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Exercise and Sermorelin Muscle Gain

Exercise and Sermorelin Muscle Gain

Sermorelin is a peptide that stimulates the body to produce more HGH, and it has been increasingly used for bodybuilding and muscle gain purposes since it has far fewer short and long term effects compared to HGH, however it is not necessarily the best hormone therapy specifically for muscle gain. Sermorelin is not HGH but it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone, and Sermorelin muscle gain is one result of the therapy that most patients experience. The increase can be substantial but it often takes time to occur, and it is not as immediate as what a patient might see if they are on a testosterone replacement therapy or HGH replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy will have a much more direct impact on muscle gain because the therapy directly replaces lost testosterone which is the most important hormone when it comes to muscle synthesis. However, the HGH that is lost through aging can be partially or completely replaced with Sermorelin and this can have a significant effect on muscle growth.

HGH declines as we age

As we age, HGH production starts to decline gradually, and the decline can result in a loss of muscle mass and an increase in body fat. Replacing that lost HGH is important for maintaining a more youthful physique, and Sermorelin therapy is effective at replacing lost HGH levels. Patients who believe that they may have a lower HGH production should be sure to get their levels checked at a medical clinic to see whether or not Sermorelin therapy would be a good option for them. Replacing lost HGH most certainly has the benefit of increasing muscle mass, but it can also have a wide range of other positive effects such as improving mood, increasing bone density, decreasing body fat, improve cardiovascular health, improving skin tone, and much more.

Sermorelin should be combined with exercise

For patients who have experienced muscle loss as a result of aging, they should combine Sermorelin therapy with a regular exercise routine. The treatment will help the patient recover more quickly from their workout and get more results out of their exercise program, and their muscle growth will be faster. It can take a few months before muscle growth is noticeable, and Sermorelin is usually a long term treatment anyway. When combined with exercise it can be a powerful way to improve overall health, and patients who use the therapy often find that their exercise routines are much easier than before. They often find that they have a fast recovery and can work out more regularly, and that they have more energy to complete their workouts. Patients also often find that they can lift more weight and do higher levels of resistance training when they have replaced their HGH levels.

The treatment is safer than HGH

Patients who have a lower level of natural HGH production should first look at Sermorelin as a replacement rather than HGH therapy. The same positive benefits of HGH therapy can be had with the peptide but without many of the dangerous short term and long term side effects. As long as human growth hormone therapy is supervised by a medical doctor it is perfectly safe, however a large number of people try to do the therapy on their own without medical supervision and this can be very dangerous. In general, it is safer to use Sermorelin because of the lower side effects, and patients can see the increased muscle gain and fat loss that they would normally see with growth hormone replacement therapy, but the effect can take a bit longer to be noticed because of the more gradual impact that it has on the body.

The muscle gain on Sermorelin is more natural

You can expect to gain some muscle when on a Sermorelin treatment plan, even you rarely exercise, but you can expect the muscle gain to be more gradual. The muscle gain is gradual because the treatment itself results in a gradual increase in HGH production over time. You won't see some of the faster short term results that you might see with testosterone or HGH replacement, but the results will be there, and you won't have to worry about dangerous health consequences. With any hormone treatment it is better to be on the safe side and use a hormone that is known to be natural and safe, and this is primarily why the peptide has been used in place of HGH increasingly and may eventually become the primary form of growth hormone replacement therapy.

The muscle gain and positive effects will last longer with Sermorelin

Many patients cannot tolerate HGH therapy for an extended period of time and may start to have negative side effects. This side effects do not occur with Sermorelin therapy because the increase in growth hormone production is more gradual and rarely exceeds "€œnormal"€ growth hormone production by the body. The body is stimulated to produce HGH gradually, and the increase in hormone production is longer lasting, and patients can also stay on the treatment for a longer period of time compared to HGH therapy which may only be safe for a few weeks. The positive health effects are more long term with Sermorelin because of how long the treatment can be safely used, and muscle gain is just one of several health benefits that it the therapy has. The muscle gain effects are more permanent as well because the increase in growth hormone production often continues long after the patient has stopped the treatment.

Sermorelin is not intended only for muscle gain

It should never be used primarily for muscle gain, but the increase in muscle mass is certainly beneficial and can be one of the benefits and incentives of the treatment. The loss in muscle mass that occurs with aging can end up being the cause of several problems such as decreased bone density, decreased mobility, a lower metabolism, lower energy levels and other health problems. Patients should never focus on just one of the positive health benefits of Sermorelin therapy because there are many, but those who are already exercising and not seeing the results that they are expecting as the result of a low HGH production level should certainly consider starting the therapy. The muscle gain that occurs from the treatment can have significant health benefits, however, along with the other health benefits like increased bone density, increased energy levels, improved mood, improved skin tone, better organ health and more.

The proper dosage is important

Patients will always shave their hormone levels measured prior to starting the treatment at Nu Image Medical, and using the proper dosage for the therapy is important. Some patients require a lower or higher dosage of Sermorelin than what is commonly used, and if that is necessary, the dosage will be adjusted based on the level of HGH deficiency and other factors. Trying to use the peptide without a medical consultation and without getting tested for a hormone deficiency can be potentially dangerous, and it should never be self-administered without an initial medical evaluation. At Nu Image Medical we can help you reach your goals with your anti-aging effects and give you the proper dosage for Sermorelin if you have an HGH deficiency, and we can ensure that the treatment is safe for you to try. If you are interested in using Sermorelin for muscle gain and its other benefits, talk to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today for more information.

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