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Can HGH Therapy Make You Taller?

Can HGH Therapy Make You Taller?

Some people have wondered whether or not HGH therapy is an effective way to increase height. HGH is only prescribed for small stature during a person's childhood. After the age of 21, HGH cannot be used to increase height because the growth plates for both males and females are closed. The purpose of HGH therapy or hormone replacement is not to increase height or even necessarily for other aesthetic purposes, but to replace the lost human growth hormone levels that start declining at the age of 30. HGH therapy is not a FDA approved way to treat any form of small stature for adults, and anyone who is advertising any type of hormone treatment for adults without a medical consultation is doing so unethically and most likely illegally. Unfortunately, any issues that relate to height must be addressed during childhood, and adults can certainly benefit in many ways from HGH replacement (if they are deficient) but increased height is not one of those ways.

HGH therapy is approved in rare cases for small stature in children

In a society that sometimes glamorizes tall men and women, it can be understandable that children feel insecure about their height, and parents have begun starting to look to HGH therapy as a potential solution if they feel that their children are not growing fast enough. Children who are under the age of 14 are occasionally approved for HGH therapy. Boys are generally expected to grow no taller than 5'3' to be approved for the treatment, while girls are expected to grow no taller than 4'11'. Parents who are concerned about their child's stature should be certain to discuss it with their pediatrician and let them recommend a medical option if one is available. Parents should be aware of the fact that the treatment can cost several thousands of dollars, and they should also know that Sermorelin therapy is a potential alternative to traditional HGH therapy that may have fewer long and short term health consequences.

Sermorelin therapy for small stature

Sermorelin, an HGH secretagogue (substance that causes the brain to release  HGH), has also been used to treat children with short stature with the requirements mentioned above. It has been used as an alternative to HGH therapy because it does not directly inject the hormone into the bloodstream, instead it causes the pituitary gland to gradually release the hormone and use the body's natural pathways to deliver it. Many medical doctors and patients have seen great success with this treatment because it is usually available at a fraction of the cost of HGH therapy, and it has the same results of the therapy without some of the potential side effects and health concerns. Sermorelin is thought to be safer because there is no hormone more natural than the body's own hormones, but again the treatment must be approved by a medical professional prior to starting it.

HGH is illegal to use without a medical doctor's prescription

For children or adults who are considering using HGH to increase their height or for other purposes without the advice of a medical doctor or a prescription, there are dozens of potential health risks. Many of the horror stories that you may have heard regarding HGH use, such as unwanted side effects like abnormal bone and tissue growth, and other side effects, result from the use of the hormone without medical supervision. There is simply no way for a patient to safely administer their own HGH therapy for whatever purpose that they may be trying to achieve, and any company that is willing to sell the hormone without a prescription is doing so illegally while putting their customers in medical danger.

Adults should avoid any companies claiming to have a height hormone treatment

There are some companies that claim to have height treatments for adults through the use of hormones or other methods, but there is simply no treatment that can increase height for adults with the exception of a very costly surgery that involves breaking the leg bones and stretching them slowly. The procedure is highly controversial, however, it is the only way for adults to increase their height, and of course it must be approved by a medical doctor. There are probably hundreds of products now that a person can find online that claim to teach tricks or offer hormone products that can increase height, but many of these products are illegal and they certainly do not work. Any adult with a concern about their height or other body issue should discuss it with their medical doctor first and foremost and avoid products or companies that claim to offer solutions.

HGH therapy can address other cosmetic issues

Although HGH therapy has absolutely no benefit for adults who wish to increase their height, it most certainly can protect them from some of the unwanted effects of aging such as bone density loss, and even musculoskeletal changes that can result in a curved spine or the loss of height. Adults who maintain a regular exercise regimen, and a healthy diet, can dramatically slow down the loss of muscle mass and the increase in body fat that is associated with aging. Decreased bone density can result in fractures, and HGH therapy is thought to be protective against the development of osteoporosis.

The therapy can also improve the quality and tone of the skin and reduce wrinkles, and it can be protective against age related organ damage. In the case of a hormone deficiency for adults, Sermorelin is often preferred for its lower risks and side effects instead of HGH therapy, and the cost is also lower than HGH for anti-aging. The fact is that most insurance companies will not cover HGH replacement except in the most severe circumstances, so patients will be paying out of pocket, and if they need some form of HGH therapy, Sermorelin is their best bet because of its low cost and because of the fact that it can be continued for several months safely. Adults who are concerned about the appearance and health decline that can be associated with aging, or who have already experienced it should consult their medical doctor or one of the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical to see if they are a good candidate for Sermorelin therapy or another anti-aging option.

Sermorelin can result in many cosmetic improvements at a low cost

The fact is that starting at the age of 30, most people will start to produce lower and lower levels of HGH, and the decline can really begin to increase at around the age of 40. The lower production of human growth hormone is tied to many different cosmetic conditions that are associated with age, and although HGH is not a wonder drug, it can certainly treat many age related cosmetic problems at a relatively low price compared to procedures like cosmetic surgery or human growth hormone injections. Again, it cannot be used as a way to increase height, as there are no treatments for adults that can do this, but it certainly can increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, and help patients get more out of their exercise endeavors.

Hormone deficiency is much more common than previously thought, and aging adults who have experienced lethargy, a low mood, difficulties with exercise, and cosmetic issues should always discuss these with their medical doctor to see what options that they may have available. Nu Image Medical is a leading provider of Sermorelin therapy and can diagnose and make recommendations for the therapy no matter where you live in the United States. If you are interested in how this medically approved therapy can prevent or reduce the signs and symptoms of aging, contact a medical specialist at Nu Image Medical today for more information on the treatment.

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