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Are There Any HGH Side Effects?

Are There Any HGH Side Effects?

HGH Side Effects?

HGH or human growth hormone is now a popular supplement that thousands of people have started to use for its anti-aging effects. HGH is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body throughout a person's life. Production of the hormone starts declining at around the age of 25, and as a result there are several physiological changes that are thought to occur as the result of the drop off in hormone production. The hormone  is thought to be involved in several metabolic and cellular processes in the body including cell growth, cell regeneration, maintaining the health of organs and tissues, fat metabolism and more. The full effects of the hormone are currently being studied, but there is a large amount of information that already exists about its function and the effectiveness growth hormone replacement therapies.

Side effects are not common for HGH therapy

HGH side effects are usually not a problem for most types of hormone replacement therapy as long as it is administered in a professional setting by licensed medical professionals. There have been some cases where side effects have occurred when using synthetic HGH hormones or unapproved hormones. Synthetic hormone is usually directly injected into the bloodstream, and as a result tissue concentrations of the hormone rapidly increase, and there is also no way to directly control which tissues the hormone reaches. Some of the potential side effects that have been reported from synthetic hormones include:


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome



  • Abnormal bone growth



  • Nerve or muscle pain



  • High cholesterol



  • Skin numbness or tingling



  • Swelling or edema



These symptoms are not life threatening but they are certainly not desirable. Fortunately, there are a wide range of human growth hormone therapies available that can avoid these symptoms.

Natural HGH treatments are symptom free

There are many benefits of natural human growth hormone treatments, and it is advisable to use them compared to some of the synthetic hormone treatments. Sermorelin is a HGH precursor that stimulates the body to naturally produce HGH and transmit it using the normal pathway. Sermorelin treatment is not associated with the negative side effects mentioned above. Most people who use Sermorelin therapy have reported that it is effective at helping improve several aging symptoms without having any harmful side effects, and it is widely available and used as an alternative to synthetic hormones.

Nu Image Medical has one of the nation's leading Sermorelin therapy programs, and it is administered by licensed medical professionals. The program can be shipped anywhere in the United States and can even be shipped globally. Although it is a self-administered program, there is a medical consultation at the start, and patients are able to interact directly with medical staff and ask questions. The hormone is also produced at a licensed facility using the latest equipment to guarantee its purity. This is of particular importance because there are a number of providers that have questionable sources for their hormones, and part of the reason why there may be an increased incidence of HGH therapy side effects. For more information on how to order HGH click here.

The benefits of natural HGH therapy are many

As mentioned previously, the side effects for HGH therapy are quite limited as long as the therapy is administered by a licensed medical program like Nu Image Medical. The treatment can improve several symptoms and help patients increase their muscle mass while decreasing body fat. Adding more muscle becomes difficult as a person ages, but with the hormone it because easier because it replaces any lost hormone. There are dozens of other beneficial effects that the treatment can have including:


  • Improved sleep patterns



  • Decreased fatigue



  • Improved metabolism



  • Higher energy levels



  • Stronger bones



  • Improved organ function (kidneys and heart)



  • Faster recovery from illnesses



When a person has a low level of human growth hormone they can have many symptoms such as disrupted sleeping patterns, low energy levels, a predisposition to illnesses and more. Replacing the hormone can correct many of these symptoms, and as long as the treatment is from a natural source like Sermorelin there will be no side effects.

Can everyone take HGH?

Not everyone can take HGH because some people with particular conditions may be affected with potential unique side effects. Those with cancer, respiratory illnesses, medical trauma, or who are expected to undergo major surgery in some cases may not be approved for the treatment, but the approval occurs on a case by case basis. For instance, there may be some types of cancer that are not sensitive to HGH and may be able to use the therapy. Nu Image Medical screens everyone to ensure that the treatment is perfectly safe, and this is why it is important to always purchase a hormone treatment program from a professional and licensed provider.

The vast majority of people can safely take the hormone, but it should only be taken if there is a suspected deficiency. Normally, blood testing would be used to detect if there is a deficiency, and this is a reliable way to determine whether or not the therapy would be useful. People who are aged 30 or older are likely to have a deficiency, and the amount of the hormone can easily be adjusted depending on the level of the deficiency. As a person ages their hormone levels start dropping dramatically every decade, so those in their 40s and 50s most likely can benefit from some form of hormone replacement therapy depending on their natural hormone levels.

Natural hormone levels are affected by a wide range of different factors including diet, the amount of exercise, exposure to chemicals and toxins in the environment, genetics, levels of other hormones, and more. In some cases, the human growth hormone deficiency may not be that high and as a result the therapy may not be advisable. When you use Nu Image Medical's hormone replacement program you can rest assured that you will only be approved if the treatment is considered to be viable and useful in your particular medical circumstance.

Don't let fear of HGH side effects stop you from looking into it

It is true that you can live a long and healthy life without human growth hormone replacement, but the therapy can increase the quality of your life dramatically by helping you feel more youthful and energetic. Many people suffer from fatigue, muscle weakness, bone weakness, chronic pain and other symptoms as they age, and these people in particular should at least look into the treatment to see if they are a viable candidate. The expert medical staff at Nu Image Medical is available to answer any questions that you may have. To ask questions about the therapy now you can click here to be taken to our contact page.

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