray hair in their twenties, or they will notice cognitive challenges during their thirties. The aging process has some very common symptoms and results, but the speed at which they occur or the severity of the results will be different for each person. This is why it isn’t in your best bet to just try all the miracle creams at the beauty counter. Research offers ingredients and products that showed positive results in a test market or clinical trial, but there are no guaranteed results for whatever you decide to try. The best approach to finding what you should use is figuring out what you actually need.

Signs of Aging

If you want to know what is happening to your body, you need to look past the reflection in the mirror. Gray hair or wrinkles are just outward signs that the body has seen its fair share of time on earth. However, your internal health will have a significant impact on what the external parts of your body reveal. Even though your body is divided into several systems, organs, and functions, everything rises and falls on the health of your body cells. As you age, your cells will age and begin to function less effectively. At some point in time, the old cell will die. Sometimes the death of a cell is self-imposed, a sort of cell suicide. This is called apoptosis, which can be triggered by significant age in the cell, damage within the cell,  or simply having too many cells. When old cells are no longer able to divide, they grow to a certain point and then die. Cellular division is necessary because it keeps nutrients flowing through the body and cells that are too large put too much strain on the body’s DNA. When cells cease to start dividing, there is an increased risk for cancers. This why many researchers believe there are higher numbers of adults than children who contract cancer. While you won’t be able to see the division or death of cells occurring within the body, other areas of the body may show signs of decreased cellular activity.

Working From the Inside Out


Address aging as a total body process can’t be done with just a topical application of a cosmetic product. If you are simply looking to improve your skin complexion, smooth out wrinkles, and restore elasticity, these products can be beneficial. If you would rather address the more foundational structures affected by the aging process, using an internal resource, such as peptides, can work more effectively. Peptides are compounds found in many of the anti-aging creams and serums on the market, and although effective at signaling the body to improve skin tone or appearance, they have limitations. Using peptide injections, like those used in HGH therapy, can take the message of regeneration straight to the areas of the body most affected by sluggish response systems. The human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and injected into the bloodstream in bursts. Higher levels of excretion occur when the exercise has just occurred, during periods of sleep, or when the body experiences trauma. The purpose of the hormone is to stimulate bone growth and health, boost protein production, help utilize body fat, and regulate blood sugar levels. Injecting peptides (which send a message to produce HGH) into the body directly has a positive effect on fighting aging.


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